Does Google Chrome Work with Mac OS X Lion? user IAmPayDayJ asks:

Is Google Chrome stable enough to run properly on OS X Lion?”

Chris Pirillo answers:

“If you’re not a fan of Mac OS X, it’s okay; this question is really going to be answered in relation to Google, which I’m sure many of you are happy enjoying.

Does Google Chrome Work with Mac OS X Lion?“I’ve been a Google Chrome user for quite some time.

“This is the thing I like about Google Chrome: it’s constantly iterating, and constantly releasing new versions. Even Firefox, now, is trying to catch up by releasing new versions at breakneck speed. And poor Microsoft. It’s doing amazing things with Windows in relation to Internet Explorer performance, but Google Chrome is just constantly evolving. It’s easy, it’s fast, you can synchronize all your sessions between computers — especially if you’re running dev builds.

“I’ve been extremely happy with Google Chrome as my default browser for close to a year, now. It was a shock for me, being a WebKit fan. Google was already making changes to bring Google Chrome up to speed to be more compatible with Mac OS X than Firefox. Firefox hasn’t even come close. It hasn’t even released anything that’s anywhere near ‘Lion compatible.’

“When I’m talking about Lion compatibility, I’m talking about making Google Chrome more seamless in terms of an application experience inside of Mac OS X. I think we all want that, whether we’re running Windows or Max OS X or Linux — we want to run applications that aren’t jarring in terms of the experience that we have with those apps. We want things to run cleanly and smoothly (most of us do).

“To answer the question, Chrome does now play nicely with Lion. I’m really happy with the way that Google Chrome is iterating what would likely be the #1 app I have and use every day — I use the Web browser. It’s my primary tool for just about everything.”

What Web browser are you using right now and why? Are you still with Firefox? Internet Explorer? Opera? Drop us a line and let us know what you use and why. We’ve all got our reasons!

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