Guild Wars 2: Connection Error(s) Halt Early Access Hours After Pre-Launch

If you pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 as a digital download, you may have been promised three days of early access to the servers as part of a head start allowing you to get an edge over folks that are waiting patiently for the physical box to hit store shelves. This is one of the perks of going with digital downloads you can expect from MMORPGs these days as the companies are acknowledging the cost savings not having to print so many boxes and discs can offer.

Unfortunately, this early access also comes with a high risk of server issues brought on by an overwhelming amount of traffic on untested systems. Stress tests have been taking place on Guild Wars 2 servers for weeks, though the level of traffic attending these tests is rarely anywhere close to what NCSoft and ArenaNet expects on launch day.

In a way, taking advantage of this three-day head start makes you one of their beta testers. It’s all part of being an early adopter with any product. There are going to be a few bugs to work out, regardless.

Just five hours after the head start began, Guild Wars 2 servers began experiencing connection issues. These issues started with European servers, and eventually moved on to the Americas. Here in Texas, all you can get three hours into the downtime is a message indicating: “Connection error(s) detected. Retrying…”

Where can you go to keep up to date with the latest server status during downtime? The official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account has been doing a great job of keeping the public updated with ongoing efforts to solve issues. In addition, the official Facebook page is playing the role of both information source and customer service venting channel.

Once you do get in the game, be sure to pick up your Guild Wars 2 ‘celebration hat’ in the in-game Gem Store before September 12, 2012.

Were you hit with downtime during the Guild Wars 2 head start? How long were you kept away?

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  • Kevin de Bie

    Among the waiting here, though i have had about 6 hours of solid, trouble-less gameplay since head-start launch. They should fix this though, early access was an incentive to pre-purchasing, looking at it really flat this sort of thing is for the beta’s and should not be. 😉

    Edit: I’m able to login again since several hours but my client still needs 1 file updated wich its not doing.

    Edit 2: My friends are seemingly getting updated and logging in slowly.

    Edit 3: I’m back ingame!

    • Ryan Matthew Pierson

      Glad you finally got in. It was about three hours of downtime for me. Hopefully the last hiccup before launch day.

  • Pierre

    We are called europeans, not europians, you texan clueless moron :p

    • Ryan Matthew Pierson

      Since we’re pointing out typos: I’m not a texan. I’m a Texan.

      • scallawagon

        ta da!

  • Ryan White

    A victim of their own success… you would think with all of the stress tests they had leading up to the initial launch this would have been something they could have prepared for…

  • Dan Czarnecki

    I am not a fan of this series myself. But, I would have to say that for something like this to happen just after its launch, it is just unacceptable. You would think that they would have squashed most if not all of the bugs in the beta stage.

  • Uthman Baksh

    What a fail! How does one not resolve issues before the launch of the game? That is like the last thing you do before a game ships. As you can tell, I’m not really a fan of the series. I don’t really do a lot of gaming.

  • Zain Siddiqui

    Definite fail. Kinda like the fail when the iPhone 4S launched on at&t and there was connection errors because of overload. Companies should plan ahead to avoid disasters and ruin customer service.

  • scallawagon

    thanks for the info!

  • Nightbringer

    Yesterday i bought and succesfully installed GW2 2 hours of play. Today i launched the game and connection error for more than 12 hours…