Is Technology Just A Big Letdown?

For every iPod type technology success, there is generally an equal failure just begging to be made fun of. Generally speaking, this article does a fair job of pointing out some technology items that are misses. But the article goes on to drop the ball with Ubuntu, Vista, and Bluetooth. Those three technologies, despite some issues for some people, work just fine despite the hot air portrayed in the above linked article.

Where is the miss with each?


Quote: “Sadly the reality was much worse than the deal. Different manufacturers stuck their own code into the Bluetooth stack and destroyed the very thing that was needed — compatibility. But, said the manufacturers, if you buy our products there are no compatibility products. Go hang said consumers.”

Speaking for myself, I have not experienced any issues with compatibility. I have used Bluetooth devices made by competing manufacturers with the greatest of ease. Perhaps there is more to it than this, but based on the reasoning above, I tend to doubt it.


Quote: “Don’t get me wrong. I like Ubuntu and have it running on a home system. But unless a major manufacturer starts preinstalling it it’s going to be confined to the Linux enthusiast and the hobbyist market.

Keeping my own opinions aside with the rest of the point, it was this segment of the point made that is factually untrue. Dell has been offering Ubuntu preinstalled for some time. Not including half a dozen smaller outfits like System76 and ZaReason as well. But just on the Dell point alone, I have personally received email from people who have zero idea of what Ubuntu even is and still purchased a system based on the promise of bundled applications.

While I would agree that it has not broken through to the mainstream user specifically, it has been offered by a mainstream major manufacturer for some time now.


Quote: “Windows 7 looks to be a much better effort, but the Vista fiasco has done lasting harm to Microsoft’s reputation. If you thought Windows ME was the worst Microsoft could do, think again.”

Vista, while pretty lame with regard to being a resource hog and having issues with drivers upon release, has not done anything to Microsoft’s reputation. Yes, in nerd circles, I am sure it has. To Joe Consumer, it is just another PC operating system that does or does not do what they had hoped when it was released.

Today, most people couldn’t care less whether the PC comes with XP or Vista. As long as they can browse the Web and check email, maybe print off a document or two, they are perfectly content. The only two mainstream exceptions I would be willing to grant here are gamers and some enterprise users.

At the end of the day, I think it is less a matter of select technology failing us as it is us failing to stop rushing out to be early adopters to stuff that really needs to spend a little time in the marketplace before it is ready for our dollars being spent. This is especially true with new technologies where critical functions come into play.

This foolish mindset that USB 3.0, the next iPhone, or Windows 7 is somehow going to change everything is absolute bull. Most people will continue to be quite happy with their existing items listed above from XP to USB 2.0 devices. Those who do adopt this new stuff will be the early adopters. And once again, we will see a fresh round of whining about how that technology also failed them somehow. Call it a hunch.

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  • Jgillo

    I have seen the Vista curse on microsoft in new users also, so I feel that MS took a hit on reputation will ALL users. I have people ask every week about getting a computer at home, and the Vista question comes up about 75% of the time. I tell folks that Vista was ‘before it’s time’ with regard to previous technology. Vista is fine on NEW hardware, lots of memory, and a compatible printer – all purchased at the same time. They still have concerns from the reputation and ask if there are alternatives. MS must agree, look at all the money they spent on ‘Mojave’ to convince people that Vista was ‘good’ software. I steer people to Linux (at least Ubuntu) as often as I can, but there are dangers – such as when they get a little more savey, and decide they want a top selling game. Thanks.

  • Mike

    I agree with your evaluation I guess until you commented on Vista. The every day customer does care, and does ask about Vista verse XP. My experience is that I order quite a few XP machines. It is more compatible with old software.

  • awesomerobot

    I don’t think most people could rightfully consider technology a letdown because you can watch movies, listen to music, order a pizza, shop, play games, amongst other things like make calls ON YOUR PHONE THAT FITS IN YOUR POCKET.

    Technology even with its downfalls is absolutely amazing.

  • Backlin

    Yeah, there is a fair bit of people here that stays away from pre-built computers with Vista, due to the sheer reputation.