Which Tablet is Right for You?

Which Tablet is Right for You?These days, we’re seeing more and more tablets coming out in the market. That’s clearly because there is demand for the product. Take the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini, for example, of which Apple sold a combined three million units within three days of launch. Then there’s the Google Nexus 7, of which Asus says it sells nearly a million units every month. As far as consumer technology is concerned, tablet PCs are the hot products right now.

Chances are you’re thinking about getting one yourself. If so, you’ll be assailed by quite a number of options, and the decision won’t be so easy. When my friends ask me which tablet they should get, I always tell them that it depends on their needs (the same can be said for any other piece of technology) and maybe any brand loyalty they may have. You might be tempted to get an iPad just because, but unless you’re a rabid Apple fanboy or fangirl, it would pay to explore your options first before swiping your card or handing over your cash.


There are many considerations when picking out a gadget — people decide on purchases based on brand, quality, reviews, specs, and features, among other things. One of the things you’ll likely be paying attention to when choosing a tablet is the size; would you be getting a full-sized tablet with a 10-inch screen, or would a 7-inch tablet suit your needs better?

Tablets with smaller form factors are definitely more portable and don’t really sacrifice anything as far as specs go, but you might be someone who appreciates the larger screen real estate of the 10-inch models. We suggest you try to get some quality time with demo models first before deciding so you get a feel for which type suits you best.


No matter how you try to downplay it, brand names do influence purchase decisions. It can be in the form of established brand loyalty for those who have been going with one brand of gadget for so long, or for those who have invested in a particular ecosystem. It also works the other way around; you’d tend to avoid getting an iPad or an iPad mini if you’re averse to anything from Apple, or you’d steer clear from Android devices if you’re a die-hard Apple fanboy. No one can really fault you if brand influences your decision — as long as you’re happy with the product you end up with, then that’s great.


You can’t really aim for the pricey, high-end models if your budget won’t allow for them, right? It’s a good thing then that your choices are not limited to the most expensive options out on the market. There are a ton of budget offerings now — heck, the Android-toting Nexus 7 has become an even better deal now that the 32 GB variant has been introduced. It’s up to you to look for the best deals that fit your budget; a little bit of research could go a long way toward making sure you get the tablet of your dreams.


Budget would also limit which connectivity options you get with your tablet. Wi-Fi-only tablets are definitely much cheaper compared to their cellular-equipped or LTE-capable compatriots, so if you’re on a limited budget and you’ve got a router at home or like to go to places with free Wi-Fi anyway, you can simply opt for the non-cellular variants to save some cash. Of course, this will still lead back to your needs, so if you need some VoIP service support or access to the Cloud while you’re traveling, you might want to go for the more expensive cellular models.

Of course, there are many other factors that will determine which tablet you eventually end up with. Make sure you take your time and consider everything carefully so that you end up with a product you will love — one that really helps you when it comes to your daily activities — whether it’s for personal use or for professional purposes. You might even decide you don’t need a tablet at all. Just make sure that you think things through.

Do you have a tablet? Are you in the market for a new one? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with the rest of us!

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/gpowerf G.Power

    You know what, that’s a real good question.

    As a 3rd gen iPad owner I am in no huge rush to replace it, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s something better for me out there.

    What I like about the iPad is the sheer smoothness of the device, the UI is really quite slick, its like using a sci-fi computer all smooth swooshy stuff that as I kid I imagined awesome computers would be like in the future. What I don’t like about it are the limitations compared to the Surface which has a desktop, and a pointing device. Surface strikes me as the new netbook, and I was a huge fan of netbooks (albeit running Linux I have to admit).

    What I don’t like about Surface is the performance issues that people like Chris have highlighted. But unlike some others I think the dual UI is brilliant as opposed to a kludge. Are the extras offered by Surface worth the loss of the swooshy iPad goodness? I guess it depends what the main use of the tablet will be, if it is for fun then no, if it is for productivity then absolutely.

    Then there are the Android offerings, I am DEEP into the Android world when it comes to phones. And ended up with an iPad as until recently no Android tablet was actually usable. But that has all changed, the latest generation of Android tablets actually work! It would make a lot of sense for me to have an Android tablet as well as an Android phone.

    And finally there’s the iPad Mini… I HATE the heft of my current iPad! Seriously Apple did you not think people would hold this thing for extended periods of time? The Mini would give me the same swooshy goodness of my current iPad in a smaller more practical package.

    I guess what I am saying is that I have an iPad and I see the benefits of other tablets. I’m very tempted to get a Surface exclusively for working on the move sometime in the new year, and I am sort of tempted to move onto Android tablets for fun replacing the iPad, but only when the iPad needs replacing!

  • http://davidvkimball.com/ David V. Kimball

    Microsoft Surface. :)

  • http://twitter.com/JackNClarke Jack Clarke

    N7 or Surface Pro.

  • Guest

    I just don’t see how anyone can enjoy the design of W8.

  • J. Obando

    Really like the Galaxy Note 10.1 although I’m really deep into the Apple ecosystem: Apple TV, iPhone 4S, MacBook Air, iPad2. But, when I saw the GNote 10.1, I knew it was the tablet I was looking for: a “digital notebook”. Not so happy with Android, but Samsung did such a great job that I can forget the OS problems not feeling guilty for giving away my iPad with that beautiful and intuitive UI.
    For me, the s-Pen is what makes the GNote a real tablet… The onscreen keyboards of the tablets are remains of the PC era. It just feels really odd to type on them, even though I’m a good touch typer. It’s odd even using splited keyboard… Nooo!!! A tablet is more like a notebook is the evolution, moreover, is the fusion between the digital world of the PC and the simple and anatomic world of the notebooks… Look at me! I’m speaking like a fanboy.

    I’m looking forward to the Jelly Bean update and, if it convinces me on my 10.1, I’ll say bye – bye to the iPhone and will go for the GNote2: The perfect mix of tablet and phone.

  • Aylin Gunes

    I am in the tablet market right now. I have never owned one but I am invested in the Apple ecosystem. I would go with an iPad. The iPad mini to me is a waste of space for now. It has an A5 chip like the iPad 2. And no retina display. I am a female and the smaller form factor would be nice. I won’t sacrifice quality and to me as a first time tablet buyer the iPad 4 is the clear winner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pugland Darren Robertson

    was considering getting a tablet, my mum got one recently, a 10 inch and for me that still too small ( i’m a big guy, 6 foot 2 ). However it seems some of the new laptops are blurring the line with tablets. For example here in the uk, you can now get an Asus Vivobook S200E-CT158H for about £450 which is slightly cheaper than a surface with keyboard, 11.6 inch touchscreen, 13 intel cpu, 4gb ram, 500gb hd and windows 8.

    Considering you could probably dual boot it with android, i’m thinking one of these new laptops that are comming out might be a better choice than a tablet.

  • Curtis Coburn

    The thing I tell people when they ask me what tablet they should get it I just tell them to go into a Electronic store and play around with each tablet for at least 30 minutes, to make sure they try everything they can, and use it like they normally would. Then they can decide for themselves which tablet they want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/denny.prijadi Denny Prijadi

    iPAD definitely the choice. Surface Pro tablet for techies. Android tablets are a joke compared to iPad and Surface RT. yes i prefer Surface RT compared to Android , even though there is idiosyncrasy about RT , i still prefer it compared to Android’s messy UI