Mobile Homes To Receive Mandated Weather Radios To Alert Residents To Severe Weather Conditions

Ryan Lenz of the Associated Press reported on June 22, 2007, that a bill has been introduced by Representative Brad Ellsworth, from southern Indiana’s 8th District, that will require that all new mobile homes be equipped with early warning radios to alert residents of dangerous weather conditions. This legislation comes as the aftermath of a deadly tornado that hit on the outskirts of Evansville, Indiana, in the pre-dawn hours of November 6, 2005 in which 25 people lost their lives.

The bill would require mobile homes to come with the state-the-art radios installed like smoke detectors and are aimed at alerting residents so that they can seek nearby shelters before diaster strikes. It is hoped that the additional construction of severe weather shelters and ordinances requiring that mobile homes be properly anchored, along with the early warning systems will help to prevent such catastropic loss of lives in the future.

However, opponents of the bill argue that the radios would not be cost effective in large scale production for mobile home manufacturers. This seems ludicrous when one realizes that the cost per unit is typically only $30.

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  • John Schroder

    This is now a law in Indiana & Brad is taking it national. The Indiana law was called CJ’s bill and promoted by the mother of a child called CJ that was killed in the tornado that struck at about 1:30 A.M. when most people didn’t have their TVs on to here the warnings.

    Although no one wants to spend money on things they don’t want, it could make a great difference in what happens to those that could be affected by tornados. There have been a lot purchased and donated here in the Evansville area.


  • Hugoton Horatio

    Great Idea.

    So were smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Till folks got a few false
    alarms, then decided to take the batteries out or defeat the hard wiring
    that would take place of dead batteries. Then what.

    Like trying to legislate every danger in our lives. Good Intentions.

    Then Murphy’s Law strikes.

  • reflections

    Dear John

    Thank you for the information. I was just in Indy, after having surgery which is why my response is so delayed.

    I am glad that these are now available. I live in MO and just went through a tornado warning in our area yesterday. Thankfully we don’t live in a mobile home but everyone who did was advised to leave them immediately and to seek shelter elsewhere. It is scary to think of especially the elderly who may not be able to escape in time.

    Have a good day. Jackie

  • reflections

    Dear Hugoton,

    You are right that some people will not take advantage of this technology but for those that will I think that this is a great idea. I do understand, however, why you feel that legislation is folly since we are already so regulated, Have a good day. Jackie