We Need To Rid Congress Of The Remaining Republicans

The American people had spoken when they decided to chose Barack Obama as their new president. We the people were tired of the failed administration that had locked us into an unpopular war and had driven our economy into a dire recession. We told the world we wanted change. Change to make a better country and a better image of ourselves to the world.

President Obama extended his hand across the aisle to the Republicans, and in a childish fashion, his hand was rejected. The Republicans have decided that it is going to be politics as usual. They believe that the American people are stupid. They have no intention of working together with the new President to solve the problems that face us all.

Idiots like Rush Limbaugh, a diehard Republican, actually hope that President Obama fails. Hello! If our President fails so does the country. So does the world.

The Republicans are so disjointed that they think by electing a black man as their leader, it will change their image. Hello! It is way too late to change your image. The American people are watching the way you vote in Congress.

If the Republicans continue to play politics I would sincerely hope that they be removed in the next election.

What do you think?

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  • Zachary

    I think you should think more for yourself instead of listening to what the media tells you.

  • Michael

    I believe your comments are just as dumb as the crap the Republicans have done you are being one sided.The reason President Obama’s plan was rejected was because it had a lot of items that wouldn’t stimulate the economy quickly enough.Also less you forget not all Democrats voted for it either.This is also the President who called for Change looks like it is the same old thing with his appointment choices.Look at both sides of the picture don’t be so slanted there are good people on both sides Democrat and Republican.

  • Will Dwinnell

    “Barack” has only one “r”. See, for reference:


  • Kevin Bailey

    Yeah the Democrats are sooooo much better – Daschle underpaid his taxes by $124,000 dollars and gets nominated to lead in the government. Mind you that is MISSED taxes not money he failed to claim on his taxes that is the check he did not write to the IRS so the income he failed to report is more like $600,000 dollars. Just pocket change and easily lost in the lint in ones pockets.

    The President that stands for CHANGE does he immediately pull his nomination and choose someone else no he continues to back the nominee until finally the nominee request to be removed. Then he apologizes for “a mistake” that implies two different worlds. I am sorry most of us out in this world work really hard to come close to $124,000 in income for the year and wish that we could have had that as failed to report let alone unpaid taxes.

    Both sides of the aisle stink like last years dead fish.

  • aquaadverse

    If he passes this pork fill “stimulus ” bill it will cause massive debt and do little to help.
    He’s breaking his promises right and left, Bin Laden capture no longer important, lobbyists given senior staff positions, Iraq withdrawal schedule no different than Bush, supports rendition etc….
    He backhanded across the aisle by putting this turd bill out with no Republican input in drafting the bill.

    Obama- Carters second term. He’s over his head and inexperienced. The stupid moves he has done in just two weeks is mind boggling.

    This wasn’t an election, it was Presidential Idol.

    I’m guessing you’ve only seen two previous administrations.

    And Michael Steele actually has decades of experience and is qualified for the job.

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/theoracle/ the oracle

    I don’t think Limbaugh is as much Republican as troublemaker. He is one of those who would complain if he was hung with a new rope (a saying of my stepfather’s).

    The problem I see is the people in Congress like Boehner of Ohio and Shelby of Alabama. They seem to simply be contrary for its own sake. The economists from the far left to the far right all agree that the Obama stimulus plan is needed, yet they whip up nay votes for no apparent reason.

    The Republicans who vote against the package are so stuck in the the mode of not spending that they can’t break out when it needs to be done.

    President Obama has done nothing that I think anyone in this country should be in arms about, but some have need to be against something at all times.

    Unfortunately, the one area that worries me is the movement of troops into Afghanistan. I see this as wrong, and leading to a quagmire like Vietnam. The President is a student of history, so hopefully he will see the problems before we are fully engaged there.

  • Nick Browning

    I have no problem with democrats but I do believe that republicans should stay in congress. America may have voted a majority democrat but does that mean that republicans shouldn’t have a voice? Just think before you post please.

    1LT. Nick Browning
    U.S. Army

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/reflections/ reflections

    Thanks to all of you who have posted your comments. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and for sharing your feelings.

  • J. Lewis Mason

    As an independent and a former Republican, I would hate to think the direction that the country would take if only one party was represented in Congress whether Democrat or Republican. A balanced representation of political ideologies is what the founding fathers intended when they set up the system by which the states and their respective populations choose their senators and representatives in Congress, and although the system is imperfect, it still works better than anything the rest of the world’s governments have come up with.

    Although the Republicans in the House tried to offer input on the Stimulus Bill, they were totally ignored and deliberately prevented from injecting any fiscal restraint into the bill, because the Democrats knew that they had enough votes to pass it without Republican support. That is why there was no support for the plan from the Republican side of the aisle in the House. In the Senate, the Democrats did not have the sixty votes needed to pass their version, so they found three Republicans whom they were able to woo probably by allowing them to have some minor input in the final draft of the Senate’s plan.

    In the economic cycle, there always have been and always will be periods of recession, recovery and growth. I found it interesting that until a couple of months ago, we did not know for sure that we had been in a recession for over a year. With or without the stimulus, the economy will bounce back in one or two years. Just as today’s generations are still paying for the social programs of FDR’s stimulus plan in the 1930’s, future generations of Americans will be repaying the irresponsible debt to be incurred by the Democrats’ 2009 stimulus plan.

    I was a McCain supporter because I thought experience was more important than charisma, but Obama was chosen by the majority of voters, and therefore, he is now my president. I will support him until he either does something illegal or takes the country down the path toward destruction. I hope his presidency is a great success, because at this critical time America cannot afford otherwise.

  • KEB

    Just remember the democrats passed the bill and when all hell breaks loose – republicans will not be to blame.

    Also remember that your children, their children and grandchildren will be paying for thie bill for years to come.

    It seems that every nomination for cabinet members has a common denomitor (dems who do not pay their taxes) and yet our income/assets would be frozen if we attempted to do something as boneheaded as what Geihtner, Dascle, etc. have done.