Obama Challenges America: Where Are You?

On July 7, 2008 Barack Obama challenged the American people to vote their heart. If they were satisfied with the way the country has been run for the last eight years, under the Bush Administration, he told the citizenry that they should vote for John McCain. If they weren’t happy, however, then they had the opportunity to vote for change.

That statement alone would give me pause to think long and hard about the choice I will make in the November 2008 presidential election. Another thing that Obama had no hand in that gave me pause was an Internet joke that asked if you wanted to vote for a lawyer, who was married to a lawyer, who was being supported by lawyer or if you wanted to vote for a military man, married to a beautiful lady with big breasts, who just happens to own a beer distributorship. Think about it, a military dictatorship where the huge war machine continues to eat up our valuable tax dollars in the aimless quest to find deadlier and more dangerous ways of annihilating the human race or an administration where the economy, infrastructure, and equality are focused on?

Americans, it is up to you. You can say enough is enough. Let’s put the big brains of NASA onto solving the problems of America. What are they? How about finding an affordable source of alternative fuel or a way to stop global warming? These great minds are being wasted. Who cares if there is ice on Mars if there is no affordable food on Earth to feed the masses? I surely don’t. Who wants spy satellites that cost billions of dollars if we can’t afford shoes or education for our children? I don’t. How about you?

Please don’t listen to the rhetoric being slammed down your throat that is aimed at controlling your vote through fear. Obama is not the anti-Christ. Obama is not Muslim. Obama is not a terrorist just waiting to destroy America or that he is going to send all of our tax dollars to Africa. Most of us don’t want to think that we are racist and we do want to consider followers of Jesus’ teachings.

If this is true look at the comments I have just made and ask yourself if you have heard them during this campaign. Now ask yourself if they are why you are afraid to take Obama at his word. He has run a clean campaign that has been financed not just by black Americans but many like myself who desire change. Where are you? Remember, if you are satisfied the way things have been run over the course of the last eight years you should vote for John McCain. If you aren’t satisfied then you do have a viable alternative to vote for Barack Obama.

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  • jason

    Vote your heart? Does this mean voting for a man because he says the word change? Voting for a man who has no record or experience. Voting for a man who has associated and aligned himself with radical anti middle class, anti American (no, wait a minute, he said he didn’t know that his pastor and friend of 20 years was sending inappropriate messages), isolationist (no, wait a minute, he talked smack about NAFTA but sent one of his people to Canada to tell them he didn’t mean it). Voting for someone who is controlled by special interests (no, wait a minute, now they are “working people”). Well at least he committed himself to public financing (no, wait a minute, he is not taking public financing). This man claims he can unite people but I fail to see any evidence that he has ever done so or is capable of doing so in the future.

    Look, the thought of voting for an old, scared, anti women’s rights, bible hugging republican makes my skin crawl and I may have to vote for Obama out of sheer lack of choice. It is incumbent on us at this point to try and set Obama straight and get honest answers from him and give him an honest perspective of what will be expected of him. To make him a candidate that can deliver on his word. Not to cheer him on just because he is capable of giving a speech. I detest hearing democratic supporters talk about this guys looks and how he is dynamic and how he will change things. These things are all completely irrelevant because they don’t mean anything. Granted, it will be nice to have someone who can finish a sentence and has a higher IQ than my toilet seat but substance is required as well. We have serious problems to address in this country that require someone who is able to deliver on their word. Not someone who makes things up as he goes along to please an audience.

    The upshot is that he will do as he pleases once he gets into the office and we need to know what that is going to entail. So far, he has not given much of a hint of what he actually will deliver if he wins. The real scary part to me is that the people he has associated himself with in the past have been very unsavory characters full of hatred. Not the type of people that someone looking to unite would be hanging with.

  • leftystrat

    Obama is starting to show his true colors. He just flip-flopped on the telecom spying issue and now is for it. That alone would be enough for me.

    Both major candidates are ok with spying on their own people and letting the telecoms off the hook, as it were. How can anybody who loves the concept of freedom cast a vote for either of these buffoons?

    We’re all getting set to vote away our few remaining rights.
    Our forefathers are whirling at a frantic pace.

