Are We Ready For Opera 10?

By no means am I going to stand here and tell you because Firefox did lousy and IE7 straight up failed this instance of a recent Acid3 test, that you should immediately stop using those browsers and jump onto the Opera bandwagon. That would be stupid. Why? Because to this day, there are relatively important websites that will not work with Opera, barely work with Firefox and despite the fact that we no longer live in the 90’s, require IE as it is “easier” for the admins of these culprit websites.

That being said, unfortunately the problem is more of an issue with marketshare over what is actually making up a good browser. Internet Explorer is not and has never been a good standards friendly browser. It has market share, so all of the Frontpage designed crap out there is sure to look great through the browser’s beer goggles. Should we keep an open mind about Opera 10 despite this? Sure, assuming the same old problems do not keep cropping up again and again with regard to how a website looks or reacts to an otherwise good Opera browser option.

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  • the oracle

    Just wondering what websites you tink are important enough to not use Opera? I have been using it since revision 8.53 and anyplace that doesn’t work with it I first send a message to, admonishing them about standards compliance – if I go back a month later and it still doesn’t work, I simply don’t go back.

    Normally this would be a stupid stance for anything, but, as you stated, Opera IS standards compliant, and the errant websites are simply wrong.

  • Otto Mathisen

    The old problem with problem sites is not so much down to Opera the browser but typically a browser sniffing issue where Opera is given a basic instead of full version of the site. This seems to be less of a problem today though. I’d love to see a list of the problematic sites, if you could kindly forward them to myself at [email protected].

    I’ve just installed Opera 10 and I’m very impressed with the stability and speed. I’m not going into all the great features out of the box but it’s a jewel and well worth taking for a spin.

  • Mark

    Utter tosh. Opera is fine for everyday browsing. I rarely find a site that does not work. If on the very rare occasion I do, normally it’s because the site has hacks to deal with very old versions of Opera, and usually a F12, Edit Site Preferences, Network, “Identify as Firefox”, or “Identify as IE” fixes things. Interestingly, these settings do not change the way Opera works, it changes what the website serves up, as more compliant code, without the broken Opera server side hacks.

    If all else fails, Right Click, Open With, Open With Internet Explorer.

    There is absolutely no reason why anyone needs to be running Firefox, with all it’s inherent security flaws.

  • 1fastbullet

    I’m told that there things that also do not work with Linux. Guess what, I run a Linux machine.
    I also run the Fox, primarily. but have never had a problem when I occassionally use Opera.
    My point is that if it don’t work, I probably don’t need it anyway. And I can’t say as I’ve noticed anything missing.

    I’m looking forward to a new version of Opera.

  • Wallace C. Olson Jr.

    Been using Opera and various Linux distros since Opera 4.?? and paid many years for the privilege. Firefox is my fallback for absolutely necessary sites that are problems. Yes, I email webmasters about their sites that don’t work properly. Some get fixed, some don’t.

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