Andrea Rossi’s Energy Box: Scam or Energy Source to Save the World?

Andrea Rossi's Energy Box: Scam or Energy Source to Save the World? Are you vulnerable to scam artists? Can you tell a scam artist from the genuine article? Well, let’s see what you think about the latest offering from Andrea Rossi. Andrea Rossi, an Italian inventor with a criminal history of running scams, claims that he has discovered an inexpensive way to produce unlimited energy by using cold fusion with what he calls an E-Cat (energy catalyzer). If his claims are true, his newest offering could change the entire world’s energy concerns to naught. In fact, they could be altered in just the time it would take to buy this nifty little device. So what does this man claim he has discovered and how has he convinced a small group of researchers that his invention is valid?

What Mr. Rossi is claiming is that, using a very limited amount of energy, he can produce electricity. For this low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) to happen, he says that it is possible using only a small amount of ordinary nickel, hydrogen gas, and a “secret ingredient.” He further states that the energy he does use will boil water, turning it into steam, which in turn will be used to power giant turbines that will produce the needed electricity. Additionally, again according to Mr. Rossi, this new process will not produce any radioactive material, thus eliminating the need to dispose of the radioactive material produced as a byproduct of today’s nuclear power plants.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so, especially when the Italian inventor further claimed that his invention would totally eliminate the need for fossil fuels and put the oil companies out of business. You will have to be the judge but, when I first read this statement, I was skeptical since I could not imagine that the production of oil could be totally eliminated — if for no other reason than that oil would still be needed as a lubricant. Yes, I know about synthetic lubricants, which I personally use in my car, but the fact remains that oil is still the king of lubricants.

When the device was demonstrated to a small audience of 40 scientists and journalists in January of last year, Francesco Celani, a physicist in attendance, took measurements of its output to confirm its validity. Later, Celani was able to present his findings to the 16th International Conference on Cold Fusion a few months later. In his presentation, Celani stated that the device had produced almost 15 to 20 times more energy than it had consumed.

If all of this is true, it would mean that Rossi’s invention could be akin to a bona fide miracle, offering significant amounts of energy that physicists have been trying to find since the beginning of the nuclear age. However, despite its possibilities, remaining skeptics state that they find it impossible to believe that a lone inventor could have developed such a system from a warehouse located in Bologna, Italy. Of course, this skepticism is due in part to Mr. Rossi’s history that branded him as a scam artist when a previous scheme involving incinerating trash for energy failed, resulting in many investors losing money. However, the only crimes that Rossi has ever been charged with were tax fraud and environmental dumping. Both of these were later dropped.

Is this E-Cat energy box the real thing or just another scam? Until we actually see a real cold fusion device that produces huge amounts of energy, I remain a skeptic. However, thrown into the mix is the fact that other physicists are supporting Mr. Rossi’s theory and recognize his invention as being true. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that, if Rossi’s claims are just another scam, people could be bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what about you? Do you think that what Mr. Rossi claims to have invented is real, or do you think that, as some people claim, his invention is merely another scam?

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  • Andrés Nicolás Kievsky

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  • Owais Ahmed

    This is a big claim. And considering he is threatening oil industry, which probably is the biggest mafia of our era I don’t see any revolutionary change any time soon even if his claim comes true. Does anyone remember Electric Vehicles?

    • Bill Funk

      While I’m too young to remember the previous generation of electric cars (we have a new generation now), I know why they died out…
      The range of those electric cars was a fraction of the range of a gas-powered car, and recharging took much longer than refilling the gas tank. While convenience is often thought of as a luxury, it is often a major factor in marketing.

      • kevin sexton

        As well as, the root of them being pulled was likely that the batteries wore out too fast, and would have to be replaced with each lease renewal(2 years) and cost too much.
        For most multi car families, a short range overnight charging car might work fine for replacing all but 1 car, which might end up staying in the garage most of the time.

  • Doug

    I don’t know if this particular person and method have potential or not, but I’m always open minded.

    Lately, I’ve been reading multiple counts of people an organizations coming up with new methods of creating ‘free’ power. As a species, we’ve only scratched the surface of what science has to teach us. But, still, in this day and age, I come across close minded people in forums who still claim ‘free’ energy is impossible. Impossible? Hmm . . . either you have no vision, or are working for ‘big power’! I’m not saying it *is* possible, but how can anybody say the opposite?

    I believe it is coming folks . . . and VERY soon! World changing! Species changing! No more wars, no more poverty, no more hunger . . . and ultimately . . . no more control by people with money and power!

    • kevin sexton

      People have been coming up with claims like this for many years, and they’ve never came to anything. The “multiple accounts of people and organizations” you point out is a sign of it, there are many scammers out there. Keeping part of it a secret…the problem is you make it very hard to test and prove what you are doing, the secret could be oxygen and he’s actually made a fuel cell, or the secret could be an ordinary high powered battery hidden in the devices.

      In this case, the claim is that with specially micro-nano sized particles of nickel and hydrogen gas together with they secret ingredient in a pressure chamber, heated to 4-500 degrees Celsius, it heats further, giving 8 times the energy used to heat it. Supposedly copper and traces of other metals like zinc are produced. An important note is that they state that they are selling these reactors, though they claim not to know how it actually works, but say it’s completely safe.

  • JMLieder


  • Charles Linquist

    I don’t think that Rossi has claimed that he has defied physics. Assuming that all the laws apply – you can’t get more energy out of a system than you put in. Even fusion requires hydrogen, or some othe element as a ‘fuel’. There has to be an ‘input’ or consumable of some sort.

    I have also heard much over the years how ‘big oil[‘ wants to crush potential competitors (remember the famous 100 MPG carburetor?), but no one at the time mentioned how much a competitive advantage such a device would give any carmaker. The story at the time was that the oil companies paid millions to discredit the inventor, But if Ford, GM, and Chrysler (and Volkswagon, and BMW, and Toyota, etc.) thought that the device worked, they would have paid 10 times as much for the rights. Even in an era of $2/gallon gas, any family sedan that got 100MPG would have been a runaway hit.

    Now, 30 years later, we STILL don’t have a 100MPG carburetor (or 100MPG fuel-injection system), and the reason why is not because of some conspiracy. It is simply because gasoline only has so many BTUs/gallon, physics dictates the maximum efficiency, and it still takes (close to) the same amount of energy to move a car down the road at 60 MPH as it always did. Even todays hybrids, which let the gasoline engine run at close to its maximum efficiency point, don’t get 100MPG. The numbers just don’t work out.

    If the technology is sound, before too long, others will find it as well. For example: if Thomas Edison had not delivered a working light bulb when he did, within a few years, others would have. Edison was smart, and he had resources. But he also drew upon (then) recent advances in vacuum pumps, glassblowing, materials, and chemistry.
    Assuming Rossi’s device works, It doesn’t matter how much ‘big oil’ (or anyone else for that matter), tries to stifle the development, they will be unsuccessful in the long run – and they would certainly be smart enough to know that.

    I’m still a skeptic.