  • G

    Vote my HEART? God help us if that’s what the American people do. Elections are a time for THINKING. Of course, Obama probably doesn’t want us to look at the election pragmatically. If we do, we will clearly see that Barack Obama is a classic tax-and-spend liberal.

    Of course, if we THINK about the election, then we will clearly see that John McCain is NOT George Bush (any more than Barack Obama IS Bill Clinton). They are two very different people with very different views who happen to belong to the same political party.

    If we THINK about the election, we will clearly see that a John McCain presidency would NOT create a “military dictatorship” (as you claim) any more than it would ignore the economy (as you imply).

    If we THINK about the election, we will look at the policy positions the candidates have taken over the years… rather than being drawn in by the flowery rhetoric they are spoon-fed by their speechwriters.

    Sure, there is a time for being inspired and encouraged. But now is a time for practical, rational thought. What specific policies do the candidates intend to implement? What resulted from similar policies in the past? How do they plan to deal with the issues that face our country today? Which issues are most important (and how does that list compare with what the candidate thinks is important)?

    Why do I not trust Obama (personally)? It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, his religious preference, etc. It’s because his positions on issues keep changing. Even those who strongly supported him through the primaries can see that fact. But even worse, the positions he holds to most strongly are reminiscent of the disastrous policies of the Carter administration in the late 70’s (the most painful economic period in my lifetime).

    OF COURSE Barack Obama wants you to vote your HEART. If you THINK about his record in the senate (as liberal as you can get)… if you THINK about what effect his economic policies would have on the nation… if you THINK about how he plans to handle our national defense… etc… then very few people would be able to vote for him in good conscience.

    But as Stephen Colbert would probably advise… We don’t need facts to show us the truth… it just FEELS true.

    PLEASE don’t vote for the candidate that FEELS best. PLEASE don’t vote from you HEART.
    PLEASE look at ALL the candidates from a practical, logical perspective… ignoring the wordsmiths… and vote for what your MIND tells you is the best candidate to lead this country over the next four years.

  • Dan

    No self-respecting American would ever vote for someone who associates with known terrorists, and or racist, radical “clergymen”. Not to mention Obama’s complete lack of experience makes this election a no-brainer. McCain in ’08.

  • Goldwinger

    As a retired veteran it turns my stomach to think of this bigot being elected President of these United States. He won’t wear the American Flag pin, won’t salute the American Flag, want’s to do away with the military. How can anyone even consider voting for him? He’s changed his tune as many times as the rest of them. True McCain isn’t that great but at least he isn’t going to give away the rest of the country. And with Iran shooting off rockets we better have someone in the White House that knows something about the military.

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  • Kathy C

    DEFINITELY… I will not vote for McCain. They talk about Obama flip flopping, I’ve seen the same in McCain. Actually, just about every politician that has ran for President.
    One comment was about Carter being the worse for President. Not hardly if you put Bush in this category. Who’s ran the deficit up the highest in history? I’ll give you a couple of guesses.
    Right now, the ice on Mars is of no importance, its the people on this planet that is of importance. And people of the United States, should worry for their country instead of meddling in other affairs. We have way too many children and adults thats living in poverty if not now, darn close to it.
    McCain it too concerned about Iraq and Middle East, and yes, he wants to send all of our money to the other countries to fight, forget about the Americans. And with his temperament, he did say, as I heard on the news, that Iran he won’t think twice to attack. Meaning there goes all of our money and lives of more troops killed.
    And right now, if McCain wins, God help us all. Because if he promises what he would do to Iran, Iran will not sit and wait for McCain’s attacks.
    Another thing, they talk about Obama not having experience to make a great President. Check your history book, and look up John F. Kennedy.

  • kiko

    I challenge Obama to explain where the hell was he last june when he misled an entire press corps ensemble into thinking they would fly with him in the same plane for a press round.

    The plane took off with them in, no Obama, no explanation, they were not allowed out, in what seemed a maneouver to shake’em off and possibly attend a secret meeting with H. Clinton and the bilderberg group?

    after the secrecy and lies of the neocons, must we get ready for more of the same, only in sheep’s clothes?

  • kiko
  • kiko

    gentle reminder guys:

    this is not a 2 horse race, no need to vote for the lesser of two evils.

    Very decent men Ralph Nader and Ron Paul are also in the race.

    Vote with your heart and mind, at least you’ll sleep better at night in the next 4 years.