Finally, An eBook Reader Minus The Ugly

At first the prospect of being able to use something outside of the Kindle as an eBook reader actually made me think there might be hope here. While Kindle on the iPhone is great, the standalone model is not welcome in my home. $300 for what again? Please…

Here we’ve got color, cool functionality (even if using Skype has NOTHING to do with me enjoying a good book), and of course the big fact that it is providing me with a pretty decent sounding eBook reader for less than the Amazon Kindle.

The downside? Well, I am unclear as to how easily I am able to obtain eBooks. I mean, the Kindle does have them readily accessible right there from the portable reader itself, thanks to Amazon. So can we expect the same from ASUS’ reader? I tend to question it myself.


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  1. Justen says:

    You missed the whole point of the kindle and other e-ink devices. The idea is that the screen mimics natural paper. It’s not a black and white LCD, it’s a bunch of tiny little beads that flip from white to black when they get an electric charge. It’s supposed to give a more authentic experience and reduce eyestrain compared to LCD screens. It also runs on much lower power. If that’s not for you, that’s fine, and for $300 bucks I don’t blame you. Comparing it to an LCD/LED screen is comparing apples to oranges, though. This ASUS doodad is neat, but it’s not the same kind of product.

  2. Richard says:

    What’s the big deal Palm has had E-Books for years. + I can drop my E-2 or TX in any pocket and don’t need a fancy case.