How to Disable “This Page Has Insecure Content” Warning in Chrome

There is nothing more annoying than trying to browse the Web and having a popup appear every time you navigate to a new webpage. This usually happens with ads, and sometimes with plugins or extensions like LastPass when there is an option to log in to the website. However, recently I began to experience a persistent yellow bar popping down from the top of Chrome when I visited almost any webpage — including Chrome. It warned me that “This page has insecure content” and that I needed to approve the page for viewing to continue. This was especially annoying as the popup was slightly delayed and it pushed the entire page’s content down, often making me misclick to an unintended target link — itself a security risk!

How did I end up with this warning — and how do do you disable the “This page has insecure content” warning in Chrome? After doing a little digging (via Google, of course), I found that the problem occurs usually with a webpage that actually has insecure content. Google has an entire help section devoted to this warning, and explains that this annoying yellow bar is actually designed to protect you against insecure JavaScript when using Chrome.

Disable This Page Has Insecure Content Warning ChromeGoogle explains that when a website is secured via HTTPS, the website developers must also ensure that all of the scripts used by the page will be delivered in the same secure manner as the main page itself. Google explains that when this isn’t the case, visitors run the risk that attackers can interfere with the website. Previously, browsers ran this script but notified you after the fact. Now, Chrome will warn users that this is happening with this yellow warning box and then cautions that “This page has insecure content.” Users must “Allow anyway” to see the website despite the script on the page. So why does this warning sometimes appear on every page you visit — including pages such as Gmail?

The problem for those experiencing this constant warning from Google actually lies within your active extensions in Chrome, which appear on every page you visit while using Chrome. If the script in the extension is not delivered the same way as the page, as mentioned above, it will trigger Chrome to sense that every page viewed has insecure content — but if you’re like me and have dozens of extensions, how do you know which one has gone rogue and now creates what Chrome perceives as insecure content? In his blog, Warren Ellis details how he found a way to easily target the problematic extension by way of a Google support forum.

Right-click anywhere on your Gmail page and click Inspect Element.

A debug window will take over the bottom half of your browser. Click Console at the bar at the top of this window.

Search for the words insecure content in the console (search bar at the top-right of the console). This line will reveal where the insecure content is coming from.

Disable the plug-in that is creating this message.

Disable This Page Has Insecure Content Warning ChromeHowever, this problem does not always reveal the name of the extension causing the problem. In my case, a search for the “insecure content” only returned the line including the jQuery JavaScript being loaded. It was obvious, though, that one of my installed extensions in Chrome was insecure. To solve this problem, I needed to identify which one, but if you’re like me and have dozens of extensions, this could be a burdensome process.

An easy solution is to uninstall any extension you no longer need, and then install the Disable All Extensions Plus extension from the Chrome Store. Ironic, yes, I know, but the extension will allow you to click one button in your browser to automatically disable all extensions. You can then turn each one back on and open a new tab in Chrome and visit a webpage, such as Gmail, to see if the popup returns. Repeat this process until you see the yellow bar warning that “This page has insecure content.” Disabling this extension will then allow you to return to pop-up and warning free Chrome browsing.

Keep in mind that these type of insecure Chrome extensions are not the same type of insecure extensions as discovered by Nicholas Carlini, Adrienne Porter Felt, and Prateek Saxena in September 2011. This group reviewed 100 Chrome extensions and found that 27 of the 100 extensions leak all of their privileges to a Web or Wi-Fi attacker. The extensions that generate an “insecure content” warning in Chrome are unrelated to this report and produce very different types of vulnerabilities — if any at all.

Have you been experiencing more warnings lately related to “insecure content” from Chrome than usual? What extensions have you found that are problematic? Let us know your thoughts and solutions in the comments.

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Kelly Clay, author of Blog Without Boundaries, is a freelance writer and lifestyle advisor.

  • Eye4bear

    To avoid this problem I will continue to use Firefox, besides I don’t like Google knowing too much about my web habits, at least more than they do already.

  • Eye4bear

    To avoid this problem I will continue to use Firefox, besides I don’t like Google knowing too much about my web habits, at least more than they do already.

  • Ag3

    Would it be crazy to assume that if I have an extension installed, I actually want to keep it?

    That’s a lousy solution.

  • Jeff

    I had no extensions installed and this keeps on popping up! Its so freaking annoying!

    • Babbette

      Jeff, same here too. It has gotten to the point where I must find another browser. I had no extensions to get rid of…..and chrome has been crashing lately.

  • Alvin B.

    If it is only happening on one page, then it can just as easily be a javascript callback from an insecure URL to a secure URL. Which can only be fixed by the website developer.

  • Thelsdeffect

    Web Assistant Extension (dunno where the eff this came from) was the one that did it for me!

  • Sahirimrit786

    how to disable this message ??

  • Brennan Thompson

    Thanks for the tip. Helped me find the culprit really quick.

