Is Windows Better Than Mac?

Speaking as someone who dislikes both operating systems, I think I’m in a better position to be objective than most. I have used Windows for years, while using OS X off and on for the same. Admittedly, my exposure to OS X is much less than Windows, however, I actually have two Macs in our home offices. Having used both platforms less these days, my exposure to each as is about the same now. What’s comical is that what I have discovered about each platform really surprised me. Remember, I am not a Mac fan at all. And no, owning an iPhone doesn’t mean I love OS X.

Windows never really seems to evolve

Ever feel like Windows is just the same OS with a new wrapper? On the Linux platform, we expect this with the various distributions. Then again, I am not asked to pay through the nose for license fees, either. But the thing that really struck me is that with each Windows release, since XP, there really hasn’t been anything all that compelling about using Windows. Wait a second, what about the “cloud?” Well honestly, while I still believe the best commercial Microsoft ever aired was with the little girl who brilliantly edited a photo in less than a minute, it seems that we’ve skipped over that and are using cloud computing to solve all of life’s issues. Fair enough; kudos to Microsoft there. But short of this, does anyone really get excited at the prospect of the next Windows release anymore? Sure, Windows 7 is “okay” and offers some decent features if you climb up the payment ladder far enough to pay licensing costs. But at the end of the day, is anyone really squealing at the prospect of Windows 8? How about someone not getting the checks from Redmond? Boring…

Apple sells an experience

As previously mentioned, in addition to Windows 7 machines and Linux boxes, we own two Macs. While I find the UI painful to deal with most of the time, I will admit that the way it blends in experiences such as photo/movie editing, music/movie management, among other things at which Microsoft failed miserably, I cannot help but wonder how Apple figured out how to make things so seamless. Starting off on a BSD core was a good point to begin with, I think. Even as a Linux user, I am first to admit that BSD has maturity over Linux and Windows in many areas. It’s stable, well designed, and keeps the hot side hot with the cold side cold. In other words, the software and the OS core are kept neatly separated. I like that.

Is Windows Better Than Mac
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My gripes, however, come into play in that OS X is a desktop with limited options on how it looks. I’m sure I’m alone in this, however, I would enjoy using OS X more if I could just theme the hell out of it! Another factor I’ve never been a fan of is the Mac experience with regard to hardware. Yes, you’re buying into a solid package. But maybe I want more choices running this great OS. I realize that’s not how this works, but boy it would have me doing double takes if I had more choices from which to choose. OS X has a lot going for it, but I cannot stand the iMac form factor and I am not running up credit card debt just to buy a Mac Pro. Would it be worth it? Absolutely, money well spent. But it’s simply not something I’m willing to drop that much money on right now.

Macs vs. Windows machines

Macs win with a birth to death experience. Apple Care and the protection you can get from Apple here is untouched by anyone. Sorry, but this is true. If the form factor, software, and OS are already a fit, the rest of the “simply works” experience is promised with an Apple Care protection plan. Overall, good experiences have been had in my house there. That said, Windows means that I can choose the type of computer I want to have. While it’s not going to be as sexy, perhaps, I can at least enjoy the freedom to run with a machine that’s as quirky as I am. To me, that’s a freedom kind of deal.

Both platforms are very solid in 2011. Windows 7 is, despite being rather predictable, solid. And to that end, so is OS X. But if you’re someone who likes to tinker with config files over a hived out registry just waiting to be messed up with a single edit, I reluctantly think that OS X provides the better experience over all. Sorry, blame my love of BSD for my choice if you like.

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  • Hellkat

    i leave my mac on and all the time. it always works.
    i cannot leave my windows machine on for more than two days. it gets flaky, unuseable.

  • Anonymous

    Take that commercial with the two nincompoops, then have some knockout model show up and announce herself as linux.

  • Anonymous

    Take that commercial with the two nincompoops, then have some knockout model show up and announce herself as linux.

