GarageBand for Windows 7

“Where can I get GarageBand for Windows 7?”

If you want GarageBand for Windows 7 (or Windows XP or Windows Vista), there’s only one program that will suffice. You’re looking for Mixcraft as your closest alternative to GarageBand. Mixcraft is a feature-filled audio creation, music looping, and editing app made by Acousitca, complete with the best features of GarageBand for Windows 7. For a variety of reasons, I prefer Mixcraft on Windows to GarageBand on Mac OS X.

Like GarageBand, Mixcraft makes song creation simple. Both Mixcraft and GarageBand are compatible with Apple Loops, which means you can share sounds with friends who have a Mac. Mixcraft supports instrument and vocal recording, both with traditional and virtual instruments. You can auto-tune with Mixcraft, just like you can in GarageBand. Beat matching and key changes happen on the fly in Mixcraft. Mixcraft includes an excellent Musical Typing Keyboard feature allowing you to play your comptuer keyboard as if it were piano keys.

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Download Mixcraft, the GarageBand alternative and try it for yourself. Start making music on Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

Mixcraft includes a number of features that make creating music and producing audio recordings simple. Here are some of the highlights:

Musical Typing Keyboard
Turn your computer keyboard into a piano or other virtual instrument. The MTK makes it simple to translate your music ideas into notes in your Mixcraft song.

Mixcraft Notation
After you complete your composition, you can create a music score with notation.

WaveRT Exclusive Mode
Windows 7 allows you to bypass the operating system and access audio hardware directly, which translates to low-latency recording with Mixcraft.

Mixer Interface
For those familiar with turning dials on a real mixer, Mixcraft includes the ability to tweak the virtual knobs in your software music creation interface.

Instrument Emulation
Mixcraft includes a number of instrument emulators and synthesizers allowing you to create sounds that are identical to a variety of real world instruments. The Lounge Lizard Sessions, for example, includes authentic sounds from Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos.

Download Mixcraft for Windows 7 (as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista).

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