Watching Twitter Changing Lives In Real Time

Tonight, I watched one man, with the help of the Twitter network, raise $9,000 and growing in less than five hours. Let me say this again, one really needy family with some heavy challenges ahead of them with no place to go ended up witnessing the raw power of people who care and the network they frequent.

It’s interesting as there are people such as this all over the place who also need help. Yet the only other time I have seen donations raised to help out people in need with this kind of speed was at Gnomedex last year. And that was yielding hundreds in real time as well.

So why was this so successful when there are thousands of other just as worthy hard luck stories out there? Simple, an honest appeal from a trusted source to a community that was ready to help at the speed of light. To many of you this may seem odd as donating to a cause is nothing new. But to those that watched Twitter literally blow up with people spreading the word so fast I could not refresh my browser quickly enough…clearly, there is something awesome at work here.

It seems that challenges can be met, so long as those facing them know how to use one of the most powerful social networking tools on the planet to tap the power of helping others. To date, I have never seen anything like it. Imagine if we began to employ Twitter for other worthy social efforts? Speaking for myself, I remain speechless…I have never seen Twitter just “activate” in my browser as I did tonight. It is one of the storybooks, that is for darn sure…wow. I a just thrilled I was able to do my part on two fronts.

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