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Zach Robles writes:

I’m in the market for a 7 inch tablet. There are just so many that I’m overwhelmed with options and have no idea what to choose. I’d like to have not just a high-resolution screen, but a beautiful screen. I don’t want something too simple like an Amazon Kindle, Considering I bought the first Kindle Fire and the experience was horrible. I also don’t want something that is too slow. I will be using the tablet to read articles, research for school, watch YouTube videos, the occasional movie, and some gaming. My budget is $200. I can go a little over if it’s a beauty.

Nexus 7Based on your budget and outlined requirements, you’ll probably find your needs best served by a Nexus 7. At $200, you’re really limiting yourself in terms of speed and hardware specs, but the Nexus 7 delivers an incredible dollar-for-dollar value.

Not only is it directly supported by Google, but it’s really not that bad-looking of a device. The back is comfortable, and the screen is really very nice to look at. There is a small degree of stutter during 3D gaming and you won’t be able to connect to the Web via cellular wireless unless you opt for the upgraded version.

You mentioned the user experience you had on the Kindle being less than satisfactory. If that was due to the software, you might want to make sure Android is an environment you want to try again before throwing down $200. Android 4.2 is a far cry from the software featured on the first-generation Kindle Fire, and Amazon’s UI overlay is designed specifically for Amazon customers. The experience a user has on the Kindle Fire is different from that of a vanilla Android installation.

Right now, you basically have Android or nothing in that price range. If you’re willing to throw another $130 into your investment, the iPad mini is an excellent alternative, especially if you already have a foot in the Apple ecosystem. Better is always relative, and it’s up to you to determine which experience is best suited to meet your individual needs.

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