How to Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is becoming one of the most popular Web browsers, with an 84% increase in users over the last year. However, because Google Chrome comes packaged with so many features, some users may experience some plugins, like Shockwave Flash, to crash seemingly inexplicably. Unlike other browsers — such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, which call upon the Flash installation of the host system — Chrome includes an internal Flash installation. Sometimes, this isn’t a problem for new Chrome users.

[NOTE: you might also be interested in seeing how to disable ‘This Page Has Insecure Content’ warnings in Google Chrome.]

Other times, the duplicate installation of Adobe Flash on the OS and in Chrome will cause a conflict. When this happens, Chrome will lag, you may experience temporary lockup, or you will experience a complete a browser-wide crash of all active Flash instances. The result will cause Chrome to display the yellow bar crash warning: “The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash.” So how can you fix this?

How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

It’s important to know that the warning has nothing to do with with Adobe Shockwave, which is a separate program/multimedia system from Adobe Flash. To figure out if a Flash conflict is the source of your problems, open your Chrome Web browser, and then in the address bar, type about:plugins. After you press enter, you’ll see a list of all the plug-ins installed in Chrome. Look through the list for the Flash entry. If the entry looks like Flash (2 Files), this may indicate that the source of your Flash-related crashes is a conflict between the two files. Of course, you’ll want to disable one of these files to ensure that, moving forward, Chrome only utilizes one of these files when it needs to use Flash.

To do this, start by expanding the details of these files by toggling the label [+] Details, found in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window. By clicking on this label, you can expand the entries for all the plug-ins. Then choose the entry for Flash. After selecting Flash, you’ll see two entries for Flash: one for the internal Chrome installation, and one for the host OS’s installation. We suggest disabling the link for Chrome’s internal installation to make sure you don’t encounter any future crashes. To do this, click on the Disable link for Chrome’s internal installation of Flash. (Just make sure you disable the file located in Chrome’s AppData folder and not the separate stand-alone Flash installation).

After you disable Chrome’s installation of Flash, close the tab and then close Google Chrome. You should then restart Chrome and and to make sure everything is working normally, visit Adobe’s test page. Just keep in mind that you’ll no longer be getting automatic updates with each Chrome upgrade; check for updates at Adobe’s Flash download page to update Flash regularly.

Do you find that your Flash crashes constantly in your Chrome browser? What other steps have you had to take to remedy the problem? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    Already tried this, didn’t work. I’m doing a Windows reinstall.

    • John

      little over the top but…ok

  • Ben

    Just a tip, Kelly, next time, try a steps list. 😉

  • JBBdude

    Thanks for this tip! I was trying to figure out what was going on, and this never occurred to me. I guess I just expected that the conflict was anticipated and avoided during the initial addition of the plugin to Chrome.
    I did choose to disable the external install and use the Chrome version, as Google’s folks work to keep the browser compatible with that, and because Chrome’s silent autoupdate keeps it current without a pain.

    • Aaron Couch

      That’s good advice I think I’ll try that and see how it works.

    • <y-dey-madatanigga

      did that work at all?

    • Tara :)

      Hi maybe you answered this but how did you ”
      to disable the external install and use the Chrome version” (from comment on flash crash). I am not a pc teh. I am a problem type it into browser for fix and try it (if looks safe and mentioned in a few sites). Thanks

  • Srivatsan

    Another wonderful tip. Another problem solved. Thanks Chris. 

  • Srivatsan

    Another wonderful tip. Another problem solved. Thanks Chris. 

  • Philip Scherry

    If you use Chrome all the time, why not just uninstall Flash on the OS side of things?  Therefore leaving the automatically updating Chrome version.

  • Philip Scherry

    If you use Chrome all the time, why not just uninstall Flash on the OS side of things?  Therefore leaving the automatically updating Chrome version.

  • Zwansaurio

    Thanks a lot for this tip…the only problem I was dealing with chrome was with the youtube videos…every time I try to use full screen view for some reason the video image change it’s ratio to 3/4 of the screen size but keeping the full screen mode…and when exiting the full screen mode the video kept the same ratio of 3/4 of the video size inside of the black video box…flash?..os?…(problem also using Rockmelt browser).

  • Anonymous

    I went down the route of removing the external flash player and using chrome’s in-built one.

  • Anonymous

    I went down the route of removing the external flash player and using chrome’s in-built one.

  • Alxndr01

    Why the heck don’t they just fix Shockwave Flash?

  • Travis Rector

    I found a typo:
    Second Paragraph “or you will experience a compelte a browser-wide crash of all active Flash instances.”

    Just wanted to let you know.

  • Travis Rector

    I found a typo:
    Second Paragraph “or you will experience a compelte a browser-wide crash of all active Flash instances.”

    Just wanted to let you know.

  • Chris Pirillo

    Because it’s Adobe.

    • Anonymous

      They cannot optimize Adobe?

      • Me

        I think he was being witty and saying that Adobe sucks and incapable of fixing Flash. Which is true. Flash is garbage. It cannot be ditched too soon! I can’t wait till HTML5 takes over — the end of Flash problems.

