Online Reputation Management with

Online Reputation Management with

On the Internet, your reputation may be subject to unfair scrutiny by community busybodies who mean you harm. Luckily, online reputation management is a breeze with the help of [Image by Miguel Pires da Rosa via Flickr]

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Reputation Changer recently acquired the domain for a staggering 504k, deeming the acquisition this year’s largest domain purchase and prompting the company to change its name. I interviewed the folks there to answer some questions about the company’s past, the services that it has offered, and what we can look forward to seeing from the company in the months to come.

What was the reason behind the sudden change of Reputation Changer to

The change was not sudden but rather something we considered for an extensive period of time. We believed that the new name better captured our company’s overall vision. What many people don’t realize is that reputation management is only one aspect of building and managing an entire brand. This is something that we wanted to convey to our current and future clients.

So what exactly does this mean for your clients?

Our clients are our top priority ranging from individuals to organizations and Fortune 500 firms. This means that we build, monitor, and manage our clients’ online presence while helping them regain control of their brand and reputation. The acquisition of reflects the large amounts of resources that our company dedicates to innovation. Our current clients will still be able to access the exclusive technologies that we have to offer.

Can you explain some of these technologies that you described? has many proprietary assets that our competitors simply do not offer. For one, our Command Center allows our clients to monitor their social media, moderate reviews, and view their autocomplete all through one easy-to-use website. They can monitor and approve content with just a few clicks, making their campaign much simpler. The Command Center provides clients with optimal control over their online brand.

In addition, has access to a network of influential bloggers who have experience across a variety of fields and connections with news media companies that publish videos and news articles on behalf of our clients. We have recently released our own social media site called which allows individuals to showcase their accomplishments — This site ranks incredibly high on search engine result pages. We have made huge advancements with Google’s infamous Autosuggest and Wikipedia pages. We can alter the suggestions that Google makes for our clients, which ultimately redirects searchers in a positive direction and away from negative, unwanted content. We also have the ability to create or revise Wikipedia pages for our clients which has an outcome of turning a negative into a positive.

We plan on further advancing our innovative tools and technologies to continue providing our clients with the brand results they want and deserve.

Can you tell us about some of’s recent accomplishments? has seen an extensive amount of change and growth during this past year. In 2012, we achieved a growth rate of 600 percent and are already on track to achieving an astounding 1000 percent growth in 2013. This is a huge milestone for, which started as a small company in only 2009. In an industry where the demand for service is constantly on the rise, you need to make sure that your company is growing at an even faster pace to set yourself aside from competitors. This is something that has been successfully achieving, and the numbers strongly suggest that this pattern will continue.

Additionally, was recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 company earlier in 2013, awarding the technology industries’ leaders for their innovation and high-growth potential. was the only brand and reputation management firm amongst this list. We have also been ranked the number one online reputation management firm by for our widespread work for our clients’ brands and reputations.

Why would someone (or a company) want to use this service?

Clients come to for all different reasons — from clearing negative reviews online to general brand enhancement to ID Protection. Individuals, businesses, and organizations primarily use online management services to clean up their online brand, but we have seen a substantial amount of clients who want to further promote their brand as well.

You’d actually be surprised at how many people contact for services other than our clearing plan. Our clients are realizing the true potential of online brand and reputation management. It isn’t just for clearing negatives anymore — it’s for building and managing your brand.

Do traditional PR tactics apply to reputation management anymore?

Nowadays, traditional public relations is just one step of reputation management — there are many other aspects to examine. People have to remember that the focus has stopped revolving around the media. With the progression of the Internet, you have to incorporate the use of social media, blogs, and other assets when considering your online brand and reputation.

This is something that we hold on a pedestal. We integrate the use of traditional public relations with these modern innovations. We realize the important of assets such as social media sites and blogs, and we optimize their full potential.

How do you know when it’s time to hire a brand / reputation service like yours?

The key is to be proactive. You never know when your brand is going to get hit with an online attack. What you want to do is be prepared for anything to happen. Hiring a reputation management service like will allow you to defend your brand against potential and future threats. You don’t want to worry about the hassle of fixing your brand after an attack has already occurred.

On the contrary, we also have many clients who come to us after a negative article or review has appeared about them online. In that case, the best thing to do is to contact a service like to help handle your online reputation management immediately. You want to fight against that negative before it really affects your brand. The last thing you want is for yourself or organization to suffer the consequences of a reputation attack online.

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