If You Drop Big Money On A Computer – It’s A Mac

I struggled with this article a bit as I needed to understand why one would be putting the Mac in a class over that of a comparable PC. Then I realized that the Mac can run three platforms while a PC is stuck at two-ish. A Mac can sport Windows, OS X and, yes… Linux. Because the PC really is not designed to run OS X (licensing, etc.), this does tend to put the Mac up a notch or so.

Now, I am not really that big of Foxconn motherboards. In addition, I am also not a fan of not being able to choose what I install onto my machine in general. My wife, a rabid Mac user, thinks I am nuts. But this is just how I am. So clearly, if I had a spare grand to spend on a new machine at the moment, it would not be a Mac for the reasons listed above. Yet despite this, it seems that most people in the grand plus class will, indeed, be sporting the big white apple regardless of how I choose to do things. Go figure.

So how accurate is the linked article above? Honestly, I feel that if you look at the boom Apple has seen in recent years with OS X and the Macs in general, I am sure that it is a fact that most people spending that kind of coin are indeed, going the way of the Apple. And that is great for them. But what I want to know is how Lockergnome readers would spend a grand in computing dollars? Would it be on a Mac or a PC?


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  • http://blog.pedroremedios.com Pedro Remedios

    I’m planning on getting the new Macbook Pro 17″

  • Death_Metal

    Very Very Stupid ….

    There are many OSes, not only Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

    And if everybody thinks like you, people that are using Catia should buy Mac Pro, instead of Power5+?

  • Martyn McFarquhar

    I’d spend a grand on a Mac simply because I prefer OS X over Windows, I find it more productive and useful for me than any other platform, but I don’t want to hack a PC to run the OS at a substandard level.

  • Dan Rudder

    I think, while you are correct that Mac only can run OSX, with all the Linux, BSD, and other OS’s out there in the real world, giving an edge to the MAC is not as great as you may think.

    Most of the MAC users I know use MACs for the following reasons; they believe Apple’s ads putting MS down and think OSX is infallible, they are graphic users and learned on MACs and do not want to change platforms because they are locked into software that is slightly differnt in the Windows world, and MACs are a flashy stylish status symbol for a lot of the users.

    I do not know of any users who run any OS other than OSX on there system, I do have some who run XP in a Virtual enviroment.

    I like to be able to configure my machines and not locked into Apple’s idea of what I need. For example, I had one client who bought a 24inch iMac. 2 weeks later the hard drive died. It sat at an authorized Apple repair center for 6 weeks waiting for a drive to come in, they were backordered. I could have walked down the street and picked up the same drive at a PC shop and been back going in hours.

  • Phil B

    After using PC’s since they first came out I switched to MAC a couple of years back and like they say “Once you go MAC you will never go back”. So yes any computing dollars will be spent on a MAC. In fact within a year I will be getting a Mac Pro 17″ Laptop.

  • Lionel Archuleta

    I’d have to say Mac. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 3G 16gb white, an iPod Touch 2gen 8gb and my girlfriend has an iMac with 1tb. (if she had a PC she wouldn’t be my girlfriend, I don’t have time to be fixing it every other day!!).

  • Matthew Lowery.

    DUUUUUUUH an iMac 24″!! They’re awesome!

  • mark simko

    If you are dropping big money, it’s on a pc. Here’s your costs: antivirus software, office suite, time installing these. time removing all the crapware that comes preinstalled, time fixing windows when it breaks, time reinstalling windows after another virus attack, time hunting down drivers, time reinstalling windows after another virus attack, time hunting down drivers, time reinstalling windows after another virus attack, time hunting down drivers, time reinstalling windows after another virus attack, time hunting down drivers.
    Mac comes with all you need already installed. Is not slowed down by antivirus software. Doesn’t have expiring antivirus software. Is largely immune from viruses. Is more robust than pc (no BSOD). Comes with support.
    Linux is great too. Has tons and tons of easily installed software. Has plenty of capability that you can’t easily get on a pc (web server, multi-user, multiple desktops). Usually has no driver issues. There’s plenty of support in the form of forums on the ‘net, so any issues are usually easily resolved. Is robust and also immune from viruses. Can coexist on the same disk with the Windows that you paid for when you bought the pc.
    Windows is always such a hassle to fix, and is just so fragile, that I can’t see how it is the OS of choice anymore.

  • http://www.demogeek.com DemoGeek

    I wouldn’t think it’s just because of the accomodatability (is this word in English at all?) but the overall build quality. I’ve had Windows based laptops/PCs for a while now and it consistently fails after 2 years, one hardware problem or the other. Even Dell’s top of the line XPS laptop failed on me thrice already within a year. Whereas the MacBook seems to be a superior build quality and except the heating issue I wouldn’t say a thing bad about it, comparatively.