      • Susan Jimenez

        Adobe products are spendy, and for Google to embed it would be a huge investment – imho. Maybe Google should buy Adobe…..

        • Inigo Johnson

          google will consider this :p

  • Chris Pirillo

    Because it’s Adobe.

  • Anonymous

    Chrome’s sandbox version of Flash, while always up-to-date, has been unstable at best.
    Adding ” –disable-flash-sandbox” to your launch link, will use the OS installed version.

    The sandbox version of flash will not allow some use of the Language Bar is Windows, but the OS version of Flash will work just fine.

    Just my 2 cents out there.  Chrome is an amazing browser, Flash.. well, HTML5 needs to come out a little sooner than later (as the standard).

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chris and team,

    I tried all these steps a few weeks ago and it really has NOT corrected the problem for me. I am now going back to the chrome version and deleting the other 2 (I have 3 now but only one is active).

    It is a REAL problem but I just live with it.

    You oughtta see what it does to video capture on youtube YUCK, everything is out of sync. 

    I currently shut down chrome and go back to firefox for video capture stuff

    In Him,
    JMb <
    Bishop James I Feel God Brown
    The Internet's Favorite Pastor

    • SoftGuitar

      Yeah I am with you..but I am leaving Google Chrome…it is just to riddled with too many problems 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chris and team,

    I tried all these steps a few weeks ago and it really has NOT corrected the problem for me. I am now going back to the chrome version and deleting the other 2 (I have 3 now but only one is active).

    It is a REAL problem but I just live with it.

    You oughtta see what it does to video capture on youtube YUCK, everything is out of sync. 

    I currently shut down chrome and go back to firefox for video capture stuff

    In Him,
    JMb <
    Bishop James I Feel God Brown
    The Internet's Favorite Pastor

  • Weewee

    thanks for the tip.

  • Bronpadarn

    No fixes here do the trick for me.  I love almost everything about Chrome, particularly its speed, but, despite what Google keep saying, the sad truth is Chrome cannot handle Flash.  I have done EVERYTHING they suggest, but it’s ALWAYS the same result on ANY computer I use.  Flash crashes.  You sit watching the spinner, then get told ‘shockwave flash has become unresponsive.’  You close Chrome and reload, often it will now play.  Very irritating and clearly unfixed for a long LONG time now.

    • Wildyounggranmma

      Just did what they said it worked for about 10 minutes then crashed again so that’s why i’m here again, anything else i can do please?

  • Muhd Nurul Azam (@azamchips)

    Really looking for the cause of this problem…
    Now it’s solved. Thanks for the tips.

  • John


  • Stueey

    This is something that was driving me nuts.  However I didn’t find the fix until now but I had notice the machine I’d uninstalled flash from Windows because I knew that Google Chrome had its own seemed to have solved the problem.  

  • Natalie Blake

    I’ve been experiencing instability with Flash (Facebook) games for about 6 months, and it’s REALLY irritating! I recently installed a new hard drive, and I don’t even have OS Flash installed – just the internal Chrome Flash player. Still, I regularly get Flash crashes, usually 5+ times a day! I do tend to have 2-3 different games open in different tabs and switch between them to play. But my laptop is fairly new and should have plenty of memory to handle this. Wish I could fix it…

    • stephen

      you can go to adobe web site and get the flash player you need

  • AzureStarline

    Flash crashes multiple times a day on Chrome for me, yet I only have one plugin for Flash…

    • Shadow Spark

      I disabled the VLC Multimedia Plug-in – Version: 1.1.11 (Disabled)Version 1.1.11, copyright 1996-2011 The VideoLAN Teamand the error stopped… by now.

  • Anonymous

    OMG TY

  • Quattuor ab Quinque BoRg

    Good tip, but Adobe shows in his tech page about this case that the right action is to disable the Macromedia Version and not the Chrome version.

  • Luedriver

    I tried this out and wanted to wait a few days to see if it made any change and it did!

    now instead of Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome throughout all tabs, I have a complete freeze of Google Chrome and am forced to shut it down  and press “restore” (its faster to shut down and restore than to wait it out) whenever I try to close a tab with a youtube video…

    I am no tech geek and have very little knowlege of how a pc works but this doesn’t seem to work for me…

  • Moonmouse

    thank you very much; problem solved; nice, concise, and accurate fix

  • Anonymous

    Because Flash isn’t fixable. Its time to put it 6ft under.

  • Anonymous

    Because Flash isn’t fixable. Its time to put it 6ft under.

  • Amy Schramm

    There was no way to “expand the details” — all i could do was disable the one entry for flash. And that is no good!!!!!

  • Jason Tweed

    You rock! This is driving me crazy for two months.

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    A million flashy thanks!

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    Thanks so much!!

  • Brad Tomlinson

    I put in this fix, and I was hoping it would work, but Flash just crashed anyway.  I see from the comments that the fix worked for some and not for others.  Must be another cause for this problem, but I guess no one knows what that cause is.

  • Brad Tomlinson

    I put in this fix, and I was hoping it would work, but Flash just crashed anyway.  I see from the comments that the fix worked for some and not for others.  Must be another cause for this problem, but I guess no one knows what that cause is.

