Developing World Will Produce Double The E-Waste Of Developed Countries by 2030

There should be an image here!Developing countries will be producing at least twice as much electronic waste (e-waste) as developed countries within the next 20 years, according to a new study published in ACS’ semi-monthly journal Environmental Science & Technology. It foresees in 2030 developing countries discarding 400 million — 700 million obsolete personal computers per year compared to 200 million — 300 million in developed countries.

Eric Williams and colleagues cite a dramatic increase in ownership of PCs and other electronic devices in both developed and developing countries. At the same time, technological advances are shrinking the lifetime of consumer electronics products, so that people discard electronics products sooner than ever before. That trend has led to global concern about environmentally safe ways of disposing of e-waste, which contains potentially toxic substances.

The scientists used a computer model to forecast global distribution of discarded PCs. It concluded that consumers in developing countries will trash more computers than developed countries by 2016, with the trend continuing and escalating thereafter. “Our central assertion is that the new structure of global e-waste generation discovered here, combined with economic and social considerations, call for a serious reconsideration of e-waste policy,” the report notes.

Michael Bernstein @ American Chemical Society

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  • Jan Eek

    America and pollution

    I recently read a blog post about
    global warming by Archie Richards. This is my response to his ridicule
    of everybody who is worried about the way we destroy this planet.

    The Vikings never grew grapes in Greenland or in Newfoundland. The
    temperature in the year 1000 was just slightly higher than 50 years ago.
    The ice in the Arctic is receding in a much higher speed then expected,
    which leaves the polar bears in that area in a dire situation. The ice
    on Greenland is also receding at a very dangerous speed. The ozone layer
    is getting thinner and even has holes in it, especially where I live. I
    could go on, but there is no doubt that man made pollution is the cause
    if these changes. —-

    The worst polluters are the US and China, but despite this, they
    refuse to sign any international agreement to reduce the pollution. Many
    Americans argue that the effects of the pollution are NOT man made, but
    a “natural” part of a cycle. This has been disproved again and again,
    but America and China are continuing to spew out all the destructive
    gases that are so dangerous to all of us.