Five Useful Gadgets That Can Help You Keep Your Cables Organized

If you’re like me, then you probably have a bird’s nest of cables behind your desk. Doing something as simple as moving a speaker or unplugging a USB device is a pretty big chore, especially when you have to hunt down which USB plug the device is plugged into after passing through the indestructible ball of cables which somehow balled itself into a knot even the most skilled Boy Scout couldn’t figure out.

Oh yeah, it happens to all of us. I probably have a few power cables down there plugged in that go to gadgets I took off my desk a year ago. Cable organization can be a nightmare if you don’t have a good system in place. Part of a comprehensive cable management system is having the right gadgets, and knowing how to use them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some useful gadgets that could help you keep your home office better organized.

Cable Management

Quirky Plug Hub – $25

Quirky Plug HubThis cool little hub provides an aesthetically pleasing place for your power strip and cords to go where they’ll be safely out of sight and free from confusing tangles. Not only does this relatively inexpensive gadget keep your plugs organized, but it protects them from accidental snags and kicks which inevitably happen underneath a desk so close to your feet.

It also features a great wrapping space which makes it easier to reel in extra stack in the cable and prevent it from causing issues later on.

CableDrop Cable Management System – $11

CableDropCableDrops look pretty cool, but they’re not made to be seen. These little adhesive clips attach to the back of your desk, the wall, and anywhere else you might need to run a cable to get it from point A to point B without snagging or tangling itself along the way. I really like these little things, and it’s easy to add and remove cables as you need to.

The one drawback of this particular design is that it’s made for a single cable. It works great for those extra-long USB cables, but not so well for big, thick cables such as COAX and some power cables.

Quirky Cordies Desktop Management System

CordiesNot every mess of cables is tucked away behind the desk. Sometimes, the top of the desk is a bit of a mess itself. This desktop system works great for that purpose. Not only does it have a weighted base and stackable slots for your cables, but it doesn’t look half bad. It blends in very well with most desktop gadgets, and does a great job of keeping cables from sliding off the desk and escaping to that black abyss that is the space between your desktop and the wall.

I’ve lost a few cables to the wall monster, and you shouldn’t have to.

3M Command Cord Organizer Pack

3M Command Cord Organizer PackSometimes, a simple cord organizing gadget just isn’t enough. You might need to call in the big guns and get a grip on cable management once and for all. This is where the 3M Command Cord Organizer Pack comes in. It sticks to the underside of your desk, the wall, or anywhere else you need cords to be safely routed and it can handle just about anything you throw at it. Available in multiple sizes, these sticky miracles have enough space in them to handle multiple cables.

I really like this particular system for many reasons, but perhaps the most important being that the 3M adhesive holds strong but comes off the wall without leaving residue. It’s great for apartment dwellers and offices where cable management is essential.

Q Knot Reusable Cable Ties

I’m a big fan of those velcro cable ties that work over and over again, but they gather dust like nobody’s business. The solution, plastic reusable zip ties that work like regular zip ties but can be used over and over again. These things are excellent for organizing cables in a variety of situations where a sticky gadget doesn’t make sense. For example, inside a PC or for cables being stored in a drawer for future use.

Q Knot’s reusable cable ties come in three sizes and multiple colors to make organization a little easier.

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    Keeping cables tidy is both practically and visually important. Having recently needed to simply remove my wife’s PC to upgrade the HDD I was shocked at how much tangled nasty-ness the cables had become over 2 years. In fact I spent longer untangling the cables than I did upgrading the HDD. These are all great suggestions and any of these products combined with good cable discipline will really help! Keep tidy!