Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

I have had a Box.net (now known as Box) account since late 2011, when it kindly gave new customers 50 gigabytes of space on its servers for free. I realized recently that I was letting all of this space go to waste, and decided to start putting it to use. With this goal in mind, I searched the Box website, but found no information about how to connect it to a PC and I would have expected — at the very least — a crude program for uploading and syncing, but no. So, that’s the end of that story — or it would be were I not just as persistent as I am.

I used the advice that I give to everyone who comes to me with a problem. The advice is usually a checklist of items like: 1. Have you searched Google? 2. Have you checked another search engine (because Google — for the moment at least — doesn’t know everything)? 3. Have you looked at the support forums? 4. Have you had this conversation with the people in charge? 5. Have you tried dancing the hornpipe? And, apart from the silly one at the end, they are all relevant. I found a method that explains how to connect your Box account to Windows and it allows you to use your Box account much like you would Dropbox or Google Drive.

I would like to point out before I go any further with this article that I have only managed to test this on my main Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine. However, I have been assured that it should work with Windows Vista and there is another method to allow it to work with Windows XP. The last point that I want to make before we get started is that I have written this article with all users in mind, so I will try to make it as non-patronising as possible. Let’s get started.

How to Upload to Box Using Windows Explorer

Double click on the Computer icon or use the Windows key + E.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Right click within the window where there is white space and left click Add a network location.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Left click Next on the welcome screen.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Left click Choose a custom network location, then Next.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Left click within the text box and type in https://www.box.com/dav and Next.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Left click and enter your credentials in the top and bottom text boxes, then OK.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Left click and choose a name for your Box account, then Next.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

You’ve now completed this wizard installation. Left click Finish and enjoy.

Uploading to Box (Formerly Box.net) Using Windows Explorer

Why Box?

As I’ve already mentioned, there are other solutions like Dropbox and — most recently — Google Drive. I was one of the lucky people who got 50 GB of storage for free. If you consider that Dropbox and Google Drive give you anywhere between 1 GB and 16 GB of free storage, it’s not difficult to see that 50 GB is huge. I will use Box for keeping an active backup of my website and to back up the articles that I produce for LockerGnome. The phrase that springs to mind is “fail to prepare; prepare to fail,” although “failure is always an option” is a phrase that I tend to live by.

Box.net — as it was originally known — is the only service that utilizes Web 2.0, although I’m not completely convinced that Web 2.0 is anything more than a marketing ploy. Box also has AJAX, tags, RSS feeds, and its interface is clean and simple. I like the fact that Box can be completely Web- based using an AJAX interface to move files from your computer to Box, but I like having it connected to my computer so I can keep things up to date and not need to open another browser tab. I have too many tabs open to begin with and I’m sure there will be some of you who are in the same boat. What cloud storage solution do you use?

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John “Scotsman” McKinlay is a 25-year-old autistic living in Glasgow, Scotland. He has been an online presence since 1998, but has only recently found that his voice and writing skills could bring him into the world of blogging and podcasting -- with a bit of YouTube on the side. He joined the ranks of LockerGnome back in March of 2012 and has been warmly received both by the LockerGnome staff and by you lovely ladies and gentlemen of the LockerGnome audience.

  • http://arnabsdiary.blogspot.com/ Arnab Das

    very useful. would be great if it could sync existing folders though.

  • http://twitter.com/bluemountainco Cmadras

    Thanks for the great tip, before it was tedious trying to sync files in Box.com, now this becomes awesome. 

  • Joe Izzard

    Great! Cheers for the info!

  • Tottiroma

    what about the 25 mb file size limit of BOX ??? that’s why i think the 50 Gb are useless…

  • http://twitter.com/no_substitute Kim Nilsson

    This seemed to not work. At least not for me, with Win7Pro following your instructions. It kept asking for my credentials, but came back, as if they are wrong. I then tried using my Android app and that too complained. It also told me to “unlock” my account. Surfing to box.com I found no such function anywhere, so after a while I tested the Android app again. This time it worked! After that also this way of connecting worked, so now I have 50 GB extra at my disposal! Brilliant. :-)

    On a note, this can be found in the help section:

  • http://twitter.com/DutchGuyOnAir The Dutch Guy

    Although it’s nice to see more cloud based storage, I’m sticking with dropbox. It just works perfectly! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707766395 André Paron

    Didnt work for me either. (similar problem to Kim)

    Windows just keeps asking for my credentials even though I am fairly sure they are correct.

    If I could get this to work it would be awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/fixgadget GadgetFix

    A reminder this is painfully slow. I believe this method has been superseded; and Box.net offers a clipping app that lets you copy certain things to your free account. I’m split between using Google Play for my music (20000) songs, sure why not; Google Accounts are free and you can share, SugarSync for documents; and SkyDrive for files I plan on sharing publicly. I’m roughly up to almost 150GB of free storage spaced out between Box.net, SkyDrive, Google Play and a few others which I’ve yet to use.

  • tony

    Follow up on my post that doesn’t seem to have cleared yet.  

    In W7HP, you will have to do this using the “Map Network Drive” option.  This is available from the “Computer” window in Explorer.

    Actually, now that I re-examine it.  The instructions given only apply if you’re in that folder.  I hastily assumed I could plant this in any location I wanted to since I would want to house it where I house my Skydrive, GDrive, and Dropbox folders.