One eReader Only, Please

The idea of needing multiple eReaders makes me gag. Seriously, why can’t we all agree that it’s either Kindle, the Apple Tablet, or both? Why do we need to make things more complicated by offering eReaders for multiple publications? The very idea seems to be overkill.

Others have pointed out the problem with the Kindle becoming the de facto device for digital deliveries. Amazon wants too much of the revenue for it to be worthwhile, according to sources. So in that sense, utilizing a device not controlled by traditional media does certainly pose a problem to be sure.

Based on everything I have seen, it looks as if nothing is going to be truly centralized in this space. And perhaps this is a good thing. So this leaves the question we must all ask. Do we want a single eReader solution like the Kindle? Perhaps, instead, we should cheer for competition despite the other headaches this may present in the future. Hit the comments on this; I am interested in your thoughts on this one.

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  • Andrew Gillean

    I love reading. I was not going to go the Reader route, but was given one for Christmas (A Sony) that can read E-pub and PDF formats – the two most common in use (Google, your Public library and more.
    It is delightful but it will not replace the printed word.

  • Raymond Nendze

    PC World had an article some time back, that Apple was coming out with a new reader in mid summer that will outshine all other readers. I will wait to see. Right now too much con fusion over choices.