iPad Wi-Fi Issues To Be Addressed In Update

There should be an image here!The iPad offers some jaw dropping functionality and  a new way to use a portable computer. And in general, it’s just pretty darned cool to use. Sadly, all of this goodness is not free of one critical flaw.

It seems that the iPad Wi-Fi is, well, less than dependable. So Apple is set to support this in what will be an apparent firmware update. And you know something? This is pretty sad.

No, really, how do you release a Wi-Fi product, using one kind of wireless device, and NOT realize it has wireless issues? Come on Apple, you don’t design your Macs this poorly. So why such a poor design with the iPad?

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  • http://lockergnome.com/bradleybradwell Brad Roberts

    Agreed. You’d think that a product based on Wifi wouldn’t have any problems with wireless. Apple should’ve caught this before hand. Considering our expectations of Apple are so high, this is definitely a low point for them.

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