Verizon Introducing Tiered Wireless Pricing

There should be an image here!I have to be honest with you, when I head about Verizon introducing tiered wireless pricing, I found myself wondering how people really feel about this. We know that most folks had a fit when AT&T did this, despite existing users being grandfathered into unlimited data plans if they chose to keep on with this option. So how will Verizon users feel?

Speaking for myself, I think that so long as Verizon is able to maintain a strong, dependable network that doesn’t flake out like we see with AT&T, I believe most people will be okay with this change. The fact of the matter is there is value in a stable network these days.

So here we are. We live in an age where unlimited data is becoming a thing of the past. As to how this will affect our mobile habits in the future, I think it’s too early to tell at this point.

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  • Gavin Roskamp

    U.S. Cellular’s Android plans are, well, one plan, and it’s $30/month for unlimited data. No limitations, or even options of plans with limitations. So unlimited isn’t a thing of the past *just yet*.

  • Randy Allen

    In a time in which everyone is pushing streaming this and streaming that, our ISPs and phone carriers want to limit bandwidth. Does this make sense to anyone? How can we move forward technologically if we keep getting pushed back by tiered pricing and data caps?

  • Tom Hinkle

    I agree with Randy Allen. The whole thing seems hypocritical. You have IT leaders pushing TV, IP television, streaming media, ap stores, etc., and these carriers want to cap the amount of bandwidth you can get. I have heard comments from “powers to be” that it effects bandwidth. Well of course it does. But, let’s not forget how much they are charging for their service! (Remember text messages and the profit margin created by them!) Current fees should be set to already cover this situation. If it doesn’t, then someone high up has not done their homework very well. The desire to introduce tiered pricing gives the appearance of nothing else short of seeing an opportunity to grab more money from the consumer.

    Instead of taking that profit and putting it into a salary, maybe it should be invested into finding ways to keep improving the service, keep the cost to a minimum, and keep customers happy! One of these days these companies are going to wake up and realize that they have priced themselves out of business!