Smart Phones Killed Portable Gaming

Remember when owning mobile gaming devices were all the rage? Oh sure, we still rocked our cell phones like we were somebody important. Yet our real love went to our portable gaming devices just a few years ago back when smart phone gaming was fairly new. Flash forward into today, everyone and their grandmother has a smart phone from which they play rather compelling mobile games on. Some of the games are comparable to what we might find on modern mobile gaming systems. And this begs the question — are mobile game systems obsolete now? Perhaps instead, they’ve simply become a gimmick?

Nitendo 3DS and Sony Gaming

Perhaps the only exception to the mobile gaming rule lately has been Nintendo. Despite the fact that most mobile games these days are likely being played on iOS or Android, the 3DS mobile gaming system is fairly impressive. It seems to sport graphics and functionality not easily found on the typical smart phone game. At  this moment in time, Nintendo is the clear winner thus far. Sony? Well, they’re still waiting to launch their Sony NGP. And even then, I doubt it’s going to hold a candle to what Nintendo has offered.

Smart Phones Killed Portable Gaming
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Casual gamers aren’t buying portables

Another sector that I see mobile gaming being hit by games designed for the iOS and Android is in the fact that people would rather not have to carry an extra device along with them just to enjoy the occasional video game during some lax time. No, for most people, portable gaming died when smart phones advanced far along enough to allow people to game without a single specialized device.

And now with the iPad and Android tablets, I see portable gaming systems being seen as comical as the portable MP3 player here very soon. The games are getting better and better. Sadly though, the portable gaming systems are barely keeping pace.

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  • Halygon

    How can you say tat Nintendo is the clear leader? Just this week the sales numbers showed that the 6year old Sony PSP was outselling the brand new 3DS and other DSs. The NGP is only going to solidify this lead with it’s powerhouse system and PS3-like games.

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