The Spaceships of Ezekiel by Josef F. Blumrich

Austrian Author Blumrich was until recently the chief of the Systems Layout Branch at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. In earlier years he is credited with developing the structural design of the Saturn V booster and for participating in the design of Skylab. Upon his retirement from NASA Blumrich began to pursue research concerning extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times and from that research he has written The Spaceships of Ezekiel. Blumrich’s theories from this book were written with the intention of reconstructing a model of what Ezekiel saw and recorded in the Bible 2,500 years ago.

For the average American the thoughts of visits from extraterrestrial beings is ruled out as ridiculous since such visits would require an unimaginable length of time as we know it. However, this knowledge is confronted with the wealth of mankind’s myths and legends which claim the exact opposite. Indeed early recorded history actually speaks to the “gods” who came down from the skies and with their appearance being accompanied by fire, smoke and a thunderous noise. When this information is handed down by word of mouth this information is often dismissed as hallucination or is degraded as a fictional story but when the records are those from more developed civilizations we interpret them to have a more spiritual or holy manner. Additionally, since we now pride ourselves on our scientific enlightenment we often view ourselves as superior to our ancestors who we see as too close to the cave to know what was really transpiring.

However, this impasse between science and legend can be cleared if we acknowledge the fact that science and engineering are two separate activities. First we must accept the current inability of science to formulate answers for the question of whether there could really have been extraterrestrial visitors in the past or if their arrival could be imminently possible today. Remember in the book of Revelations that Jesus comes back in a cloud. To John, this could have been his way of explaining the smoke that hid the bottom of a space ship. Then too, we must acknowledge that engineering and industrial technology have not been introduced to the controversy.

What I am saying, is very similar to what Erich von Daniken described in his book Chariots of the Gods. In that book von Daniken suggests that one only need to read the Bible’s book of Ezekiel to see how Ezekiel’s description looked similar to how we believe the legs of a space ship would look to someone unfamiliar with such technology. In Chapter 1 verses 1 through 7 Ezekiel describes “Their legs were straight and the soles of their feet were round; and they sparkled like burnished bronze.” The rest of the chapter makes it obvious that the prophet had no idea what it was he had seen and that he was using descriptions worded in the language that he and his contemporaries were familiar with .

As you read on in Ezekiel you first must consider that Ezekiel first saw this vehicle at a far distance and that as it neared the earth it would emit condensation as the engine entered its chill down phase thus creating what appeared to Ezekiel as white clouds. Despite the drama of what was enfolding around him, however, Ezekiel noticed the moving rotors, described the landing legs and the mechanical arms attached to the helicopter units. While he first tried to describe them in terms of man-like figures he becomes vague as the tale continues reflecting an uncertainty as to what he was actually seeing. Then in Chapter 1, verse 13 he goes on to say “As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightening.” It is also obvious that the prophet was fascinated by the wheels which, in their basic form, were the only element that he recognized. Blumich believes that the wheel within a wheel describes only a small part of the craft that Ezekiel saw and that chapter one in its entirety was a description of an alien encounter with an UFO.

Overall, I find the concept quite feasible and even Bloumrich admits that he expected to find Daniken’s theories seriously flawed and was amazed that after extensive research the engineering aspects were possible; actually coming to the point where he believed that the book of Ezekiel was a real and detailed account of an UFO encounter. I found that fact that Blumich is not religious nor gullible a formidable obstacle to overcome on the issue of alien life and the possibility that God is what we would call an extraterrestrial being. All that means is that He is from another planet or galaxy and visited earth in what we think of as an UFO.

For those of you who are skeptical I would highly recommend that you read The Spaceships of Ezekiel as a scientific recap of Ezekiel keeping in mind that it in no way negates or minimizes the importance of God in our lives. If anything it makes His existence more understandable and believable.

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  • Dee

    I see you finally read the space ships of Ezekiel.

  • aallen

    Ezekiel must have seen a spaceship as because he could not have imagined this as the height of technology then was the wheel.

  • Michael Marki

    The only snag I can see with the ancient anstronaut theory is how Jesus Christ would fit into the picture. Proof that Jesus Christ is truly the Son Of God can be proven if one participates in an exorcism. In cases of true demonic possesion the name of Jesus is evoked to rid the possessed individual of the demonic possession. If the major religions of the world were created by ancient astronaunts then how do you explain that demons flee a haunted house or a persons body when the name of Jesus is used in prayed to deposses the possessed?

  • http://www.GodOnThe.Net Joseph Reinckens

    Blumrich honestly believed what he wrote but he was just plain wrong.

    He based his entire theory on two mistranslations in a single German-language Bible which was a from-scratch translation less than 15 years old. (His reference #5: Die Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testamentes. Translated from the original texts and edited by Vinzenz Hamp, Meinard Stenzel, Josef K├╝rzinger. Aschaffenburg, 1957. Imprimatur 1957. Paul Pattloch)

    No translation in any major language supports his theory, nor does the original Hebrew text of the *actual* Bible. The Hebrew does not say “vehicular structure” it says “vision”. It does not say the feet were “round”, it says they were “like a calf’s foot”.

    Ezekiel describes in quite a bit of detail what he saw and it was NOT round. Blumrich totally ignores that because his entire “flying saucer” design wouldn’t work unless the vehicle is round.

    Blumrich claims “the Spirit” is Ezekiel’s term for the vehicle. But Eze 2:2 and 3:24 say, “the Spirit *entered me*”. How could a flying saucer go into Ezekiel’s body??? Blumrich ignored things like that because they disprove his theory.

  • Jaimi

    Assuming that this is a siting of something technological, why the giant “jump to conclusions” that it is from an extraterrestrial visit? Isn’t it much more likely, by orders of magnitude, that if this was technology that it came from somewhere on Earth? Civilizations have come and gone – who is to say someone hasn’t created a helicopter before?

  • Jerry

    The biblical description of alien visitors must be in harmony with the rest of the Bible.
    Those visitors could not come from far away space but from an other dimension. Up to now, we have no idea how could any civilization travel thru such a great distance in ships. The required energy, life span and many problems our laws of physics, doesn’t allow practical travel.
    But jumping to a higher level of state is in harmony with spiritual indication of what Heaven is.
    The Bible also mentions the fallen angels. Maybe they are the aliens, who tried to fool mankind with some simple tricks. Even with our technology we could be viewed as gods to a primitive society.

  • Juan S.

    It’s a shame people give Blumrich so much credit just because he worked for NASA. Hardly anyone who cites Spaceships of Ezekiel has actually read it. He states that for aerodynamic reasons his design REQUIRES the “child’s top” shape.

    But Ezekiel NEVER says the CHARIOT he saw was ROUND.

    Also, the actual Bible text does not say the feet were “round”. That is a mistranslation that only occurs in ONE German translation. The Bible says the feet were “like the sole of a calf’s foot”. Check ANY English or Spanish or French or Latin translation and it doesn’t say round. has a detailed examination of Blumrich’s claims, including a downloadable copy of the article he published and copies of some of his patents.

  • http://google Gregg

    If you study your bibles a little more and put down your text books, things will be revealed to you.The fallen angels are the key.

  • sage

    I agree with what Gregg said. But also if you want to read/hear another translation, then google Michael Heiser on google video’s, he has a great lecture on the ezekiel wheel spaceship[so called]. he is a christian professor in ancient languages and very well upfront with truth. he also has a web site with interesting reads. check out the divine council, it will explain a lot.