  • Anonymous

    is this a joke? i can’t watch the video posted above because it CRASHES!   is that chris?  damn his face got fat ..

  • Hihandeecap

    I disabled the one, now I have disabled the second one.. will it work? I am going to close chrome and find out….

  • Hihandeecap

    I disabled both, and I am playing a youtube video in another tab… hope it continues to work.

  • Davodavito

    thanks you fixed my problem :)

  • Chisa

    I think it’s a Ubuntu-flash compatibility problem. I was having these same flash crashes with Firefox and though it was Ubuntu 64 bits’ fault that my geeky husband persuaded me to install, and I did not remember having this problem in Ubuntu 32, so he reverted to 32 for me but it didn’t work at all. Now Firefox won’t even start – just crashes and sends bug report. So I tried Chromium to see if it was related to Firefox and enjoyed it a bit more than Firefox but again, flash crashes that comes back once in a while and I have to restart but dunno what triggers it because even rebooting pc does not solve this problem. I prefer Chomium for a lovely tts extension, but the simple web browsing in Ubuntu has become a hassle and full of issues – it wasn’t always like this but can’t remember when it started and wonder if it’s ever going to be fixed.

    Will have to wait for hubby to find time and try figuring this out. Hopefully.

  • Kingwanser

    i have 3 flash :-(

  • Gduplessis

    I disabled the Chrome version, downloaded 
    11,1,102,62, then disable the macromedia version. This FINALLY stopped the crashes for me… least so far……

  • Mario Leal

    Muchisimas gracias, me quitaron un gran dolor de cabeza. y fue tan sencillo remediar el problema. Gracias mil. Mario Leal s.

  • Martina Charles

    This has fixed my problem for sure.  Loved the step-by-step instructions – easy for a non-technical person like me to use.  :)  Thank you!

  • Kat Smith

    Trying to watch your video and just open this page flash crashed on me 9 times in under 5 minutes. Now 0 THANK YOU so freaking much this was driving me crazy <3

  • Bobchenker

    Hello Firefox.

  • Tester

    Perfect, your awesome, thanks!

  • Lrvoelker

    Thank you so much,  I tried everything.  I am playing  cityville  and it wouldn’t load so as instructed by zyna,  to update (click here)   the problem still was there.. After trying your suggestion,( saw I was running 3 sets).  I so delighted that I can finally enjoy my laptop again…..Lisa V.

  • Katnsurina

    Hell yeah worked like a charm for me …. #HOLLAR’ ;)~

  • Glenn Hutton

    Thanks for this guys… worked a treat. Cheers!

  • Amanat Hazara

    well i have did what you ever you have said but it is not worked still it continues 

  • Sara Neukirchner

    Brilliant. I love it thanks so much!!

  • Elliot109

    my flash plugin has 3 files???

  • Becky

    about plugins goes to error page ( not available )

  • JA^2

    when i do that and then go to the test page, it says that it is not working and that it needs my persission to run flash. when i open it to see more details, it recommends disabling the other flash, and using the google one. help?

  • Augusto

    thx a lot! I had THREE flash files!! did what you said with 2 of them and now is working again! 

  • dennis
    • Borlin

      Dennis if ya ever get a fix, PLEASE Send me an e-mail and let me know? Thanks Bunches Linda

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  • Sherryshore

    did it and it doesnt work it stillll crashes????????????? it still freezes so now what????

  • Shormarl

    Like many others, this fix doesn’t work.  I’ve disabled that occurrence of Flash multiple times and I’ve noticed that it ends up being “re-enabled.”  

  • The_integrator

    Thanks.  I’m on Chrome 18.  Had Flash (3 files) 2 of which were chrome ones.

  • Ron Ruth

    Sorry, worked initially but later reverted.  Cannot believe Google will sort it out it will be like Google Drive that doesn’t work, put it on a user forum and let them sort it out themselves.  Back to Firefox.

  • Mario

    Why Google does not fix this bug? Hey Google guys, fix this sh… I’m movin’ to Firefox.

    • AlexBivolcic

      Ummm well if you don’t have shockwave already installed on your PC then you need a version of flash!

    • lynne

      good luck with that … my firefox freezes after opening no matter what I do … so I switched to my google chrome which now has a shockwave flash problem. It is time that these programmers go back to school!!!!!

    • MyVirgo

      firefox is no better!!! all 3 browsers, i.e., chrome and firefox all do the same!! FREEZE!

    • Texano_Confundidouuu

      I tried Maxthon 3 and it worked for a long time =but lately it stalled (although not as much as chrome). so I thought I give chrome another try and I am going bananas!! I am about to switch to Max 3=to see if they will take me back …jejjej

  • Thegothiccowboy

    I’ve been working with a group on the Chrom forums, in MY case it seems to be related to my Panda antivirus program.  Right now I’m fighting with Panda to try to find a fix.

  • Cmikebanua16

    doesn’t work for me T_T 

  • Gdrita42

    I wanted this problem to be fixed but these steps i took made it crash more, instantly. So i had to enable it again to have something work. Was told it could be my firewall blocking it from working. Will try it from that angle..

