Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should Own

The geek community isn’t exactly widely known for spending much time in the kitchen. In fact, the stereotypical geek only goes to the kitchen to grab a Mountain Dew and some Cheetos before retreating back into their cave to continue their marathon of mayhem in their MMO of choice.

The reality is that geeks are about as diverse as any other cultural group. There are beer geeks, gaming geeks, Apple geeks, and even cooking geeks. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the massive amount of kitchen gadgets available on infomercials and popular sites like Sharper Image and ThinkGeek.

Either way, there’s no reason our kitchens shouldn’t be fitted out with the latest and greatest gadgets. After all, if cooking is a science, shouldn’t geeks consider the kitchen to be our own personal laboratory?

Equal Measure Measuring Cup: $12

Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should OwnThis measuring cup doesn’t just give you the ability to measure out ingredients by traditional standards, but it also gives you a more realistic guide to go by. After all, what fun is a cup of flour when it could be better described as just over 5,000 drops of water? It makes more sense then, doesn’t it?

Well, perhaps not, but at least this ordinary-looking measuring cup brings some useful information to the table. Cooking shouldn’t just be a practice of flavor, but a learning experience as well.

The Equal Measure Measuring Cup is available for just under $15. That makes it a pretty nifty impulse buy for the kitchen geek in your life.

Aeropress Coffee Maker: $26

Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should OwnMaking your own coffee is a rite of passage for some devout fans of caffeine. Not only can this process save you a few bucks per day over that name brand coffee house blend that really doesn’t add that much value to your experience, but you get coffee faster.

A French press can be used to brew a cup of coffee very quickly. Essentially, you have a cylinder filled with coffee grounds and hot water with a filter between its base and the cup below. After a little stirring, you need but to insert the plunger and press down until the liquid has gone through the filter to the cup below. Cleanup is easy, and the gadget itself requires no external power beyond whatever you use to heat the water.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is available for around $26 and makes a great gift for coffee-drinking geeks.

90-Second Toaster: $40

Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should OwnImagine being able to have perfect toast every morning of your life. Now, imagine the type of toaster that would be required to make toast quickly enough for you to be able to enjoy it during the morning rush without losing that consistency that makes toast part of a traditional breakfast.

Enter the 90-Second Toaster. This toaster not only makes toast quick and easy, but it serves it up to you when it’s done so you don’t have to reach into a hot toaster in a race to get it to the plate before it cools too much to melt butter.

Another common problem with toasters is that the exterior (typically metallic) is actually fairly dangerous. Why is so difficult for companies to make a toaster that doesn’t burn you when you touch the outside? This toaster is made to be safer to folks with clumsy hands like myself.

All Edges Lasagna Pan: $50

Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should OwnI love edge lasagna pieces. There’s nothing better than that crisp crunch and smokey essence of a corner or edge lasagna slice. Who wants the middle pieces, really? They’re boring and have no character. I’ll take the edge, every time.

Enter the All Edges Lasagna Pan. This pan allows you to bake your lasagna the same way you normally would, but every piece is an edge. It’s genius! There’s no reason a self-respecting geek shouldn’t want one of these.

You can find the All Edges Lasagna Pan for about $50. It may not be an impulse buy at that price, but a dedicated lasagna fanatic would certainly make good use of it for years to come.

Tablet Computer: $200-800

Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should OwnWoah, wait. This isn’t a kitchen gadget, or is it? Your iPad or Android device may well be one of the most useful items in your kitchen. You can store recipes on it, set timers, look up cooking directions and instruction, and FaceTime with your parents to ask them how to do those things you never had time to learn while you were at home.

Having a full-blown laptop on the kitchen counter isn’t a great idea since so much can (and probably will) happen during your cooking escapades. A tablet, on the other hand, can usually be protected or otherwise kept out of harm’s way fairly easily.

You can find tablet computers pretty much anywhere electronics are sold and in a variety of prices. The Google Nexus 7 tablet comes in at $200 and has more than enough power behind it to help you get whatever it is you need done around the kitchen completed.

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  • David Clare

    The toaster is the winner for me! :-)

  • Matthew Arevalo

    I think I’m going to get this toaster.

  • Bob Wilke

    I have the Aeropress. It’s the Best money I have spent on coffee. Nice and rich and clean up is a breeze. Now if that Toaster did bagels i’d be set.

    • Zach Solomon-Beloin

      Bob — the toaster does appear to do bagels, according to the amazon link above.

  • Curtis Coburn

    Samsung has a refrigerator that can basically be used as a Tablet. It stores recipes on it, plays Pandora, has a Timer, and also has social networks on it.t I think it is pretty cool, because you will not even have a tablet in the way. That’s especially good if you have a small kitchen.

  • Alex

    How about the Cylon toaster?

    • Rocco

      I love those well toasted Cylons myself, but nothing beats a warm, heapin’ bowl of Loosner’s Castor Oil Flakes!

  • gizmo4me2

    The toaster look and sound great, no more burnt fingers or cold toast. I may try that one

  • Greg Alder

    Fun. I especially like the ingenuity of the lasagna pan

  • Greg

    the lasagna pan is pure genius – a non complex shift in design thinking that actually improves the end product by a huge margin. Compliments to the inventor – maybe a potential Nobel nominee….

  • Linda Blair

    You can use that tablet computer as a cutting board.

  • Linda Blair

    I paid 10 dollars for a one cup coffeemaker with permanent filter, love it.

  • Linda Blair

    I went to your link on the toaster….all the reviews are bad.