Benefits Of Lunch And Learns

In today’s economy, many organizations has scaled back on employee training and education, or in some cases, put a hold on all training. However, there are creative ways that you can still provide training for your employees. One way is through ‘Lunch and Learns.’ Informal learning sessions can be offered to inform and inspire employees, to discuss organization issues or initiatives, to create awareness about various departments and/or projects, and so on. By focusing the topics on different aspects of your internal organization, you can take advantage of your expert employees and have them deliver the sessions instead of bringing in external training.

With ‘Lunch and Learns,’ a training event is scheduled over employees’ lunch hour. Employees bring their lunch to a training room or auditorium and eat during an informal training session. In some cases, if the training session is delivered via a Web cast, employees can remain at their desk or gather in smaller meeting rooms.

The benefits of using ‘Lunch and Learns’ are numerous:

  • Raise employee morale
  • Create a learning culture within an organization
  • Reinforce the corporate culture
  • Improve organization communication
  • Create awareness about different departments, issues, initiatives, projects, etc.
  • Compliment training and development programs


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