Windows 7 – Almost Here

For those of you out there who are anxiously waiting for Windows 7, your wait is nearly over. And I know a few people out there who have claimed to already have their Windows 7 copies on pre-order — understandably so. Unlike the dog-slow speed of Vista, Windows 7 will run great on any PC that championed XP with a Gig of RAM. Microsoft really did well there. But despite all of this, the nagging question remains for many: Should you purchase it?

If you are a geek, a Windows user and someone not currently happy with Vista, YES. Clearly this is a resounding yes if you fall into that category. If you are buying a new PC tomorrow onward, then obviously you will not need to worry yourself about this. Your biggest decision will be deciding which release of the new OS to select.

So what about those of you currently running XP, quite happy with it and do not have any desire to drop the cash on the upgrade? On an existing PC, I can see little reason to bother, then. In my home for instance, we have no need to bother as Ubuntu is my primary OS and OS X is my wife’s. Yes, I do have an XP machine despite this, but it is used about three times a year at best. Nothing wrong with it or the OS; it just does not provide me with anything I need on a daily basis.

For everyone else though, I think that going with Windows 7 looks like fun. Tried some of the pre-release versions — definitely vastly better than Vista… which is currently serving me as a coaster at the moment.

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  • Ken McAvoy

    I am really surprised that the IT Editorial Community are letting Microsoft off the hook about no upgrade from XP direct to Windows 7. Quite apart from the fact there is no compelling reason to upgrade for XP Users , especially given the high cost of doing so for no significant benefit plus the changed irritating and awkward start bar menu , lack of a repair /restore option is hardly inviting XP Users to make the change.

    I probably would have looked at Windows 7 had they made an effort to help XP Users move forward. Given the almost hostile attitude towards XP users for daring to not embrace Vista there is an air of punishement around Windows 7 , especially if you liked the XP world and felt comfortable with it.

    Now I feel down right angry with Microsoft for treating me like an irrelevant fool. I have been in IT for 30 plus years and whilst I may not be the most influential or brightest IT guru in town I do know what works for me.They ran this model in Vista and now they are trying it on all over again .. this time more aggressively – they forgot one thing – the customer is ALWAYS right. For now I will just sit on XP until it becomes painfully obvious I have no choice and to be blunt Ubuntu if I needed to use it would do and the price is right for me and most others. I would be warning other readers about not necessarily taking all the glowing comments about Windows 7 for granted. Remember most of these people rely on Microsoft for their jobs so are not really likely to ask the hard questions or expose issues that early adopters will inevitably face. I have refused to support Vista and Windows 7 in my business because despite the fact I could make loads of money .. off other people’s inexperience and ineptitude personally at my time of life I just do not need the worries and hassles that are on the way.

    Ken McAvoy
    IT Director

  • RonG

    I actually don’t agree with this, I found it to be equally as fast as vista ( the prerelease version ) and crashing constantly.
    another thing I found is that windows explorer has become utterly useless unless I’m doing nothing but browsing pretty pictures. I think we are going backwards. they’ve added more layers and junk to what is basically windows 2000 with patches.
    in order to get to where you need to be you have row through a bunch of extra layers. where is the progress ?


  • Perry Doyle

    just curious – if you don’t use windows products how do you know wether one is better than the other – yes i have been using windows products since windows 3.1 – DOS before that –
    i have ME, XP. 2000, Vista and Win7RC on diferent machine in the house – once they are tailored to your needs each works very well – as for Windows 7, the whole family wants to switch over to this OS – it’s quicker – they find the GUI pleasing and it’s quite stable so far – we’ll see what the final version is like –
    thanks for your time