  • IT consultant cj

    now i am new with Mac. I use both Windows and Mac OS, and also I use Linux. In my laptop and desktop computers. all in one using the virtual box. my life is incomplete without these three. =)

  • Scott

    Please help me…

    For years, I used Windows computers. I was, by trade, a VB6 and ASP programmer, not so much lately. When it came time to get a new computer for our kitchen for personal use, I bought into what the commercials say about Macs and I bought a 27” iMac. Love the screen, hate the keyboard. I don’t know what I was expecting but I am so confused what all the fuss is about? I find the usability of the OS more difficult to use. I’ve googled for some solutions with no success. Examples…When I click Safari, it opens up. If I want another window and I click it, it just brings focus to my current window. What’s even worse, if I have one minimized and want a new one, when I click it, it just opens the minimized one! I know I can use Cmd-N, but sometimes my focus is on another window, like the Finder window, and I end up with ANOTHER Finder window. I really don’t like using the mouse and I feel like I am forced to use it for almost everything. Everyone talks about how great MACs are for graphics. What programs are they talking about that can’t be bought on a PC? I’ve always used Paint Shop Pro and love it. I can’t find anything on the MAC that is as easy to use and does as good of a job. I end up using PSP in Parallels. When I bought it we tried to use the built in Mail/Calendar/Contacts stuff. Terrible! Couldn’t believe what a mess those programs are! Ended up using Outlook (PC) through Parallels. I love Microsoft Publisher. Pages is no substitute. Can’t find a good substitute for it. Try googling it! Another program we use in Parallels. Oh..and Parallels? That’s not that great anyway…Used in Coherence mode, it’s just not the same. I do like iPhoto, although sometimes it doesn’t put the “events” in the right order even if all the dates for the files are correct. I really like iMovie, but Corel makes a video editor for the PC that’s almost as good. I have some friends that LOVE their MACs. When I ask about these things, they all say, “oh..yea…that’s just the way it is…” I want to do some iPhone programming, but really don’t want to buy another MAC to be MY everyday computer. So, what am I missing?

  • Gypkap

    Sorry–just don’t like the OSX user interface. My wife has a Mac that just works, but I can’t get used to its interface (don’t like bounceing icons at all).

    There were no problems with my Vista laptop once the patch packs were applied. The Windows 7 patches haven’t been necessary.

    And then completely separate from the above, there’s the Steve Jobs pitchman schtick, which just bugs me…

  • Komputergod

    I’m having a Mac-attack!

  • talonmeyer

    I saw pirates 4 in 3D, I loved it and thought it was worth the $8 more for 3 people. I didn’t mind wearing glasses, either.

  • Anonymous

    3D does nothing to improve the story line, plot or acting. IMO Avatar was little more than a highly polished turd.

  • Anonymous

    Another reason 3D sales might be low is the really low prices on HDTV sets. It has become more affordable to buy a good HDTV, see it in bluray, and stay at home. I don’t see TVs going away but I do see less people being able to afford or justify spending on a 3D experience vs a very good HD one.

  • Timo M.

    i dont like the 3d tv’s, but i do like 3d movies in the cinema…

  • Edd Kahn

    3D is a gimmick and every so often it crops up to try and get more people in the cinema then dies out again and I fully expect that to happen.

    It doesn’t improve anything and the colour is actually worse when watching on 3D

    Lots of films such as Clash of the Titans have been retro-fitted in 3D and that looks awful – making a bad film even worse as well as costing a lot and delaying the release.

    Adds nothing to the film and, if anything, it distracts me.

    It’s almost as bad as when they had Smell-o-rama in the 1950’s!

  • Eric T.

    I don’t watch 3D movies anymore. The experience is just annoying, expensive and I end up with headaches after the whole movie. My dad told me 3D before was better than this digitally managed crap. I also quited the whole popcorn stuff. Since movie theaters are mostly in malls I ‘d rather eat before the movie in my house or go get a pizza or a hamburger service after the movie ends. It’s much more worthy.

    Also I always finish the popcorn during the previews and I’ve never seen the whole point of food in the movies. Yes, you’ll spent two hours sitting and you might be starving but I consider eating while watching a distracting behavior that’s now a subconscious response once we have the ticket in our hands. I only eat when I watch a movie at home. Movie theaters better spend money in sound and HD quality technologies. That’ll be something the experienced movie-goers will appreciate IMO.

    Enough with this 3D horsesh-t. Most of the time when I take my glasses off I don’t see a 3D movie format, I see a 2D movie and that’s why I quited paying 75%+ for a 3D ticket.

    I found an article a long time ago that was about how the human brain is not developed for the format, because it had to process too much angles and images to make the 3D effect successful to our eyes and that’s why sometimes we have a hard time with those glasses on.