How to Talk to Your AIM Buddies from Gmail

Google Talk, the instant messaging tool from Google, is one of the favorite instant communication tools for those stuck in the office from 9-5. Unlike Facebook, Google-based services are usually not blocked by IT departments in offices, and the use of Google in the corporate environment is normally embraced — especially as more companies adopt Google as a platform to manage their own inter-office communications. A few years ago, Google announced a partnership with AOL which made it possible for people to chat with AIM users right from inside Gmail. Now, Google, along with AOL, makes it possible to chat with AOL contacts who use AOL IM (or AIM) across a variety of Google services: not just Gmail or Google Talk on the desktop, but also iGoogle, Orkut, and Google Talk on Android phones.

talk to your AIM buddies right from GmailPreviously, if you wanted to chat with AIM buddies in Gmail, you needed an AIM account to connect with your friends cross-platform. Now, you no longer need an AIM account. Instead you just add your AIM buddies the same way you add Gmail contacts to your chat list, by using their AOL screennames. For example, you would add their AIM screenname in form of [email protected] Also, AIM users will now be able to add Google contacts to their AIM chat clients, too.

This also means that if you’ve been chatting with your AIM buddies in Gmail by signing into your AIM account, you’ll no longer be able to sign into your AIM account from within Gmail chat since you can now add AIM contacts directly. If you happen to chat with several AIM buddies via Gmail’s chat, Google and AOL realize importing the contacts could be a bit of pain. To make this easier, AOL has created a tool to import your AIM buddies to your Gmail account without needing to add them individually.

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  • Beau Raines

    My wife uses AIM and I tried it out with her the other day. I now have a new email address for her in my contact list Unfortunately, later in the week, when I was sending an email from my phone, that email address autocompleted first (and I didn’t realize it) and I sent to that address. On the good/bad side, it was kicked back as undeliverable.

    The IM part works just fine though, but it comes with some contact list overhead.

  • Yousuf Ali

    Actually you can upload all the way up to 2k!

  • Sam Beal

    I don’t think you know what your talking about. video compression is very lossy. YouTube stream bits at fraction on the full RGB loke 1 to 10%. Your browser/player decodes the stream to full HD – and it can be trannsparent to you eyes how lossy it is.

  • Huzur79

    Ya you have no idea what your talking about on this one. The answer is yes. Not only due to the lost quality every time something is done to a video which at every stage loses some info but also due to the method which YouTube encodes.

    I’ll give u a example.

    Camera records video. It already compresses it into h.264. Then you upload it to YouTube. It now compresses it again into it’s format. Each step of the way some information is lost. Further that YouTube does a single pass encode and a lower bit rate to save on space and bandwidth. Vimeo for example offers a better encodin proccess for it’s paying customers which include a 2 pass encode to make it look a little better.