How to Tag People Who Aren’t Your Friends on Facebook

Facebook’s tagging feature has come a long way. First, it was invented — then, you could reduce the tag to your friend’s first or last name only. Earlier this year Facebook users were enabled to tag pages, effectively allowing users to mention a celebrity or brand without posting on the page’s wall. Now, Facebook users who have enabled subscriptions on their profile can tag people who aren’t their friends on Facebook in the comments of a public post.

How to Tag People Who Aren't Your Friends on FacebookLet me be clear — you can tag people who aren’t your friends on Facebook in the comments of a public post — not in the post itself. For now, users can only still tag friends and pages in the original content of a post on Facebook. However, now Facebook users can tag other Facebook users who have commented on a public post, even if the other user is not your friend on Facebook. This will, of course, trigger a notification that you have responded to their comment.

Unfortunately, Facebook users can’t tag any Facebook user in the comments, let alone at all in the original post. For now, Facebook users who have enabled subscriptions can only tag a user in a comment thread who has already commented on the same post. This will undoubtedly make it easier to direct replies to the appropriate person and ensure the other Facebook user knows you responded specifically to them, rather than just added a potentially unrelated comment.

This also means that the evolution of tagging on Facebook is not done. How soon until we can tag anyone and everyone on Facebook, such as is capable with Google+? And while the 25 million Google+ users love this feature, will all 800 million Facebook users?

Do these changes have any effect on who you’ll tag in the future? Let us know what you think of this new Facebook feature in the comments.

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