Apple Apps Worth Billions

There should be an image here!Apple is apparently, a defining force in the world of mobile application sales. What is interesting, is that this was not always the case.  Seeing Apple turn app sales into a multi-billion dollar business, is something that should be studied by anyone who cares to duplicate this kind of success.

No, I believe that the above linked article is spot on in the point that Apple has single handedly revamped the mobile software market in a way, that changes everything. Perhaps most incredibly, will be that Apple is expected to take this even further in the years to come. Going from billions to something even more substantial, is completely possible.

Is Apple developing its own industry? Well actually, they already have. Before the iPhone, the mobile phone industry was nothing in comparison to what it is today. So even if you are not an Apple fan, you have to be impressed with the growth that the Apple app industry has seen.

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  • Dixie Gillaspie

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  • JohnF

    glad someone realized this is a bullshit of an article. i hope he meant it as a joke