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Another End Date For AVG Support For Version 7.5

Reader DougCuk has posted a comment in which he states that AVG has a new end date for support of AVG 7.5 free edition. He states that:

For anyone still hanging on to AVG Free v7.5 the end date has now been changed – it is now August 31st. But as most sources always stated the Paid For version will continue until December 31st.

AVG Free v8 now seems pretty stable – so only the diehard Windows 98 users are left to check out the alternative products.

From the AVG Free Forum
AVG 7.5 Free – Support ends 31st AUGUST 2008
Posted by: michaelhd – AVG Team (IP Logged)
Date: July 9, 2008 04:07PM

Support for AVG 7.5 Free Edition is planned to end on 31st August 2008.
No more virus updates are planned for after that date.
Note that no more ‘program’ updates are due!
Only virus updates will continue until the end date.
AVG 7.5 Paid version will be supported until 31/12/08.

Hopefully this will be the last notice we will be receiving from AVG. But who knows. They have changed the end date so much, it is hard to really know that the August 31, 2008 will hold true.

Comments welcome.

Thanks DougCuk.

Talk About Grammar

I was surfing around and stumbled on this at ZD-Net. What caught my attention was the grammar. Since I  am criticized for my grammatical errors, I thought it would be nice to pick on someone else for a change. :-)

With this very small utility you can kill you freezed programs with one click. For example you double-click on it’s icon, the target-like cursor show-up, then on the next program you click, it’s terminated. We’ve took the idea from UNIX world, where people use Xkill. Basically, this utility is a windows clone of Xkill.

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World’s Oldest Blogger Dies At 108 Years Old

Touted as the world’s oldest blogger, Olive Riley of Australia has died in a nursing home at the age of 108 years old.  After a film was done on her ventures in blogging, Olive had maintained a large following on her site. According to a news article it stated:

In her last post, she wrote fondly about the nursing home she’d just moved into:

I can’t believe I’ve been here in this nursing home for more than a week. How the days have flown, even though I’ve been in bed most of the time. I still feel weak, and can’t shake off that bad cough.

I’ve never been treated so well in all my life. The nurses can’t do enough for me. Ask them for anything, and they are only too happy to provide it.

This story should be an inspiration for older seniors who are reluctant to learn the computer, get on the Internet and send email. When a person over 100 years old can blog, anyone else should be able to do it as well.

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Cancer Claims Katie Reider at 30

Katie Reider was a talented songwriter and singer. She was just at the beginning of a singing and performing career that she loved. A cancer in her jaw robbed Katie of her voice and vision.

“…In May, Reider fan and friend Lauren Fernandes launched a Web site, 500Kin365.org, where fans could donate $1 for a digital compilation of nine of Reider’s original songs. All proceeds from the compilation and private donations will continue to help Reider’s family pay for medical bills and funeral arrangements, which are still pending.”

link: Musician Katie Reider dies

link: Katie Reider – photograph

Katie Reider leaves a legacy of music. She had so much more to say…

Catherine Forsythe

Asus Says Lack Of Linux Eee PC In UK Is Intel’s Fault

Asus is blaming Intel, not Microsoft, for a shortage of Linux based Eee PC’s in the UK. The popular Linux based computers are in short supply and have been sold out, while the less popular Windows XP models are still available. It was at first thought that the shortage was a possible plot by Microsoft but this proved false, when Asus confirmed that it is actually a shortage of Atom chips manufactured by Intel. The Register reports that:

Readers alerted us to the fact that while Windows XP-loaded 901’s are available to buy from British resellers, there’s a paucity of the Linux version. It’ll be available in late July, suppliers say.

That has led some would-be buyers to suspect pressure applied to Asus by the hand of the Beast of Redmond, but Asus UK spokeswoman Helen Ling pointed the finger at Intel.

All manufacturers, she said, are experiencing delays in shipments of Atom CPUs from the chip giant, impacting orders both large and small, no matter what volumes were previously promised.

The upshot: shipments to the UK are limited. Ling claimed the first shipment of the new Eees to the UK has sold out, and the company is awaiting a second shipment later this month – hence, we’d say, the “late July” arrival mentioned by retailers.

Asus produces Linux and XP Eees in equal numbers, she claimed, and will continue to do so: the Linux Eees are the better selling models. “We think our version of Linux is how we will stand out from our competitors,” she said.

