Ultimate Computer Speakers

Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500Over the years, I have gone through more than my fair share of computer speakers. Same could even be said for my home theater days, before my wife outlawed my surround sound system as it wasn’t “decor-friendly.”  These days, my speaker needs are fairly minimal. And up until recently, I have been forgoing my blown 2.1 computer speakers in favor of my USB headphones. Figured why not, the bass was freaking the dogs out and I wasn’t needing anything too fancy.

That covers my needs. Others reading this however, are looking for the ultimate computer speakers. Now the real problem here is that I am neither an audiophile nor is there truly something that can rightfully be considered the “best” computer speakers. Anyone claiming such a thing, should be considered with great skepticism. Instead of pointing you at one single speaker set that is going to make it all better, how about instead I share some that I have experienced and can vouch for.

Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500

If you’re willing to drop a few hundred bucks on a killer 2.1 system, this will easily last you for the foreseeable future. Bass, mids and highs all sound great on this system. Rugged, strong built case. These speakers just feel like a quality product. Assuming you can get over just how huge the sub happens to be, the speakers themselves are fairly easily to maneuver. And lastly, the sound quality is epic. Seriously, despite the price being a little high for PC speakers, these things will have you loving life. This is THE option for 2.1 lovers.

Ultimate Computer Speakers
Photo by Corsair

Creative Inspire T7700 – 7.1

Despite not being the most powerful nor the most expensive, I have found that those wanting a solid surround sound experience with movies and gaming won’t be disappointed with this system. Now bear in mind that I dislike 5.1 and 7.1 systems for computers. I find them to be overkill and difficult to setup well in a home office. I’ll take a decent 2.1 system any day of the week. That said, this Creative model will provide you a comfortable bundle of reasonable power with excellent sound quality.

Remember that I think these multi-channel setups are best left to movie goers and gamers. So if music is the primary focus, go with the above 2.1 system instead. You can thank me later.

In the end, it’s quality and not perfection, that you should be seeking. Following up with either of the two speaker setups above will definitely provide you with this. And while you are certainly able to spend more money or find something with better wattage, you aren’t likely to find anything that is going to outshine the options above in my opinion. Remember, the term “ultimate” is a varied concept.

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