Must Know iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve found that iTunes can be both wondrous and irritating software,  depending on the context of what is taking place throughout any given day. This being said, I believe to get the most out of your iTunes experience, it’s helpful to know important iTunes shortcuts for the Mac. Understanding these shortcuts is not only going to make you look like a rock star for your friends, but it will potentially save you some time as well.

Playback shortcuts

With iTunes open, you’re now free to go ahead and control your iTunes playback.

Return key: This plays the highlighted song.

Option-Right Arrow or Left Arrow: Play next album in your iTunes list.

Command-Left Arrow or Right Arrow: Rewind or fast forward to another song in your list.

Playlist/Library Shortcuts

Shift-click the Add (+) button: From selected songs in list, create a playlist.

Option-click the Add (+) button: To create your own smart playlist.

Option-click the Shuffle button: Use this to reshuffle your smart playlist.

Command-Delete: Delete a highlighted playlist without any delete confirmation.

Option-Delete: Use this to delete a selected playlist and the songs included in this playlist. This also works well with deleting selected songs within your music library.

Must Know iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

Music control shortcuts

This last batch of shortcuts for iTunes differs from the Playback Shortcuts in that this is more centric to simple song control, vs working with the playlists/library catalog itself.

Spacebar: This allows you to resume playing a selected song.

Command-Right Arrow/ Command-Left Arrow: Play the next song in a list when the song is playing only.

Command-Up Arrow/Command-Down Arrow: Increase/decrease your music volume while you’re listening to something in iTunes.

Option-Command-Down Arrow: When listening to music, this will mute the audio being played immediately.

Command-E: For those of you still using CDs for music, this command will eject your CD from the disc drive.

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  • Liam James Green

    Already using Chrome. :)

  • Anonymous

    Already using chrome I still use IE because some websites for my work won’t work on anything else besides IE but I low Chrome speeds and clean UI


    Nope. will stick with Firefox – don’t like the new trend for minimalistic UI – at least with FF I can get all my tools back where they belong.

  • Ben Anderson

    Cute but I don’t think it really tells people why they should use chrome over ie9. Tech savy folks have no problem seeing why. They need to show other people why Chrome is better and this doesn’t do that. Everyone I’ve shown Chrome has eventually used it over ie9 and in combination with Firefox.

  • Anonymous

    Their new “Dad” spot is way more effective. It actually shows a practical, comprehensive use for the browser (and other google apps) in a personal, humanistic and.. even touching way. That’s the correct approach!

  • V. T. Eric Layton

    I don’t think I’ll be switching from Firefox any time soon. Chrome is OK, but it is not mature enough for me at this time. I’m very comfortable with my FF and all my extensions and addons.

  • Bobbie Alleman

    They don’t need to advertise to make me switch. I’ve been using Chrome for a couple of years after reluctantly giving up Opera as my browser of choice. I’m very happy with Chrome as it does everything I want it to without having to fool around with lots of add-ons.

  • Anonymous

    The real caveat of the ad is the unreleased +1 button on the address line. It still isn’t offered on their app page. But to get back to the question why advertise on TV? Well you want to reach the people not using Chrome so you go where they may be and shove it in their face. Singing to the choir isn’t quite as effective as singing to those not already in the choir.
    I use Chrome and have for a few months now. I love not being offered all of those toolbars that shorten the visual part of the page to a sliver. The biggest shortfall of Chrome is it isn’t supported by all websites, so you still have to use IE or Firefox. But the advantages of Chrome are the ever growing extensions that fit on one line and it’s speed. It’s comparable with IE and now Firefox.
    I’m a satisfied user and hope it gains in popularity. The other browsers have good aspects to them as well, but so far I’m going to stick with Chrome.

  • Frank

    Google is pretty good and getting better in the web browser field. I like the new IE9 because of the fact that it’s married to the native Windows 7 OS. Although I expect Google to follow suit shortly and put out a better product all the time. That’s being optimistic and positive.

  • Anonymous

    Watch Google’s video? Post it!
    I don’t have a TV.

    BTW, Firefox is my main browser, Chrome is #2

  • Kyle Mackulak

    I’ve been using chrome for several months now after giving up Safari.

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    Really Helpful Thanks:D!