  • Gdrita42

    Disabled the other one instead. So far so good :)

  • Bree Chittim

    Same prob here, the Chrome installation reboots itself. I’m still more willing to struggle with Chrome than use anything else! please fix chromenerds!!

  • Lbwoodruff58

    what if that file is already disabled as mine is, the one that you suggest disabling is already disabled, but it is crashing, what can I do, as this suggestion is what I’m getting from everywhere, but as I’ve already stated, mine is already disabled and is still constantly crashing?

  • Trishmilligan70

    I am tired of the whole flash system. No matter what one does to try to fix it, it will continue to crash time and time again! It is time that Google finds another way of user friendly flash drives!!!!!! Not only is it frustrating, it is tiresome to close programs, then only to reopen to have it happen all over again, then to have Google say: You shut down improperly, restore! This is total garbage!!!!!!!!!!!

  • playboy33

    Me too.. Getting quite useless this “Gogle Crome browser shit I think I will go over to Fire fox.! 

    • tara

      I actually found 3 versions of Shock wave when I did what he said. When I opened the details one said (2 files) the one below that have that note and as I scrolled down further because I wondered what the plugins were I found another Shockwave. This all stinks because I stayed up all night Saturday uninstalling everything adobe then re-installing the way another article said. I would just check to make sure you really don’t have multiple versions hiding in there.

      • Connie

        me too . . just disabled a plugin and 10 mins later it is back . .found a 3rd one and disabled 2. Needless to say it crashed again a minute later

  • Erick Green


  • Kendallsmum8

    I am so sick of Chrome crashing when I am on Farmville I only use it to get gifts. I have tried to fix it. I thought I did have it fixed and was doing well disabling the two extra adobe flash downloads UNTIL I updated Chrome. I see them on the plugins page, it has (3) in there but I can’t get to them to disable 2 of them.  And of course there is no way to get a hold of any of the developers for any LIVE help here. 

  • RomanHokie

    Doood.  Worked great.  Why in the world would Google allow two installations of the same add-on?  You’d think they were run by Microsoft or something…

  • Sc Ott

    All those who have remarked that they will be going to Firefox, you will be back. This Flash problem is the only problem I have had with Chrome. A simple one click disable of a plug-in and all your problems are solved; do you stop going to Starbucks if you Mocha-Frappecinno Latte is off by two degrees? Firefox has a laundry list of issues that made me switch to Chrome in the first place. Firefox crashed more, for me, by at least 3:1. Let’s not even talk about IE; wouldn’t use that if it were the only browser available- oh wait, it was for how many years? We should be thankful we even have a choice (largely due to the Death Star being broken-up by the rebels, and Lord Vader retreating to his house in Washington state.) If you are still having problems and only use Flash inside your browser, than uninstall any instance of Flash outside your browser. Re-enable the browser Flash, and it won’t have anything to get confused with in the future. If that doesn’t work, then take a chainsaw and saw your computer in half. =)

    • CoryKent

      I don’t remember Internet Explorer ever being the only browser available…but what else you said is true. Firefox was a headache that constantly needed medication. Even when I did a clean install I tried Firefox first, and it took only a few days before I started having issues. Switched to Chrome again.

      • A.B.

        Netscape was around for a while. Juno had one built into their software, too.

    • R JH

      Not true…tried the fix listed above…still crashes!!!

      • shortcream89

        I agree did the same to me,and very hard to delete

      • liam

        how to fix it.?

    • Kathy

      I uninstalled Adobe and went to re-install and Adobe said I had a better flasher already in my system, not kidding. So Google Chrome flasher it is:) Sometimes it’s where you are facebook is a mess, on their Platform page I signed up and I get weekly updates on what issues they are dealing with and it’s crazy. They will never get them all clear. They teamed up with SOPHOS which is my antivirus system, very expensive. But still , it shoots me out of some sites that my family get into with Norton. Internet Explorer sucks. NEVER again. I liked your comment..Just had to put my 2cents in..

    • [email protected]

      While I agree w/your comments re other browsers being worse, I don’t think you are hearing what people are saying. The fix often doesn’t work or, if it does, it doesn’t stay fixed! Having a browser that doesn’t handle Flash is a major major problem, because so many web pages either are about a flash video or have one as an addition. Also I get 2 error messages one EVERY tab of every Chrome Window! Finally, the alternate method (which you suggest to keep only the Chrome internal version won’t work for so many of us who download flash content via RealPlayer’s handy download-this-video option.

      I have probably spent over 10 hours searching for other methods (without finding any), following the instructions given to fix the problem, uninstalling & reinstalling Flash AND Shockwave, and rebooting the system over & over. This has been a problem for AT LEAST 9 months for me, so why hasn’t Google come up w/an update that fixes it? Answer: Google is as bad as Microsoft to accepting (nevermind responding to or implementing) input from users. This is true whether you are talking about Chrome, Mail or their search engine.

      BTW, this isn’t the only major Chrome problem! As just one example, the default Control-P print method brings up their own print dialog which doesn’t allow you to print only selected content, an option I use most of the time. You can get by it by pressing control-shift-P but there is no way to click the option of having the normal print dialog come up as a default, so that you press control-shift-P to get their internal print dialog.

