iPhone vs Android – Often It Is About Coverage

I found this piece interesting as, to be honest, I have had experience with this myself first hand when my wife visited family in Montana. Long story short: Never use an AT&T phone in Montana. Short of a very select number of bigger cities, you will find yourself reaching for the Verizon phone every time.

Now here is where things get interesting. States like Washington, among others, are clearly iPhone using states. More rural areas, on the other hand, largely appear to be Android using areas. The clear exception appears to be Alaska, which is interesting. But considering the population centers mostly being in the southern part of the state, maybe this is why.

But the undeniable fact that coverage is apparently having a major play on who is using what mobile phone is fascinating to me. What is going to be even more interesting is when we see the iPhone moving onto other networks. That could become a real game changer by itself.

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  • leftystrat

    You’ll find a lot of this type of information at androidforums.com. Yes, people otherwise satisfied with their iPhones have been abandoning it in favor of the Droid.

    Another important issue with people is the freedom to do what you want with your phone, which isn’t necessarily the case with the iPhone.

    If a decision is imminent, spend some serious time doing serious research. The info is out there – be an educated consumer.

  • http://www.gogoit.webs.com GoGoit

    I wish I could turn my iPod touch into an iPhone. But I don’t really need to. Reason #1 I only need to text, I got an app for that. Reason #2 I love the # of apps you can get and some apps don’t even work with 3G only with Wi-Fi and it’s not worth jail breaking it, Reason #3 Internet….. I can also get that for free. So I think I won’t even think about buying it untill it makes it’s way to verizon. AT&T The worlds Crapiest Network!

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