Backup Hard Drive with DV Camcorder

If your current DVD burner won’t support dual layer disks or if you still haven’t gone the route of upgrading from CD burning to DVD burning, you might have another option available for high capacity file backup. Instead of backing up to 4.7GB DVD media or the even smaller 800MB and less CD alternative, use your digital video camera to achieve up to 20GB data backups on a single MiniDV tape. At the end of the day, the video bits stored on MiniDV tape are just bits with specific header information telling your camera and computer how to assemble a moving image. With a little software magic and some patience during the archival process, you can fill MiniDV tapes with anything on your hard drive. At around $3.00 per disk, MiniDV is about the same price as buying equivalent storage on DVD-R or DVD+R disks, with the convenience of backing up really big files to a single location. Connect your camcorder to your PC with a FireWire cable and start backing up your hard drive to DV tape.

  • Paul Best Value Mini DV Camcorders

    All about mini dv camcorders, the journey begins 😉

    Wow what an interestign way to use the mini dv tapes. I had heard of this but never actually used the system till my fathers PC was very ill 😉 and he had no money to upgrade etc. I had some of my mini dv tapes and tried this method with great success. Great Post and though is older for certain systems this can be very userful. Howeer always have a good mini dv camcorder first