Instant Windows? Immediate On Switch? Huh?

I feel like I have seen this idea of Windows providing certain functionality before actually booting someplace before…SplashTop, perhaps? Maybe I am missing the bigger picture here, but I was not that impressed with it in a open source form. So who is going to care to see it bundled with Windows 7?

This is not a bash on Windows, as at least Microsoft has enough sense to check out the interest before trying to pass this one off on its users. Look, minimal access to web browsing, music and other items outside of needing to completely boot into an OS is fun, however I fail to see the end benefit.

Still, as the link above points out, Microsoft is clearly looking to ensure that their boot times are significantly quicker than those had with Windows Vista. Will it matter? Do Windows users actually need an instant on fix for their PCs as they are in such a rush that current Windows startup times are simply too much to deal with? Interested in what you think – should Windows users ask for such a thing?

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  • Gary Grundy

    Yes, yes, yes.
    The Holy grail of computers.
    I’m sick of waiting for all the bloatware to load.
    Computers are ever so much faster but boot times were better 30 years ago!

  • Kevin Rubin

    I think something like that would’ve been a nice convenience when I was on a three month business trip last summer. The laptop was the only electronic entertainment I had.

    Most mornings before work I used it to play music while I made breakfast and brushed my teeth and things. If I could’ve simply booted to a mode for just that it would’ve made my mornings slightly simpler.

    Certainly not critical, but just a little nicer.

  • Vernon McGilbra

    It is always nicer to boot up quicker and not. Everyone wants to be faster and stay faster.

  • Dennis Finn

    If you want a faster boot up then just shut down all the bloat ware that starts when windows starts.
    Maybe M$ should make a pre-boot environment in which windows always boots with all the stuff that just needs to run for the basic system (more than safemode but not all the extras) then have a shortcut to load all the rest after you have booted when you need them. Like the picture downloader and the wi-fi tools (sometimes 2 or 3 different ones) and adobe and Nero and all the other “just so our app opens faster tools” that the application designer loves to load. Oh and don’t forget all the stuff that AOL loads if you still use it (what a joke) and then there are a lot of video and audio useless things that load to.

    Sorry about the rant I just have to clean up all this stuff whenever we get machines in for business use.

  • sharky

    I agree with Gary Grundy and Dennis Finn. It’s all the bloatware that makes things hard and slow….. But then again if Microsoft was to give a pre boot option, then almost everybody would charge them for “not being open” of fair.
    At the end of the day we have to be fair and realistic on what our expectations are….

  • Media-Ted

    Golly-gosh, Wally! My Osborn OS1 was up and running in WordStar in 17.5 seconds! That’s into the document mode. That’s C/PM.
    Whatever happened to the plug-in-cluster we had with games and word processors? Plug’em in push the on button and it’s up and ready. Can’t pirate a module.

    Never could figure out why that didn’t catch on. Piggy-back certain things for multi-task et voilĂ . Lots of enoock (unique) ideas to work with there; even USB programs with a “reader” module built in.