How to Log in to Google Apps

Many organizations use Google Apps for Domains to manage employee email, calendars, and contacts. Depending on how much access your company provides, you may have an internal Google Docs account, and possibly some additional apps from outside companies. If your company uses Google Apps for Domains, you probably have a custom URL for signing in that looks something like (where is the domain your company uses). For everyone else, here is how to log in to Google Apps:

  • Type the following into the URL bar of your Browser:
  • Click “sign in” at the top right of the Web page
  • On the next page, sign in with your Google Apps for Domains Account. Enter your email address (usually your or email address) and your Google Apps for Domains password in the blue box on the right side of the page. Click “Sign In.” If you are using a personal computer, you may also opt to check the box to “Stay Signed In.” This is not recommended if you are using a public or work computer.
  • To access your Google Apps for Domains email account once you are logged into your Google Apps for Domains account, click on “Gmail” on to the top bar — it is seven from the left. You will then be directed to your Google Apps for Domains mail account. All other available options for your account, such as calendars and documents, are available from this toolbar as well.
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  1. Steve Farrell says:

    tried the same thing, but no joy. would be a much more elegant work around…if it worked.

  2. teejayhanton says:

    I sent an email to Posterous help about it because I can’t get anything from Posterous to sync with Picasa. They said they’ve been hearing a lot of issues, so I’m wondering if they’re doing updates on the Picasa side that messes with their APIs or changes how some of the incoming emails/pictures are handled … hopefully it resolves itself pretty quickly.

  3. Steve Farrell says:

    i think i figured out why: when you email a photo via instagram it actually is put into a template in the body of the email. picasa doesn’t pluck things out of the body, it’s looking at the attachments and the subject line. i did a test of emailing a photo to picasa with the photo in the body and the photo as an attachment. Attachment works. So if you could find a way to just output the photo as a straight attachment it might work, but the iphone email prog always puts it in the body.

  4. Instagram email has never worked for me. :(

  5. Adam Nicholas Burke says:

    FYI – This also works for Picplz, for all you Android-users out there.

  6. Justin says:

    Love this app, covered it on my channel a while back