Better Wi-Fi Or Thinking Outside Of The Box?

Over the years, I have watched as wireless Internet access became the norm. In homes, schools and the workplace, I was shocked to find that even the local car repair place offered their patrons free wireless Internet.

Yet in light of the slight reality check reminding us that wireless Internet is not always choice for all circumstances, I have to wonder — is HomePlug a more secure solution? After testing out the Netgear Wall-Plugged Ethernet Extender Kit XE102G for a couple of weeks now, my answer is a yes. Not only more secure as someone would need to wait until the data was released onto the Internet itself rather than your LAN, but it can also be more convenient in some circumstances.

Now I am first to admit that there is no way using Internet over power lines is going to be a fast as what you might have in a typical CAT5/6 setup right out of the router. Yet despite this, Netgear can get you up to 85 Mbps, which is not too shabby in the grand scheme of things.

So what do you think? Are you totally sold on using wireless, even on a desktop where running cable is not practical? Hit the comments, let’s get a discussion going on this whole “HomePlug” thing.

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  • John Jones

    I have a friend who got uVerse broadband service. The uVerse Residential Gateway (equivalent to a modem/router) is in her first-floor living room, but her PC is on the second floor. at&t techs used a USB wireless adapter to connect her PC, and she was having constant service interruptions. Running a Cat5 cable was going to be difficult, due to house construction, so I bought a Netgear XETB1001 Powerline Kit to try as an alternative. We are both impressed at how well this works. Didn’t even have to install drivers, just plug and play!

  • John Allen

    The newest Netgear powerline adapters (XAVB101) use our HomePlug AV technology which increases the physical layer rate to 200 Mbps vs. the HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo (85 Mbps) used in the adapters in your set-up. Actually, many of the OEM customers who make adapters have moved to the much faster HomePlug AV technology. BTW, the new Netgear adapters we’ve used work great and have been getting excellent reviews. Sharp also has 200 Mbps adapters on the market now.