OpenOffice A Threat To MS Office?

The idea of Microsoft Office being threatened by OpenOffice borders between laughable and unlikely. Bear in mind that I prefer OpenOffice ever since MS Office went all ribbon happy with its UI. Made me run screaming for an older copy or something new.

This article here does a fair summary of how Microsoft sees OpenOffice and whether or not it could one day be a threat. But the fact remains as long as MS is dictating what file formats are to be used for office docs in the business world, Oo is going to continuously be playing catchup.

So yes to Microsoft wanting to keep an eye out on the competition as it has learned that it is hardly infallible. But it is also going to find that, for many individuals, it’s difficult to compete with free. It can be done, but not with installed software most likely.

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  • Buffet

    I’ve used OpenOffice fir several years now. I can’t imagine paying for MS’s rubbish.

  • Justen

    OO is no challenge to MSO. It’ll never have a chance to be. You’re debating which sort of horse is best for drawing the buggy while Ford is busily churning out Model Ts. Long before OO equals MSO in market share their combined market share will be a tiny speck beside better, smarter, faster apps tuned toward a different computing paradigm full of cloud computing and augmented reality and all kinds of other fun stuff that is creeping slowly onto the market.

  • José Ignacio Hernández

    An additional (and, for many users important) inconvenience of the yearly versions of MS Office: Each new version makes lots of actions different from previous ones, and requires re-training just to keep doing the same!. And don´t forget that when you buy Office 2009 or whatever, you are buying a big passenger bus, even if you only need a mini-car. At least Open-Office is better in both counts.

  • Rambling Johnny

    I like OO.o but quite frankly I don’t really need more than a word processor so I ended up removing OO.o from my Ubuntu desktop and using Abiword instead. For everything else google doc do just fine.

  • Eric

    I have used Open Office for over a year now and it does exactly what I need it to do and probably more.

    I’ll continue using it and still keep my eyes open for something that may work out better but so far that hasn’t happened.

  • Bryan Lee

    The next question is what about Google Docs? Does anyone consider them a threat to MS or OpenOffice?

  • Alex

    I love office 2008 for the mac. I use 2007 for windows because I have to. But I don’t think oo will overtake ms office anytime soon. I hate to make metaphors, but it’s like gimp vs Photoshop. Nevertheless tech updates never impress businesses since those mean additional costs to them for licenses and training for doing the same thing. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? This is probably why most businesses that do not rely heavily on office productivity suites should be better off with oo.