  • Redheadnyc123

    There’s one more thing you should do before you restart Chrome. There’s a little check box at the bottom of the Flashplayer that you have enabled next to “disable” that says “Always Allowed”. Check that box.
    You’ll notice that the ones you have disabled don’t have that checkbox.
    That should stop the Chrome built-in from reenabling itself.

  • Nndvii

    In my case, I’ve to enable one of these flash files to get chrome work at 100%, thanks!!

  • James Buscemi

    cant use Google Chrome UNTIL they fix the shockwave crash problems

  • chrome lover

    Thank you very much. After the fix, it seemed like the universe was suddenly moving faster.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! My Win7 installation had 3 versions of Flash loaded…and constant crashes and freezes!

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    Flash is utter garbage!

  • trollengine

     Flash is shit and it should DIE!!!

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    You rock! Simple and to the point solution. Thanks!

  • Michielsen Guy

    Hi all,
    I  disabled the Flash occurence, but I’m still facing the crash of Flash!!! Frustrating

  • Danker Schaareman

    It IS annoying, these crashes, apparently without reason. Uninstalling all that smells of “flash” and downloading the latest versions, and installing these doesn’t help fix the problem of regular (too regular) flash crashes.

  • Kathleen
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    yeah this is not working. what can we do?

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    Thank you! It worked for me! :)

  • Tim

    I had THREE. Ahhh! I thought it was because my PC is 8 years old/HD is full. Never would have guessed at this specific issue. Thanks a million!

  • Danker

    I see this after entering about;plugins:

    Flash (3 files) – Version: 11,3,300,257Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300
    Of the three only the one in the WindowsSystem32MacromedFlash is enabled.

    So far the number of flash crashes seems to have reduced.

  • Špela Hostinger

    I did exactly what they said, it worked for a day. Then it started to crash again. Why is that still going on? =/

  • Pernille Kjærsgaard

    I tried to deactivate the ting but it made youtube lack a lot with picture and sound and youtube refused to show videos when I deactivated both (of course). So now I’ve activated both and i hope this works.

  • Dean Bloomfield

    fix shockwave or shut ur games down on facebook

  • Tom Rodman

    Thanks for helping me solve this annoying mystery!

  • Robert Gordon

    Finally a solution that worked! Thanks. I had 3 files for Flash and disabled the two that had any mention of “Chrome”. The one in my main library was left alone, and all functionality returned. Thanks for you posting!

  • Robert Gordon

    Finally a solution that worked! Thanks. I had 3 files for Flash and disabled the two that had any mention of “Chrome”. The one in my main library was left alone, and all functionality returned. Thanks for you posting!

  • Jason

    This has made no difference at all!

  • Karlvoet

    Thanks this was very helpful!

  • hunter

    Flash sucks we need a new one dat is f**king better

  • dira

    i tired disabling but it did not worked everything still crashes at least once per 1hour..
    maybe i’m just too stupid but i still wanna use chrome ~.~ can someone helpe me ~.~

  • frustrated

    I only have one flash (the internal Chrome installation) and it still crashing! Now what do I do?

  • RIza

    I got 3 files.. I was confused, but I decided to take the host OS’s installation which the location of the flash file in
    C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashNPSWF32_11_3_300_262.dll, it would be different location in other laptop..!

  • Dawn Schmidt

    Thank you!

  • SAM


    • Kathleen Quinlan

      if you go to your address page and type ind=; about: plugins
      then a list of your plug ins should be there. then click on teeny + sign for detail. if you check there is one for Adobe Flash and one for Google/ chrome/flash/
      you can unable the Adobe flash one and keep the Google Chrome one as it automatically updates and is a better one according to Adobe.

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    thank u again :*

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    This fix does not work! still crashes!!!

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    WOW, AMAZINGLY USEFUL, clear and EFFECTIVE!! thanks a bunch!

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    Had 3 Flash installations–2 Chrome–disabled them–and no more crashes –so far!!

  • turquoise

    I also have 7 QuickTime files and for whatever reason they path info says they are in the Mozilla Firefox plugins folder. Are these also conflicting with each other?

  • lostsock

    underleft but for a mere mortal like me what key do i push to do what? all I want is he problem fixed can some one give me s key stroke by keystroke instructions
    thanks world

  • Mike Harris

    When I went to about:plugins, I found two instances of Flash, but BOTH of them were located in Chrome’s AppData folder. I did NOT see one that looked like it belonged to Windows, though (I’m using Chrome beta on Windows XP).

    Since there were two, I disabled the one that looked like it might be the older version and restarted Chrome, but that didn’t do the trick. I then tried disabling the second one as well so both were disabled, and restarting WORKED. Since it works perfectly now, I won’t bother trying to enable the first one.

    This problem first popped up a couple months ago when my company gave me a new HP laptop with their version of Windows XP installed. I’ve always been stuck with their version of XP, but I never had a problem with Chrome on my old Lenovo laptop, so I assumed it had to be a compatibility issue. I was so frustrated that the lagging and crashing would come and go, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Thank you so much for posting this solution!

