Google Announces Refreshed Nexus 7, 32 GB and 3G in Tow

The Nexus news keeps on coming, this time regarding the Nexus 7. As you may have read elsewhere, a few lucky Nexus 7 buyers of the 16 GB flavor were surprised to receive 32 GB models. Now they’re official.

The 16 GB Nexus 7 has replaced the 8 GB model at the $199 price point, while a new 32 GB model moves in to take the $249 spot.

For those of you who like to take your little tablets with you on the road, Google has also introduced a 3G-equipped model. For $299, you’ll receive a 32 GB Nexus 7 with HSPA+ capabilities. Like the Nexus 4, the mobile-ready Nexus 7 is a pentaband GSM device, meaning it’ll work on both T-Mobile and AT&T here in the States as well as hundreds of other carriers worldwide.

I pre-ordered the 16 GB Nexus 7 for $249 back in June during Google I/O, as did many others. While I haven’t yet found the need for more storage space, perhaps if I find extra cash floating around I’ll upgrade to the 3G-capable model and gift my three-month-old Nexus 7 to someone else. I predict there will be a few comments of outrage over the price drops and updated models coming so soon, but for $249 I personally couldn’t be more satisfied.

When can you get the new model? It’ll be on Google Play starting on November 13th.

Source: Official Google Blog | Google Play

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  • Markos

    Goodbye iPad Mini. I’m getting the 16GB WiFi/3G Nexus 7. Great price for a very good machine. Better luck next time, Apple.

    • Philip

      Good luck finding some good apps for your nexus.

    • thaicares

      I think the only model (according to this article) that has 3G is the 32version for 300 but maybe they’ll have a 16 with 3G for 250 IDK

    • Chris Pirillo

      I could say the same for the iPad mini – great price for a very good machine.
      “great price” and “very good machine” are relative.

      They’re also just part of the story one must consider when making decisions. More value, I’d argue, comes down to the user’s experience. For some, iOS provides a better experience – for others, Android does.
      It’s all relative, but you’d have to ask yourself why you were considering an iPad mini in the first place – and if it was simply to have a smaller tablet, then you would have just been better off getting the Nexus 7 before this announcement – unless it was the 3G feature that tipped the scales for you.
      We’ll see how they both stack up in my forthcoming comparison.

      • Hamza Salau

        i will have to disagree. the ipad mini is great and all but without the retina display it is too much to ask for at that price. it is the only ios device in the current lineup that does not have retina and 329 is too much for me to spend on it when i know that apple will release one with retina and faster processor probably A6 in 2013 for that same price. I would rather wait for that or get a 32gb nexus 7 now.

  • Sean

    Google is really bring their A-game, I hope the compitition between Amazon, Apple and Google really kick some ass for us consumers.

  •!/gpowerf G.Power

    yummy! This is one cool mini tablet :)

    Whereas for larger tablets I am convinced that Windows RT is the only serious choice for me. When it comes to the 7 inch tablets the choice is much harder.

    Android or iOS? Mmmm… tough choice! I’m not one of those people who thinks their iPad is perfect, far from it. But it certainly is good enough for everything I would use a 7 inch tablet for, so the iPad Mini is quite tempting… I would have to give it some serious thought.

  • Curtis Coburn

    Well, that makes my 8GB Nexus 7 a bit sad. I do want more memory on my tablet, but other than that my Nexus is fine the way it is. Even if it is a bit smaller in memory. I’m happy with it.

    • Ron_Schenone

      As am I. I store my stuff in the cloud. 8GB works fine.

      • Curtis Coburn

        If only games can be stored in the cloud.

  • Felix

    There are lots of apps, this is an old complaint that is now null.

    • Chris Pirillo

      There are most certainly apps, though many of them don’t look / perform as nicely as their iOS counterparts.
      Any suggestions as to which apps I might find that don’t make the Nexus 7 look like a blown up Android phone?

  • Karl Newark

    Yep there are a few badly designed apps such as ebay that Apple picked up on during their presentation, Androids fragmentation has slowed down the tablet optimization within apps, but apps are definitely becoming more intelligent and change the UX dynamically depending on the screen specs. Some apps are lagging behind, but this wont be the case forever.

    Plus there are advantages of Android apps over iOS apps on a tablet, such as keyboards, launchers and widgets. There are also other advantages to Android as a whole such as Google Now and multi-user support.

    There advantages and disadvantages to both platforms, badly designed apps are a disadvantage, but there are a lot more to consider as well as that.

  • Brian Roberts

    I am for sure getting one of these! The fact that I can use Straight Talk’s $45 a month unlimited with this tablet is a dream come true! Not to forget I will be able to use it in the Philippines on Smart or Globe networks!