  • Annoyed browser guy

    My extension bug was youtube pro downloader.  Why does Chrome / Google allow these extensions if it messes things up ?  Shouldn’t they verify and approve them before putting them on the chrome store thigy !?

    I just started using this cos safari was crashing with youtube videos… arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh ……….frustration !

  • Aysha Khan

    I got rid of all my extensions and still the pop-up persisted. Ugh.

  • Borlin

    I also have no extensions! This is rediculious about the page has insecure content? and why in the heck does the flash player keep poping up Unresponsive when playing pioneerville from facebook, stupid chrome has their flash built in How do you fix this stuff?

  • Aditya

    I want to Know That This Warning Is For All Chrome User For A Particular Website And Its Affect On The Ranking Of A Particular Website..

  • Dmolloy05

    i installed the disable all extensions plus,,,NOTHING works. I still get the error. I followed everything on here. hate google chrome, going back to internet explorer.

  • Meanckz

    all this talk about ‘disable extensions’ is kind of annoying, because I don’t have any extensions!
    Yet I still get the ‘insecure content’ pop up

  • Frazzled

    I am so tired of being required to be the brains behind the computer. In the early days of personal computers all this was done behind the scenes without any need for my getting involved. Now days we pay more, get less and have to do more. I am one frayed nerve away from dumping computers from my life and this damned yellow bar is that frayed nerve. 

  • Elias Natan Martinez

    right click your chrome shortcut and add a space after the quotations in the ‘Target” text box and add the following “–allow-running-insecure-content”  (with out quotes) and it should work. (if you are using Windows system) for mac im not pretty sure but it works.

  • Navyboylokesh22

    Hi it has worked for me. The problem was with one of the extension ” youtube video downloader″ . I has disabled it now and i no longer get that message. Thanks for your help.

  • Blue Dragonfli

    cant seem to get rid of yellow bar on google chrome ”

    This page has insecure content”
        i have ONE extension – to get rid of facebook time line which is a royal pain in the a$$……i go to “learn more” click on the chromium site link to learn how to disable the yellow bar and all i get is a page that wont load cause there was an issue….the yellow bar is pissing me off; theres a command line flag i can use to stop it but i dont know HOW TO DO IT!!!!!  i agree with frazzled – you pay more and get less – i dont mind learning how to do things a techie would do but damn it i need to learn more and more every day and its just not right…..GET RID OF THE “THIS PAGE HAS INSECURE CONTENT” BULL CRAP!!!!!!

  • andy

    Super thanks – this issue has been bugging me for weeks.  It was the Astrid Plus extension for me, easily found with the tip above.  

  • Adam Z

    I get this error message on a website I built as soon as I inserted a google map.  You’d think Chrome would be able to recognize it’s own kin.

  • ak

    all extensions are disabled… yet the insecure content bar still pops up. Any ideas?

  • BunnyOle

    There is nothing listed as “insecure content”
    what it lists in ‘red’ is YOUR ‘lockergnome’ URL is listed with UNSAFE JAVASCRIPT attempt to access frame with URL 3 times. I dont know what that means “access frame” but it goes on to mention googleads.g.doubleclick and For your lockergnome it says DOMAINS, PROTOCOLS AND PORTS MUCH MATCH from FRAME WITH URL “googleads.g.doubleclick” and the plus one google

    ALSO it has ‘request cannot load’ and that lists the URL to, your commenting widget.
    Somebody tell me, because there is not ONE SINGLE PAGE that doesn’t get this shitty message. EVEN just and when I type a search key and hit enter, and my ‘hits’ come up I GET the insecure content message, I’m not even in a website, I’m just on the browser.
    That message keeps popping up over and over. There was one when I started this message, now there are 8 of them.

  • Nana Akosua Baakan Agyiriwah

    You know that old saying, misery likes company, well, I must say that I didn’t feel quite as miserable as I did before I read the comments, it’s like, I ain’t crazy am I, or am I the only one here having this problem, so folks, thanks for being there and the solution for me, was to disable YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER EXTENSION. Gonna see how long that fix lasts, cause it seems when they are about to make some major changes in their software, the developers start acting crazy, all kinds of weird stuff happens, remember what happened with YouTube just a few months ago?. Latest news, iGoogle, will be disabled in Nov., 2013. Well at least we know Google is gonna make it through 2012, lol.Thanks again, that sure helped me out!!

  • em

    THANK YOU! I had a “gadget” installed from a few years back that I never used that was causing the problem.

  • Zauber Paracelsus

    I’m getting that warning on this site. Seems to wipe out all CSS formatting.

  • Zauber Paracelsus

    I’m getting that warning on this site. Seems to wipe out all CSS formatting.

  • Gtoot

    Yeah, this guy has no clue. For me the problem is Akamai, any site redirected through Akamai makes this warning pop up on my iPad. I have no extensions installed, and I can’t change the command line as I have seen on other sites, because I’m on an iPad!