Living Without Flash, Java, And Other Aging Technologies

Chris has expressed his dislike for using Java in no uncertain terms throughout his social media holdings. And with the Mac moving away from another aging technology known as Flash, one can only wonder if this is progress or, instead, killing the messenger due to poor over use of a technology.

Speaking for myself, I will admit that it is difficult to say that Java and Flash haven’t been abused to the point of shunning people away from them for ever. Then again, I can think of two programs that use Java that remain unmatched in the non-Java world and how Flash/Shockwave games remain untouched on the PC for addictive casual gaming.

Any Flash/Shockwave game will suffice in showing off what is possible and how it has not been matched (yet) outside of iOS devices not using Flash just yet. As for Java, I stand by an old favorite of mine known as DVArchive. While outdated now due to the death of ReplayTV as we once knew it, the software is still being used today by die-hard ReplayTV owners who refuse to simply “move on to Tivo.”

The second Java app that, in my own biased opinion, blows anything on Windows or OS X out of the water, is WebcamStudio. AnyWebcam and CamTwist have nothing on WebcamStudio when comparing features side by side. I mean, if something is missing from it, one can create it and add it as a widget! You can learn more about WebcamStudio from this interview with its creator on Floss Weekly.

So there we are. Two Java apps that demonstrate the technology’s value. While Flash may, indeed, die an eventual death, I simply don’t see the same thing happening for Java just yet. While it’s not an experience worth using in a browser for any reason, I would not rule it out due to a few dated, unpleasant experiences that happened however many years ago. Java, for Linux users anyway, isn’t all that bad at all.

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  • Silverlokk

    The tweet doesn’t say much, but I’m guessing it has to do with those silly animations that were once the “big come-on” of Java. That’s hardly fair, because Java does much more than animations. The heavy lifting that goes on at the servers? Java. Or it could be .NET or PHP or Perl but Java is right there, where it’s invisible — which might be the way Chris would like it.

  • Alekz

    Well, Java is essential to Oracle Database. And… yeah that sums it up, Oracle is king of big databases right now, so Java dying? Eh… No. Chris should know better.

  • Matt Hartley

    Just a heads up: In interest of full disclosure, I have worked with WebcamStudio’s developer in the past. Not so much at the moment and NEVER for any compensation of any kind. I did it because I love the project. :)

  • leftystrat

    Yeah, let’s get rid of javascript, cookies, Flash, tweets, and the rest of the social media hoo-ha.

    Sign me up!