Starbucks Mobile Payments Now Available for Android

For several months, iPhone and BlackBerry users have enjoyed the convenience of being able to buy their morning coffee and croissants with not much more than a swipe of their phone at Starbucks counters. The Starbucks Card mobile app allows Starbucks customers to store an electronic balance on connected Starbucks card accounts and then deduct the amount of their purchase by swiping a mobile barcode at the register. Until today, there has not been an official app available for Android users to purchase their latte similarly — though one has been hinted at being in development for several months.

Now, Android users running Android 2.1 or above can head on over to the Android Market and pay by phone as well. Starbucks notes that the addition of Android to the Starbucks app line-up now allows about 90% of smartphone users to pay using their smartphone at Starbucks. (BlackBerry users also have access to the Starbucks Mobile app.) This means no more digging for change or losing your Starbucks cards. For those who love to modify their coffee, such as substituting soy, this also means no longer forfeiting the benefits of using a registered Starbucks card, since you’ll always have your smartphone on you to pay with.

Starbucks also explains that there is definitely a demand for this app. Starbucks began the nationwide rollout of the Starbucks mobile payment system in January and by the end of March, Starbucks told its shareholders that it had processed more than 3 million mobile payments via its Starbucks Card mobile application for iPhone and BlackBerry. The mobile app also features the ability to see the the balance of your Starbucks card, manage multiple cards, reload the balance right from the app, and see Starbucks reward status. Clearly, the convenience of the app beyond its ease to purchase coffee is a huge draw for consumers.

Download the Starbucks mobile app for Android from the Android Market starting today, June 15. The app is also already available for iPhone and BlackBerry users.

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Kelly Clay, author of Blog Without Boundaries, is a freelance writer and lifestyle advisor.

  • Colton Hooke

    YESS!! Finally!!! I’m going to download it and buy something right away!

  • Colton Hooke

    YESS!! Finally!!! I’m going to download it and buy something right away!

  • Juan Marti

    Is a really nice Idea!!! o.o

  • Roger Hoyt

    Thanks for the post.  This is informative.  Interaction between people is very important.  Perhaps the most important thing you can do as a new person in any industry.

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff. It’s easy to think of a Podcast as a one-way format, but really this is another kind of social media!

  • David Siteman Garland

    Great point on the emails. Something that has been great for my show has been including the audience in terms of questions for larger guests that come on. Folks can submit on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. and it keeps folks more of a part of the show.

  • Ryan Wheelze Klotz

    Thanks for bringing this up Chris. Just last night I was looking at the stats for my main or primary podcast, and got a little distressed to learn that the amount of listeners that I had, had dropped in the past month. I think, no I know that it’s because I was in the hospital for a few weeks, and then once I came home, It took me a few more weeks to actually return to podcast. That hurt my “ratings”. My numbers have dropped into the single digits, and that hurts. I love having an interactive podcast. Audience participation is a must for me. This is why I’m buying a laptop. So that next time that I go into the hospital. And being disabled,(paraplegic) there will be a next time unfortunately. I’ll have a laptop so that hopefully I’ll be able to stay in touch with my audience.