Must Know iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve found that iTunes can be both wondrous and irritating software,  depending on the context of what is taking place throughout any given day. This being said, I believe to get the most out of your iTunes experience, it’s helpful to know important iTunes shortcuts for the Mac. Understanding these shortcuts is not only going to make you look like a rock star for your friends, but it will potentially save you some time as well.

Playback shortcuts

With iTunes open, you’re now free to go ahead and control your iTunes playback.

Return key: This plays the highlighted song.

Option-Right Arrow or Left Arrow: Play next album in your iTunes list.

Command-Left Arrow or Right Arrow: Rewind or fast forward to another song in your list.

Playlist/Library Shortcuts

Shift-click the Add (+) button: From selected songs in list, create a playlist.

Option-click the Add (+) button: To create your own smart playlist.

Option-click the Shuffle button: Use this to reshuffle your smart playlist.

Command-Delete: Delete a highlighted playlist without any delete confirmation.

Option-Delete: Use this to delete a selected playlist and the songs included in this playlist. This also works well with deleting selected songs within your music library.

Must Know iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

Music control shortcuts

This last batch of shortcuts for iTunes differs from the Playback Shortcuts in that this is more centric to simple song control, vs working with the playlists/library catalog itself.

Spacebar: This allows you to resume playing a selected song.

Command-Right Arrow/ Command-Left Arrow: Play the next song in a list when the song is playing only.

Command-Up Arrow/Command-Down Arrow: Increase/decrease your music volume while you’re listening to something in iTunes.

Option-Command-Down Arrow: When listening to music, this will mute the audio being played immediately.

Command-E: For those of you still using CDs for music, this command will eject your CD from the disc drive.

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