  • Connor Bryant

    $1,000… and waste it on a mac? Not me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/savedr savedR

    And that’s the problem!

    I really want a Mac. But for $1000, I can either buy the cheapest Macbook, with a 2GHz processor, 160GB HDD and the GeForce 9400M GPU (shared memory, but apparently equivalent to 256MB onboard)…

    ..or I can build a literally terrifying gaming PC, buying all the parts from Newegg. (I’ve researched this. :) For under $1000, more like $750, I can get a $200 video card with 256MB memory, an Intel Quad-Core processor running at 2GHz, 3GB of RAM, a pretty decent motherboard, a 160GB 7200 RPM SATA HDD, a Superdrive-like optical drive, also SATA, a 750W acrylic-case power supply with blue LED highilghts (XD), and a CUBE ACRYLIC CASE for it all that shows off the motherboard, includes plenty of fans, and hides the uglier parts (HDD, optical) in the bottom stage. Now, that’s not counting a monitor ($120), OS (free Kubuntu, iDeneb and $75 Win7 later this year) or keyboard/mouse ($50), but that’s a pretty big disparity spec-wise for $1000!

    So, that’s really the reason I don’t have/get a Mac. For the same money, I can build much more PC. And that pisses me off, because I REALLY want one; at the same time though, I don’t want to get essentially a $600 notebook for $1000 from Apple, wasting $400 on not much.

  • Rand MacDonald

    Where to drop over $1,000 on a new computer for best value?
    The answer since 2002 is simple — on a Mac.

  • william malo

    I would definitely spend money on a mac because I already have one and I couldn’t go back…

  • http://handiham.org/audio/handiham021809.mp3 Pat

    There will be more cloud computing in the future, and the platform will be less relevant, so why pay more for a Mac? I use ham radio software, most of which won’t run on a Mac. I’m sure that the Mac is a fine choice for aesthetic reasons, brand loyalty, compatibility with other Apple products, and the like, but price aside, the platform doesn’t fill everyone’s needs. Similarly, I wouldn’t consider an iPod, which won’t play Netlibrary books and doesn’t include an FM tuner, audio recorder, and the like. A cheaper “do-more” MP3 player offered by many other manufacturers does what I want. The fashion statement of the gee-whiz white box just ain’t enough…

  • ahicktiger

    Sitting in a room with 2 PC’s, and Macbook Pro 17″ at the moment. I find myself more and more going to the Macbook. I’ve had it for about 5 months now, and it hasn’t locked up yet, slowed down, but not locked up. There was a steep learning curve, but you can use a window keyboard and mouse if you feel like. Once I figured out all of the keyboard shortcuts and mousepad gestures, i move between the three with ease. The quality of the screen is much better than either of the PC’s. I guess to tell the truth, the way I choose which computer to use, is deciding which chair I feel like setting in at the time. OF course if I really want good sound, I will sit at the PC because it has the Mackies hooked up to it.

  • Kitty

    I’m in the same boat as you’d, I’d love to have OS X, but i want decent hardware to go with it. Everything except the processor on the ‘new’ Mac Pro is bordering on 2.5 years old, and it’s marked up 300%. I fail to see how high markup, limited hardware options and stripped drivers = value.

    If I buy anything apple, it will be the rumoured tablet. However, if it’s a desktop, it will be a PC.

  • Steve Murphy

    I have a Mac and PC’s with xp and vista. All systems work well, I bought the Mac just to see what all the hype was about. I started with PC’s and feel more at home with them. I have not seen any evidence that the Mac is superior, just different, I did put a PC mouse on the mac, couldn’t get used to the idea that one button is enough. Microsoft does a good job making their OS work with all sorts of different hardware, I wonder how well OSX would work if Apple would allow it to work on non mac hardware? I have never had a hardware failure with a PC, except hard drives, my mac has the same brand of drive as the pc….

  • hkdkat

    I love my mac and would definitely by one again. While I’m not a fan of the new look of the laptops, I don’t think I could switch from my MBP to something else.

    We recently got my Mom a new Toshiba. I used to be a huge Toshiba fan, and while I still love the brand and feel it is very reliable, while installing items on her machine, I just couldn’t wait to get back to my mac!

    If my MBP died, I’d definitely buy another.

  • Vren Lyet

    Once you’ve experienced Mac OS X, you cannot possibly (honestly) think of ever going back to something like Windows – well, at least that’s my opinion which is supported by all the people in my circle of friends who switched after me – they all will never go back.

