Nokia Needs To Drop Cells?

I was reading this article today, as it states that Nokia would be better off simply focusing on netbooks and not bothering with mobile phones at all any longer. I would counter this as I believe, despite its lagging North American popularity these days, that Nokia remains one of the best mobile phone providers out there to date.

While I have had zero experience with its netbooks, I can tell you that its phones used to be the only mobile I would ever bother with back in the 1990s. And to be frank, I would still be using them had I not moved on up to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and then finally, the iPhone. My lacking modern Nokia ownership is more less a matter of function vs. quality. I have seen its latest phones in action; they are still ever bit as good hardware-wise as they were way back when. What has changed is the lack of excitement for their platform, apparently.

Honestly, I think the above linked article may be right about one thing. Anyone who can develop a netbook that doubles as a phone has one cool geek toy on their hands. As for functionality however, I can only hope that Nokia is able to regain some of its former glory here in the States. It still commands a huge presence worldwide, so it is definitely possible.

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  • Jack Teagarden

    Matt wrote: “They (Nokia) are still ever bit as good hardware-wise as they were way back when. What has changed is the lack of excitement for their platform, apparently”

    I personally have watched a lot of phones come and go. I’ve had several models each of BlackBerry, Sony, Samsung, Motorola & LG. The one that sticks with me is a Palm Treo 680. There are things it won’t do, but it does do what I want, every time. It has survived dropping in the lake, sitting out in the rain, falls down the stairs – like Timex – takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

    Getting the “latest and greatest” is a lot of fun; like having a red hot looker for a girl( or boy)friend. Lots of fun and envy going on. BUT, a reliable phone, like a reliable partner will be there for the long run and can be depended on.

    So I sit back and let the “gotta have it NOW!!” consumers blow all the big bucks while I find out what works or not. then I can make an informed choice instead of grabbing up the latest whiz-bang based solely on advertising promises.

  • Dan

    Nokia can make a quality product, but the usability of their phones’ user interfaces has taken a sharp nosedive ever since they decided to start getting “creative” with designs.

    Between that and the product placement in the Hitchhiker’s Guide and Star Trek movies recently, they have caused me to lose all respect for them.

    They USED to make a good phone, that’s all I can say anymore.