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Comic Book Stuff Isn’t Just for Nerds

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Is YouTube Red Good For Creators?

Will Adaptive Learning Software Kill Schools?

Winter is Coming: Star Wars Style

We’re heading into a season of coughs and colds, ice and snow, so why not be prepared with the help of your Star Wars friends?
In a recent #GeekFather Vlog, Jedi gets a new R2-D2 winter hat and a humidifier, but that’s just the beginning!

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What’s Wrong With Google Chrome?

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Smartphone?

Epic Unboxing! Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from HP

I got to unbox a Star Wars Computer from my sponsor, HP!  Click here to watch the video!

#AwakenYourForce with HP: http://www.hp.com/go/starwars

Good Guardians Come to Those Who Wait!

In today’s #GeekFather Vlog, my Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO sets arrived, and Jedi assisted in the unboxing.
I waited until they went on sale and saved a bundle!

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