Presidential Campaign Needs Someone Other Than Hillary Clinton

While none of her proposals are off the charts and she doesn’t vary much from the other Democratic candidates, we must remember that Bill Clinton set up America for 9/11 by not responding in an appropriate manner to foreign policy issues.

Another factor against her is that for the next four years our intelligence is sure to be challenged as Hillary cries “Bush did it” for any problems that she encounters. At least this seems likely since it has become the rallying cry any time somebody criticizes one of President George Bush’s decisions. An example is when Bush fired U.S. attorneys for political reasons rather than performance ones and everyone chose to ignore the fact that Bill Clinton had done the same thing.

Another blatant example is the commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence for lying to prosecutors during a federal investigation that has evoked the response, “Look at what Clinton did.” Sadly, it is true that Clinton handed out pardons and made many dubious decisions but have we lost all ability as a nation to see a decision for what it is, and discuss its relative merits or flaws, without resorting to the “he did it first” mentality?

Given that Bush has made his share of mistakes, it will be virtually impossible to define any decision Clinton would make without “Bush did it first” being the cry of the Clinton defense. However, none of this really seems to matter in the heat of the political moment, which is why I would dread another Clinton presidency.

I would argue that instead of another president with a schoolyard mentality, be it bullying, or hiding his/her head in the sand, we need a president with moral fortitude like Colin Powell to heal the nation’s political rift. I’m not sure that Powell is the answer but it is important to the nation that we believe either party can produce a viable candidate that could unify the nation in the same manner as Ronald Reagan did during his presidency. Like Reagan, we need a charismatic leader who will not only be intelligent and honest but also one who will take responsibility for his/her own decisions without crying “he did it first.”

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  • marc klink

    Good points, but I disagree with the attributes of Reagan. I think he was style and not much substance. As so deftly pointed out in the song and video ‘Land of Confusion’ by Genesis, the fall of Communism was more due to the fear of the other side that Reagan was ‘just crazy enough’ to start a nuclear war, despite the assurance of Carl Sagan and others that nuclear winter would surely follow. During the entire 8 years I felt like an extra in ‘Dr. Strangelove’.

    I’m thankful that we got through the Reagan years intact, and almost every night my prayers include the hope that Mr Bush will not let his ideas of apocalypse and grandeur overwhelm his double digit IQ.

    As for unification of the country, I’m not sure that in this age of divisive politics that anyone is really working toward this, no matter what the message is. Obama is clearly the leader here, but his chances are slim unless someone else makes some real gaffes.

  • Sheldon

    I agree that we need a more capable president than Hillary Clinton. Hillary would represent a repetition of the Bill Clinton era, with Monicagate, pardongate and other scandals diverting attention while Al-Qaeda was plotting.

  • reflections

    Dear Marc

    I guess I wasn’t aware of what was really going on during the Reagan years. Everyone I spent time with throughout that time felt that his charisma was good for uniting America. That doesn’t mean that he was.

    As you know, I too like Obama and hope that he receives the nomination but the polls look like people are favoring Hillary. I can’t even imagine the mess this country will be in if she is elected. She will be either a puppet president, a doormat, or on the other side take it into her head to be so tough that other countries seek her out for assassination.

    Other than Obama I think Ron Paul or Biden might be viable candidates. What is your take on either of them?

    Have a good day. Jackie

  • reflections

    Dear Sheldon

    Thank you for visiting my web site. You sound like you are up on politics and I would like to hear your take on Biden, Ron Paul, and Obama. If you have the time I am sure your comments would be appreciated.

    Have a good evening. Jackie

  • marc klink

    I do have a respect for President Reagan in that he did what he thought was right, I just didn’t happen to agree. I don’t think he was a deep thinker, but i know he had a love for people. As I’ve said of others I don’t happen to like for what they’ve done, he probably was great to just hang out with and swap stories.

    The problem with anyone’s opinion about history is that it can’t help but be colored by their experiences through the time in question. For me, the Reagan years were bad, as I saw things I thought more or less static change without reason.

    As for Hillary letting Bill tell her what to do, for the most part, that would be a good compromise, as I thought his time in office was pretty good. I also don’t subscribe to the idea that he was asleep at the wheel about the terrorist attacks mounting. I think the product that was 9-11 rests squarely on the shoulders of the sitting president. It has been well documented how at least a month before, real warnings were given and ignored. I believe [but can’t prove] the thought of war with Iraq was already in the mind of George Bush on his inauguration day. He was determined to settle the score with those who tried to kill his father. [This may be understandable, but hardly presidential] Monica Lewinsky, the pardons, Whitewater…all small potatoes compared to the corruption and overstepping of this administration.

    I do think that we need a new era, but I’m not sure Obama is the one, even if he gets the nod from the party. I would like to see Edwards on the ballot, as I think he has the maturity, the mind, and the image to be president. I’d like to see Obama as VP, and I know he’d be ready to take over in 8. [The garbage attributed to Edward’s profession as a lawyer makes him all the more ready to be able to see through any smokescreens from the other side, or other nations.]

    On the other hand, I can’t say I’d be angry if Ron Paul was elected.

    As I look at things, I see where things could be done by a liberal, and would benefit us, and I can see where things could be acomplished by a conservative, and we could benefit. Where we don’t benefit is having disreputable people in and around the oval office. [Simply put, I believe I could live with Pat Buchanan as president, and not complain too much, as I would not like all that he wants to do, but I believe he can’t be bought, and the same can’t be said of the sitting president.]

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  • reflections

    Dear Marc

    I hope you are having a good day. As we’ve discussed before I also like Edwards. I will do some research on Buchanan as I don’t know much about him.

    It will be interesting to see what comments you get in response to your posting. Jackie

  • Adam

    Personally, I think Bill Richardson’s got some good credentials, probably better than many of the other candidates.

  • reflections

    Dear Adam

    I have not done any research into Bill Richardson but I will see today what I can come up with. Have a good day and thank you for visiting my site.

  • bowlingforyourmama

    THANK YOU for pointing out that Bill Clinton set us up for 9/11!! i hate it when people say it was Bush’s fault. not 2 say bush is perfect or that didn’t screw up at times, but we have to understand that Bill was a sucky President too! another Clinton is the LAST thing we need now!