Star Wars 3D: Will We See Episodes II and III?

Since 1977, George Lucas’ Star Wars saga has raked in billions of revenue and merchandising profit. There’s really no stopping to it, with an ongoing onslaught of video games, the Clone Wars cartoon series, 3D re-releases, and an upcoming comedy series titled Star Wars Detours. The brand Star Wars is as big as never before, and it’s a never-ending franchise.

In February 2012, the chronological first part of the saga — the little-loved Episode I — was re-released in 3D. There’s no doubt about it: I’m a huge fan and have seen each film a dozen times. You can play any part of the soundtracks, and I’ll be able to name you its exact scene. So, even if it meant coping with seeing Jar Jar Binks, I had to see Star Wars on the silver screen again. It’s just not the same to watch it at home on Blu-ray, even though it’s the best experience outside of the cinema.

The 3D version earned a worldwide total of $102.7 million, which isn’t stellar, but not bad for a film that so many dislike for its childishness. Yet my own experience wasn’t the best. I’m not one to dislike 3D. In the case of Avatar, it was a truly exceptional and wonderful experience that I enjoyed twice in cinema. However, Episode I was not all inspiring as a 3D presentation, with a too dark and often blurry picture. There wasn’t any sharpness to the image, however, I blame that mostly on the cinema’s equipment. But beyond badly calibrated projectors, the 3D effect was quite flat, overall. There was no sense of immersion like I expect from 3D films.

On September 20th and October 11th, 2013, respectively, Episode II and III will be released back-to-back. This news excites me, because Episode III is well-worth another visit to the cinema. What’s even better is that it means we’ll be able to marvel at Episode IV in 3D very soon, which is the film that kindled the whole Jedimania. Over 30 years, this fascination with Lucas’ blend of sci-fi and mythology has spread like a bushfire across the world.

When Star Wars was released on Blu-ray for the first time, it broke all sales records. On September 22, 2011, just one week after launch, it had topped $84 million in worldwide sales. That’s one million units sold of the complete saga package. Probably many more have been sold since. “Once again, our fan’s enthusiasm to celebrate Stars Wars continues to amaze us,” said Kayleen Walters, senior director of marketing at Lucasfilm. “Our goal was to deliver a premium product that they could enjoy with their family and friends, and we are thrilled that they are enjoying it as much as we hoped they would.”

I predict great success for the 3D retrofit of the original trilogy, which will likely be released by 2015, but an official announcement is to be expected after the release of Episode III. It also depends on the box office performance of those films.

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Of 3D? What are your thoughts?

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  • sdeforest

    Years ago in the heady days of early video processing, people did strange things like colorizing Casablanca. Have you ever seen the color version of Casablanca? I suspect something similar is going on here. Some films will benefit from post-production 3-D, but it will be overdone to earn a buck or a few millions. I tend to believe in the integrity of the original artists. They did the best they could with the tools they had. If we really want 3-D Star Wars, why not continue the series?

  • Bharat Kumar Gupta

    i ve never seen a movie in 3d, but i m a big fan of collecting media disks, i like star wars though to be done in 3d, lucas has the technology to do it right.

  • klandwehr

    I have to admit I am a casual fan of the Star War series. I saw the two that came out first on the big screen, but after that I stopped watching them. As far as 3D is concerned I think most of the time it is an unnecessary addition, which is used to hide a poor story line or to make more money. In the case of Star Wars it obvious this is all about the $ sign. If Lucas could film Star Wars in finger paint and sell that he would. Nope I’ll pass on Star Wars in 3D.

  • Anakin Mignone

    I loved star wars 1 in 3D it was much better then the 2D version

  • Chris Jay

    Let’s see how much more Lucas can screw up his franchise… he needs to take a lesson from CBS and their remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation…

  • jffstrch

    The Original Starwars edition movies were better then the updated versions with the added C.G. It kind of ruined the sarlac’s eerie/scariness in RoTJ by adding a beak to it. 3d is just a little to much for Starwars personally speaking.

  • Joe Sakamoto

    I personally don’t think I will see the Star Wars Saga in 3D. Star Wars Episode II and III may look good in 3D, but Episode IV will probably do better in a 2D format. Episode 4 has a lot more talking and less action when compared to Episode 3 which has a lot of fight scenes. I think I may watch Star Wars Episode 3 in 3D since the clone battle scenes may look good but I personally think Star Wars looks good enough in 2D

  • Beshoy Shafek Malk

    I have never liked or enjoyed star wars even thiu i like science fiction but maybe 3D can change my mind lol 😉✌

  • Rick Nelson

    I like Star Wars but I don’t care for 3D for i think it distracts you from the story. I agree with Chris Pirillo about episodes 1-3 aren’t as good as the 4-6. Personally I am not looking forward to many years from now when all six get remade and they screw up the actors and so forth. It was great and still is great so just leave it be. Sorry to rant.

  • Michael Knorreck

    The original Star Wars films were spectacular, unfortunatly George Lucas’s main goal of making the “Star Wars” prequals was just to sell merchendise.