  • Emmanuel C.

    Thanks for this, it totally fixed it now! :)

  • Colbra

    Thank you so much! I’ve been having trouble with this for a while. All fixed. Cheers!

  • Bonifacio Galvez

    I do it already to disable the chrome on the application of google chrome but still plug-ins crashes on chrome.

  • Roraigh Price
  • whatevs

    I don’t really care if it crashes in one tab, problem is it drags ALL tabs containing flash down with it, solution, multi threads, 16GB of ram, i don’t give a shit if it takes some more ram or whatever, just don’t mess my whole browser up in one go.

  • dazed and confused

    HELP! i followed your directions a couple of weeks ago and thought the problem was SOLVED! then yesterday i started getting the slow response and error crash messages again…. so i came back to this instruction and looked at the list again thinking maybe an update somewhere revived what i had disabled…but nope… my original list had THREE flash files so i disabled two. they’re STILL disabled but now i’m getting the message again! what do i do now?

    Flash (3 files) – Version: 11,3,300,265Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300Name:Shockwave FlashDescription:Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300Version:11,3,300,265Location:C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication20.0.1132.57gcswf32.dllType:NPAPI EnableMIME types:MIME typeDescriptionFile extensionsapplication/x-shockwave-flashAdobe Flash movie.swfapplication/futuresplashFutureSplash movie.splName:Shockwave FlashDescription:Shockwave Flash 11.2 r31Version: DataPepperFlash11.2.31.144pepflashplayer.dllType:PPAPI (out-of-process) EnableMIME types:MIME typeDescriptionFile extensionsapplication/x-shockwave-flashShockwave Flash.swfapplication/futuresplashShockwave Flash.splName:Shockwave FlashDescription:Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300Version:11,3,300,265Location:C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashNPSWF32_11_3_300_265.dllType:NPAPI DisableMIME types:MIME typeDescriptionFile extensionsapplication/x-shockwave-flashAdobe Flash movie.swfapplication/futuresplashFutureSplash movie.spl

  • Alejandra Kemp

    I’m gonna ring my mate who always sorts all my computer problems out. This didn’t work.

  • Marco Conti

    Thank you. My video now works again. Makes me wonder how difficult would it be to write a simple script that gives you the choice of using external or internal flash?
    Sure, it’s easy enough to fix as it is. For me and for this blog’s readers. I am not sure my mother could though.

  • AlexBivolcic

    Thanks so much this was extremely helpful!

  • Grateful person

    Thank you

  • lilyspurpleplasticpurse

    Thanks, this fix worked perfectly.

  • valerie

    how do you know which one is the internal installation?

  • Reesea Garrard Vargas

    I am completely computer ignorant…However, I’ve noticed, for whatever reason…If you use Google Chrome which has it’s own flash player, it’s less likely to crash if you keep Adobe flash updated. I honestly don’t know what it has to do with it, just my observation.

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    THANK YOU! Completely fixed my problem. Now to deal with the retards that committed such crap code.

  • Abubaker hamid

    Very good article thanks guys.

  • Randall Flagg

    This is wrong since there is no label entitled “Details” up in the right corner of chrome. Since there is no label, the instructions don’t work and this article was a waste of time.

    •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

      Yes there is.
      1. Type chrome://plugins into your address bar and hit enter
      2. At the top of the displayed page, under the big jigsaw puzzle piece logo, there is a bar that says Plug-ins. On the right hand side of that bar there is a ‘label’ called details. Click it.
      3. ???
      4. Profit!

  • Mohamed Yasin

    Thank YOu

  • Julie Davis

    Thank you for the fix. Chrome is a really good browser.

  • Julie Davis

    Thank you for the fix. Chrome is a really good browser.

  • Alex

    WOW THANK YOU MAN!!! i disabled this pepperflash DLL file and everything got to normal now, before it was making strange lines when on mouse over a youtube video and the sound of my rare speakers was off. NOW EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL 😀

  • Danker Schaareman

    Whatever I do, the flash player keeps crashing on a regular basis. Either it is the “Aw snap” message or the message in the yellow bar displaying the message ”
    The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash.” I have uninstalled whatever can be uninstalled, including Chrome itself, cleared cache, disabled 2 of 3 flash players with the “about:plugins” link, etc., etc., but NOTHING helps.
    Why can the technicians do nothing about it – or is it political-cum-business-interests? I find it hard to accept that in a world of such high tech and computer science a seemingly small problem cannot be fixed.

  • Patricia

    I typing on address window and find it say…
    Google Chrome, users no longer have to install Flash Player separately, providing a seamless experience of the Web. and what can we do ?

  • Joshua Jordan

    I disabled all the extra plugins as suggested. Still having crashes and aww snaps. Anyone figure this out?

  • jordy_28393

    what if 2 files of shockwave are located in appdata?
    I have a problem with that. what should I do?

  • Webaroundme-Technology Blog

    Is pepperflash slowing chrome my chrome ?