    So, yeah, I happily pay the extra grand for a Mac, also ’cause I actually don’t care any more what kind of hardware is inside my machine as I need it for my work and all I want it to do is work – I tried that 16 years with Windows PCs – they failed me – multiple times. Go figure!

  • http://www.twitter.com/rafproject thiago rodrigues

    Well… people who say “I bought a MAC coz I want use MAC OS”… MAC OS runs in PC since it started to support Intel Processors.

    I have a macbook and a PC with MAC OS, both runs well.

    MAC, of course, it costs more than a PC.. but I prefer MAC than PC, why? Well… I prefer for many reasons… All of us are free to choose.

    See u!

  • http://mikemathia.info Mike Mathia

    Last time I spent a grand, I purchased the Macbook that I am typing on right now.

    And zero regrets. Love it in fact.

    The time before that, that I spent a grand, I built a PC, an Efix (google it) and having a fairly badass Quad-Core gaming/video editing/photo editing powerhouse that will run legal versions of Windows, Ubuntu, AND OSX.

    So really, I have the best of both worlds. I have the best of all worlds on both machines. Because yes, I can run Windows/Linux/whatever on the Macbook, with BootCamp.

    Note that my $1000 desktop is about the equivalent to a $3999 Mac Pro desktop.

    Also note that I have a $1799 Macbook that I purchased from the Mac Store for $1000 refurbished.

  • Brian

    You forget the largest investment when you buy a windows pc – maintenance. finding drivers, hoping it is available online, or praying you can find the disk; after a year of daily updates; praying you have enough RAM and HD space to still boot your OS.

    Windows is a sloppy, cobbled-together, worthless wannabe OS that wastes months of a users time every year — that is why I prefer Mac OS. Turn it on, set it up and it works. Period.

    So if you add four to eight weeks of what your time is worth, a Windows computer is very expensive indeed.

  • http://newbielifeline.com Sheila Atwood

    I am a Mac fan! There is no comparison,

    When I get on forums, PC users are looking for programs that my Mac does like a dream.

    My Mac is a hard working- always running -virus free-
    ohhh sooo easy to use machine.

    It is not a matter of dropping money, it is a matter of “you should go find the money.”


  • Kerwin Lindo

    I dont know what “Lionel Archuleta” is talking about. I believe mac os x is a wonderfull OS, but if you have to fix a windows pc every other day then you cant know anything about computers sry. I got a windows pc and its just find, I dont even run regular antivirus scans and its in tip top shape. So i’m kinda lost at your comment , maybe your just a fanboy.

  • John Gulick

    I’m a dual platform (Mac&Windows) user and have custom built PCs for over ten years.

    I wouldn’t take a PC if you gave it to me.

  • hexpheen

    lenovo or dell laptop w/Kubuntu (have you seen Alpha-3!!!! Wow) for less than $1K

  • iVinny

    It all depends on your need…

  • http://www.blogable.eu André

    I would spend my money on a pc. Arguing about Windows is not a PC thing. So if you’d like to decide, then either do it by OS or hardware, but most of you think of Windows=PC.

    I have a PC and use a Linux distribution and I’m more than happy with it. Next to my ‘normal’ PC needs such as internet etc, I am well able to play games – yes, you can install Windows on a Mac as well, but then it’s down to hardware and that is way more expensive on a Mac.

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  • Aaron

    I love seeing all these idiots saying you need to find drivers for Windows.
    When you bought your over-priced Mac (not MAC – it’s an abbreviation, not an acronym), did you buy all the hardware and OS seperately and build and install it yourself?
    No. So why would you do that with a PC? I don’t have to go hunt for drivers for my HP PC, they come pre-installed.

    As for the virus comments, grow up. Stop blindly idolizing material posessions. Every major OS works great.

  • Karl

    I think there might have been three others others that you have missed out that can be included with the line of OS’s for the PC side. That can fit into there as well. Even though there are not that many people that I know in my group of techies that I deal with have or used yet. But I do have their free cd’s over here and burnt from ISO all free from their perspective sites as well. Take for example Sun microsystem Sun solaris 10 free to download or order for both X86 and sparc stations.

    Sco Unix is another one that you can easily download for free as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCO_OpenServer

    And open Solaris as well. http://opensolaris.org/os/downloads/.

    So please do a little bit more research on it for the PC side. There are about a total 5 different flavours of OS’s that can be used as for Choice. (Linux Distro kernels should be about the same depending on the it’s only the gui interface that has change across the 350+ varients.) one sco and two different versions on free solaris varients to choose from.

