Honeymoon by James Patterson

True to his reputation, James Patterson’s book, Honeymoon, will definitely keep you up at night as you ride a roller coaster of suspense and intrigue that takes you from Connecticut to the Cayman Islands.

The story line centers around beautiful and lethal Nora Sinclair who has a way of manipulating even the most successful of men and John O’Hara the FBI agent who is trying to capture her.

The plot takes you from Nora’s first murder through her own agonizing death at the hands of a person you would least expect.

Throughout this book Patterson incorporates not just intrigue, hot sex, and a chase for a murderer but also the mantra that “Things aren’t always as they appear” so be prepared for surprises and twists throughout the book that you don’t expect. This book would definitely be a great pick for book clubs to read and then discuss.

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  • http://www.carolinewrites.blogspot.com Caroline Ross

    But, lets be real…it was confusing at the end.

    I love James Patterson books, they move along so quickly. I read them faster than any other writer, even books that have fewer pages don’t go as quickly.

    But, I didn’t understand why Nora had to be released by the FBI at the end, nor what the list of account numbers were about, nor why the big guy upstairs was forced to give O’Hara a paid leave of abcense. What did he know? Please explain this for me. It is driving me crazy.

  • Mr. Rodirguez

    I’m not sure why Nora was released by the FBI . I do know that the list of account numbers belonged to people who used to be in the political party. The big guy upstairs gave John O’Hara that leave of absence because he had leverage since he had copies of that file that has the names of all the people in the political party that have illegal offshore accounts. It was a confusing ending you just have to read it over a couple times.