  • uaer

    I have been a COMMITTED Chrome user as it has been the ONLY browser I would like to use because of it’s ease of functionality. That is, until all of the problems with Shockwave crashing multiple times per day, everyday! If a couple fixes don’t work, I will move on to another browser and never look back. Why would google not address this in an update when they must know it is a HUGE and pervasive issue affecting their users?

  • Jen

    Literally as I opened this page flash crashed >.< Seems to be fixed now though! Thanks!

  • Antuan

    To Matt Ryan: If your YouTube crashes every few videos, you obiously have a crappy computer or you computer is full of viruses. Also if you watch Netflix for 8 hours a day.. YOU HAVE NO LIFE. (Stop criticizing successful corporations and start a real movement to create a universal platform for interactive applications).

    •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

      Seriously? If you’re not going to say anything helpful why even bother?

  • Jessica Preaseau

    You are awesome!!! Going to do this right now :) Thank you so much!

  • Cathy

    okay I am so confused! mine says files3 under flash.. I don’t see flash files2.. can someone help me pls..

  • Stephanie Xavier

    It’s not a Windows specific issue, does the same in Linux distro’s too, and it does it Firefox, IE and Chrome, Chrome is the most buggy though it seems. The issue as i see it as Flash beyond version 11 is fooked. Adobe should be shot. and since those are included or installed with all browsers there’s your issue not the OS, not the browser it’s Adobe that has fucked up

  • Michelle Jennifer Berman

    i have problems with all browser with most things for example currently my shockwave crashes in chrome but i cant even get the games to load at all in ie or firefox

  • Daniel Dogeanu

    The new installations of Chrome have the same problems. It’s not that you already have Adobe Flash into your system, the problem is with Chrome itself! It comes with two versions of flash! The main one is called PepperFlash and it’s not made by Adobe! And the second one it’s made by Adobe, but I understood that it’s used for debugging purposes. So yeah! It conflicts with itself! I don’t know what the Google developers are thinking… And if you say something to them on the forums, they always say it’s YOUR FAULT!

    At this point I’m thinking to switch to Internet Explorer! It’s far faster than Chrome, Firefox, Opera or whatever! I’ll have to live with websites not displaying correctly, but at least it’s extremely snappy! And yes, I’m a web designer/developer and I hate it more than you do!

    •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

      Firefox is pretty fast these days as long as you don’t have too many tabs open. However, it does have a vast library of add-ons like Firebug that are pretty invaluable for web development.

  • Jaz

    this does not work. Got anymore idea’s

  • RomikB

    It didn’t help.

  • Alface Killah

    I have three instances. I disabled two but still get Flash crashes. Any ideas?

  • Dan Bronson

    Great article! Thanks for the help.

  • littlebird

    Thanks for your help. I thought it did help because I didnt get the message for 30 minutes! And suddenly there it was again. Google Chrome.. I am so done with this browser. Internet explorer never had this problem.

  • Anthony

    Worked for me, for about 5 minutes. Yahoo news/abc news videos seem to constantly lock up and crash chrome

  • unicorn6110


    I went through the same frustrating Chrome Shockwave problems. I found that in my plugins I have two files of Flash,

    Flash (2 files) – Version: (Disabled)Shockwave Flash 11.3 r31Name:Shockwave FlashDescription:Shockwave Flash 11.3 r31Version: Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication21.0.1180.89PepperFlashpepflashplayer.dllType:PPAPI (out-of-process) EnableMIME types:MIME typeDescriptionFile extensionsapplication/x-shockwave-flashShockwave Flash.swfapplication/futuresplashFutureSplash Player.splName:Shockwave FlashDescription:Shockwave Flash 11.4 r402Version:11,4,402,265Location:C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication21.0.1180.89gcswf32.dllType:NPAPI EnableMIME types:MIME typeDescriptionFile extensionsapplication/x-shockwave-flashAdobe Flash movie.swfapplication/futuresplashFutureSplash movie.spl

    and one, near the bottom, called

    Shockwave – Version: 11.6.6r636Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version for DirectorDescription:Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version DisableMIME types:MIME typeDescriptionFile extensionsapplication/x-directorShockwave Movie.dir.dxr.dcr
    Disable Always allowed
    What I found to work SO FAR was DISABLING BOTH Flash Players, and ENABLING this one I found at the bottom. I don’t know if everyone has it, but this has been working REALLY well. IDK if it affects it, but I also have a 7-file plugin of Quicktime, too. Try it and see if it works! Otherwise, maybe the problem is that you should disable this TOO, and enable one of the Flash players at the top. I don’t know; I hope I possibly helped someone.

    • Zoran K-P

      This is working for far..let’s see.. Thanks!

    • JD Lahey

      I have the Netscape one and its disabled at the moment, found it enabled along with the first one and kept getting crashes, the only one I can use is the pepper version and its no help at all. The Netscape version games don’t load at all. But on a lighter note, the crashes are less frequent, but not completely gone.

    • jb

      Thank you for this suggestion – it worked for me! I was so frustrated! What a waste of time the hours spent screwing around with this, so I really do appreciate that you posted what worked for you!