    And you can drop even bigger money on higher ends systems other than Mac take a look at Silicon Graphics Inc line of worksatations or a couple of machines as well from Sun microsystems line of workstations as well. Compared to what the prices are on the Mac and the PC side they are more affordable than what these machines are.


  • http://www.twitter.com/charcharade Carly Campbell

    Many people want to get away from the hassles that seem to come with a PC, surrendering many decisions regarding hardware and software to Mac so it’s done for them.

    However, can you blame them? Time after time, Macs prove themselves as competent machines for most all computer functions.

    In my personal situation, I’m dropping big bucks on a Macbook Pro this fall because I adore the Macbook Pro when it comes to notebooks. However, at the same time, I’m building a new PC to replace my current desktop computer. I feel that Apple has done a very nice job with their laptops whereas I will quite probably never buy a non-PC desktop computer.

    But as previous posters have said, it’s all a matter of what you need and your own preference.

  • Pat

    I occasionally work on my wife’s Mac, and have so far been underwhelmed. The bouncing icons at the bottom of the screen annoy me. The Mac user interface is not all that well thought out, and hides parts of the interface for no good reason. Windows is in general a more open operating system.

    My wife decided to keep her Mac with OSX, but she also didn’t want to pay $100/year to license MobileMe, because she was only using the EMail part of the program, and had no need to sync with an iPod Touch or an iPhone . We stopped using MobileMe for EMail, and now use free Thunderbird for Mac, with GMail as her mail server. No cost.

    I could be comfortable using Linux, as I’ve worked in a Unix environment recently at work, Despite this, I really haven’t found a good reason to put Linux on my home laptop–yet.

  • Kurt

    I am probably going to flush the installed OS on any system I buy anyway, so a PC Laptop gives me much more bang for the buck. I run Linux by preference and get paid supporting Windows Apps so I usually run a Linux OS and a virtual windows box for the apps I support. OSX doesn’t have any must have apps for me.

  • GiM

    Let start with the beginning: “Would it be on a Mac or a PC?”

    I guess by “MAC” it means a bound of a hardware with an operating system.

    And a PC it is just hardware, so you can bound it with what ever you like. And if your PC hardware respect some… “criteria” for the components parts, you can install also an OSX…

    So the question is not quite right… like, would it be an orange or a blueberry? They are fruits, but somehow different, not only one from the plains, the other one from the mountains…

    Regarding the “free of worries” of a MAC user, if you buy a “name” – OEM hardware with Windows, you will enjoy the same free of worries, not only regarding the “drivers”, but general usability. Few years ago I used two different hardware IBM laptops at the same time – each one on a different domain not business related, and all that time I did not have a hardware failure or even a “freeze” of Windows. Well, an IBM is a little more expensive than a… PC and comparable with a MAC.

    If we compare the hardware, a performing “PC” will cost you 1/3 of what a “MAC” will, $2,000 versus $6,000, this is really something important. And if you respect those “criteria”, for just $100 you can add OSX on your… PC hardware.

    What is the problem? Well you cannot buy this final solution from a dealer or shop – DRM… reasons (licensing), but you can do if yourself.

    I am a hardware guy, so gi’me $1,000, I’ll spend $900 for a PC’s hardware Apple will sell for more than $2,000 and $100 for an OSX install.

    And I can have a “MAC PC”.


    And you can install Windows for other $150*, Linux or Unix for free, anything you wish.

    * The later and cheaper options of Windows OSs other than XP are really excluded! :-)

    ( I’ll guess the real question is that Apple computer company charge too much for hardware, because OSX is just different than… the rest; believe me, a good XP install and tweak (!!!) can compare with everything; the default install “made” by Micro$oft need to be amended a little! That is all! )

  • Joe2G

    I would buy a PC and load whatever OS I needed at the time.

    After 15+ years supporting computers from Mainframes to laptops, I have noticed one major difference in the two main religions, Apple owners that I know generally buy one system as a whole (CPU, printer, scanner / other peripherals) and tend to keep it for a while, where as M$ owners purchase ‘disjointed’ hardware, and piece it together at different times. The two different philosophies may explain the driver problem.

    I have yet to have an a apple user come to me and ask where he can get hardware cheap – they know not to look for ‘cheap’ stuff, but I have had plenty of M$ users come up and start a conversation with ‘What’s the cheapest…’ – of course for those attending the Church of the Penguin, the conversation usually begins ‘Know anyone giving away…’

    I equate ‘Mac Vs PC’ to ‘Ford Vs Chevy’ – for the average user, it is not the make or model, it is the requirements and skill of the driver (or user).

    By the way, if you think an apple user is condecending, please have a conversation with a UNIX admin.

    Happy Computing.