Android Tablet Vs. iPad

So you’re trying to decide on whether or not to buy a tablet computer. Even more confusing, perhaps, is trying to determine whether or not you should be buying one running the iOS or Android. At first pass, we might be inclined to say that the iPad has had the most press and arguably more time on the tablet platform to work out any usability issues.

Truth be told, there are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing a tablet platform and there is no one that is really better than the other. The fact is, each has its own benefits over the others. Everything depends on what you’re actually looking to gain from the experience.

Enterprise adoption

Android Tablet Vs iPad
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While the iPad is finding its way into the hands of those working for big companies across the nation, the Android Tablets are still working on gaining ground with consumers first. This can translate into a big of a problem, as well as an opportunity.

See, while it may be less used in tablet form than iOS, it’s had plenty of time to rank on top in phone form. So this means that the application marketplace has options that will meet the needs of most people. Not only that, but the fact that Android Tablets are coming out faster than bad rap videos indicates that the market for buying one is going to be competitive.

Pricing matters

If you’re someone who feels that price matters, then going with an Android Tablet might make a lot of sense. But if you’re a tablet purchaser looking to ensure you have the best chance at finding the application you’re looking for, it might be best to make sure you check out both platforms carefully to see if the software you’re looking for is, indeed, available.

User interface

Last, there is the little matter of the user interface. With iOS, you get one choice. With an Android Tablet, there may be various skins with which each tablet is released, depending on which product you end up with. So at the end of the day, Android is likely going to provide you with the most choices, best pricing (shopping around), and of course plenty of great software.

If you’re looking to tablet maturity however, plus lots of accessories like a keyboard, plus all of the other after-market stuff available, then the iPad might be the best option under this set of circumstances.

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  • ronknights

    I’ll get an iPad. I know I’ll like it, but am not sure about the other devices. Besides I like the way all my Apple devices work so well together.

  • Gordon Keenan

    I believe that the iPad offers the general consumer a single interface to operate, and in turn does not make the whole device scary. Like Linux, if you have a range of different looks and feels and versions, then the general consumer becomes confused and in turn becomes frustrated.
    IMHO I believe the the price is the only thing that will really make or break a sale for a tablet device.
    Speak to “Joe Public” or “Kids” and the Apple iPad is the device they all want!

  • James

    I have the iPad and I love the iPad, but I’ve got a family so I rarely can get my mitts on it. So I’m in the market for another tablet. Of course I’m open to options so I’ve been looking at Droid for months trying to get a sense of what is the biggest and best value. Screen quality is obviously huge, so a retina display iPad2 would immediately shoot to the top of my list.
    Also, I’m waiting to see what actually gets released from what we saw at CES in the next couple of months. The biggest problem I have is the way the Android market is so fractured with software and OS. I wish Google would get more involved and be more of a central site for all things Droid. Plus, I’m worried that it’ll be the first tablet that requires anti-virus software and has other security issues. That is a game changer for me.

  • Tom

    The iPad is going to be the simpler solution for people who are not tech savy. Everything from Apple generally works together as long you you agree to work the Apple way. The iPAD apps like the iPhone apps are variable, some work well, but many that I have purchased are totally worthless. Apples app screening process is mainly oriented to make sure that no apps compete with their (or their business partners) business line. There is no other app quality control. They have also yet to develop the Killer App that really makes the iPAD different from a PC without a lid. It is an interesting platform that (other than novelty interface interest) is waiting for a reason to live.

    The android suffers from many of the same problems, but the one big advantage of the Droid is the size. The 7″ tablets are hitting a real sweet spot for screen size vs portability. The iPAD is not a light or portable of a device. Also, developing Driod apps is a bit easier than Apples process, so over time more applications will likely hit the market. Given the open platform and the numerous manufacturers making Droid tablets, pure market sales could dwarf the iPAD, drawing developers away, which could eventually leave the iPAD on orphaned device like the MAC.

  • Igor

    It seems like there finally are some viable non-Apple options in the tablet market like Archos 101 and the Advent Vega, and I can’t wait to see what they’re like.

  • Hartojo

    I think price matters. Afterall Android is the 2nd after Apple OS, so they say.

  • Tj

    Everyone says the Ipad. However, the Android tablets have cameras: some just on front: some with both; The android market you can find any App. for free as in Apple gaurds and protects and of course with this = more money; third My college was turned down because of the lack of backwards compatibility as the android also offers. If you need more room as in memory you are able to use flashdrives and memory cards as in the Apple Ipad does not. Plus now they make a Android tablet that is 10.2″ which the Ipad is only 9.7″. Plus you can get the Android pad online around $200. which is 1/3 the cost of the Ipad. After all this Info. is there really a comparison between the two. The only other tablet that compares to all these features, which is not out at this time is the Blackberry pad comeing soon. So you decide as a consumer.