  • Lulu

    OK, my list says Flash (*3* files). And my Chrome is near unusable because Flash freezes and crashes and lags CONSTANTLY! So what do you do if you have *3* files? PS: I didn’t have this trouble until I started playing CastleVille. I so wish I never started playing Facebook Flash games.

  • Winschoter

    I also had trouble with shock wave flash crashing in Chrome. I checked the source location and found out that there are two folders containing similar files a newer folder and an older folder. I simply took out the old one and stored it on my desktop to see if that worked.. It seems to help because I had no crashes recently.

  • Andrew

    I had three and I disabled, now working fine :)

  • Eric

    Outstanding Tutorial

    Thank you, Kelly!

    (Immediate Relief for what ailed me (without a reboot)


  • Rachael

    I’ve been having this problem for about two or three months. After reading the article and a large portion of the comments, I’ve noticed that most people have a problem with Flash when they play games or other things. With me, it’s everything. It crashes once every half an hour or so, and it does so even when I’m doing simple things, like posting a text post on Tumblr, scrolling through my wall on Facebook, etc.

    I tried the fix about three days ago, and after I did so I realized that my Plug-Ins page seemed to be a little different from the rest. At the very beginning of the page, it says “Adobe Flash Player (2 files)” and under that it has the two versions of Shockwave Flash – the Chrome version and the installed version. But if I scroll down further, I find another one labeled “Adobe Shockwave Player.” I’ve tried everything I can, from disabling the Chrome version, disabling the installed version, disabling the third version, or a combination of the three. Nothing works.

    It’s especially irritating when, after the Flash problem forces me to restart Chrome, the browser refuses to reopen for a good five or ten minutes. My computer isn’t that old, maybe about four years tops, and on everything else it works just fine. I dread going back to Firefox, because I’ve planted my roots firmly in Chrome and I’m a bit too stubborn to opt for an alternative.

    Either Google needs to fix this problem, or they need to boot Flash entirely.

  • Ahlameaqui

    Google Chrome is good but sucks at this!!!!!!

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  • Shelly Platz

    yeah that doesn’t work, it just enables itself again. Also uninstalled ALL other versions of flash from my computer and it STILL crashes all the time!

  • guynflintridge

    i cannot seem to open the “about plugins page as every link i find about this issue wants me to do.. all i get is search engine lists.. what am i doing wrong? when i put it in the very top address bar..nothing happens at all.. at all!!!
    i fixed this prob about a year ago and now it’s back

  • Michelle Williamson

    Doesn’t work for me either ;/

  • Vicki

    Thank you! That worked!

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    extremely helpful and straightforward. thanks

  • P””sed off

    Dear Adobe, Flashplayer is shocking. Sort your f-ing act out you overpaid pricks.

  • ICDogg

    what’s great is that Shockwave Flash crashes on this page so I can’t even tell what you’re saying to do. But I think I already know what you’re asking me to try, and it doesn’t work.

  • DeeptiVarma

    Helped a lot. Thanks!

  • Frustrated

    Okay all the posts here are over two years old AND flash continues to crash on me

  • Dmitry Pepper

    Okay. I did everything you told us to do and it didn’t work. It’s doesn’t work because there is only ONE flash player thingy on my plugins page. So, I can’t really disable the second one.

    How do I fix this now?

  • Stef

    i don’t have the issues that I have with Chrome if I use internet explorer, I only have this issue with OU sites.

  • suck adobe

    Shockwave flash is totally shit.

  • simonlebon

    What kind of A-hole sends people to a two year old article ?

  • Diablo

    No use…

  • Sluggo Pyle

    Well I’ve only got one Flash file, not two, and no conflicting software shows up, so none of this is any help at all. Matter of fact this page crashed while trying to write this, plus I have “could not load Shockwave Flash” showing (again). Chrome sucks ass.

  • stevels_smith

    I’m on Iron which is Chrome without built in Flash and privacy violations but Flash 13 is allowing all kinds of invisible audio adverts, pop-unders and pre-play advertisements. I went back to Flash 11.7 and those annoyances are all gone but this issue is back and I don’t even have two copies of Flash.

    Chrome and Adobe are colluding to give security holes for advertisers to exploit. The fact version 11.7 closes the holes proves this and it’s a sad state for the future of Flash video.

  • Jael James

    Worked perfectly for me…thanks!!!

  • Yitz Elzy

    I have tried every possible fix and the problem is neversolved. this problem has been going on for years and Google doesn’t care to solve it. the one solution that i found that worked was switching to Firefox, and have been happy ever since. try it and you won’t regret it.

  • DJack Klingler III

    Still a piece of shit not fixed!!!!!

  • SDkid605

    Still crashing constantly, shockwave sucks.
    Adobe sucks ass.

  • ltd777

    same bs problem different year. see ya next year when someone post how to fix shockwave in chrome!!! CANNOT WAIT!

  • Oysteria

    Ha! Three years later and STILL this is an issue? I thought a new computer would get rid of this problem. I have a brand new computer – 3 days old, top of the line Alienware, all the latest and greatest and no matter what browser I’m on Shockwave still crashes over and over. And I only have one instance of it so disabling that is not an alternative. I’m beginning to think that Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc are not the problem. The problem is Flash.