That may explain why there aren’t any now: they’ve been sold, leaving only the less popular XP models still available to buy.

This is interesting because one would suspect it would be Microsoft, not Intel, that would try to cause problems. Also of interest, but not known, is how sales are in the US and if there is a shortage here. In Europe one would suspect that Linux would be more popular than here in the US. Or would it be?

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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

Video thumbnail. Click to play

The Beats by Dre headphones were originally announced at CES 2008, where we were able to get our first experience at listening to the headset. As we noted in our video back then, we were thoroughly impressed. The sound was killer, with fantastic bass. The headphones were well thought out, shipping with audio cables that fit into the original iPhone, and even including a cable that has a microphone on it so that you can take phone calls.

WeatherBug For the iPhone – One Of The Top Free iPhone Applications


As mentioned in the AppleInsider, WeatherBug’s release of their application for the iPhone was a big success. Landing them in the ranks of the Top Ten Free iPhone Apps, so will want to check this out.

The WeatherBug iPhone application included the following features:

  • Your current weather, at the neighborhood level as to provide maximum accuracy
  • Severe weather alerts in real time, as they are provided by the National Weather Service here in the States.
  • Stay on top of up the local weather for up to three different locations, which makes this an indispensable application for the business traveler.
  • Radar and satellite maps with the ability to zoom as desired.
  • Forecasts on a daily, weekly and even hourly basis. As the weather changes, your provided data will stay in tune with these changes.
  • Advanced mapping features using GPS and WeatherBug weather data technology.

Own an iPhone, want to try this out for yourself? Then use the iTunes link located at the top of this page and download it today.

Making money online

One day I decided to go around and look for a job. It was my first time doing so and I had no clue what to expect. Well let’s just say it was pretty discouraging when nobody would hire me. Of course I was young then, so it was also kindof expected. So I had to look elsewhere and making money online didn’t really seem reasonable since you never know what you can get into.

But despite the scams, it is possible to make money online, you just have to know where to look and pick what is suitable for you. Blogging, as you see, is one way to make money because of the ads on the page, but it requires a lot of creativity and upkeep to actually earn an income off of blogging. Wincustomize allows higher level people to upload skins for purchase and that actually may earn you a little income due to the fact that a lot of people go to the site and buy the skins that are published. That too also requires a lot of creativity and time. You could also find survey sites that pay you to take surveys, but you would have to be careful because a lot of survey sites can be scams.

So unless you actually get lucky and put something on the internet that people actually want to see and make money off of it, making money online is not the easiest thing to do. The number one tip that can be of use is creativity. The more creative and unique your item is, the more people are going to want to look at it. That’s the nice thing about the internet.

Children Owe a Huge Thanks to Governor Rod Blagojevich

Kudos to Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois. He is standing up for children with autism:

“SPRINGFIELD — Governor Rod Blagojevich is rewriting a House bill so autism treatments are covered by insurance.

Blagojevich and other proponents wants insurance companies to be required to cover up to $36,000 a year for diagnosis and treatment, including speech therapy and psychiatric services.”

link: Blagojevich rewrites bill for autism coverage

This legislation gives children with autism a chance. The needed therapeutic intervention is required early and it is costly. It is beyond the means of the average family. Without the financial assistance of insurance companies, parents have a choice between necessary treatment for their child and monumental financial risks. With early professional intervention, the autistic children have a chance at independence.

Well done, Governor; the children of Illinois and their families owe you a huge “thank you”. Now make sure that the legislation passes into law.

Catherine Forsythe

Movavi Online Video Converter

When did file formats get so out of control? Documents, audio, video, and images all have different formats, and while some seem to be more accepted than others, you may have to use some of the more obscure file formats on certain occasions. For me, the most vexing file formats involve video. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve tried to watch a video only to find out that the format of the video wasn’t supported on the device or software that I was using. This can be very frustrating, and even though there may be software that can play multiple video formats, it’s not of use in some situations. The last thing that I want to do is spend (read: waste) some time trying to find downloadable software that will convert my videos to the appropriate format when I can just use an online service like Movavi Online Video Converter. 

To get started, either upload or provide the URLs for the videos that you want to convert (there are a couple of restrictions in terms of video length and size), select the desired output format, and enter your e-mail address so that you can be contacted when your videos are done. Movavi Online Video Converter is capable of converting and saving online videos from services like YouTube, and you can also combine all of the videos that you’ve specified into one video file.